Signs That Have A Wild Attitude But A Heart Of Gold

They are not left, on the contrary, when something displeases them is noticed in the faces of few friends. But that does not mean that they are bad people, it is just that life has taught them that from time to time you have to remove your claws because there are cruel people out there who can eat you in the blink of an eye. They are the signs that have a wild attitude, but a heart of gold. Few manage to navigate the depth of their feelings because they have been hurt so much that they have become very distrustful and prefer their animal side, the one that does not understand reasons and the one that is capable of anything to defend itself. , take control. People can say what they want, but only they know what they keep quiet.

1.- Pisces 

Yes, the first on the list, the one who is able to remove the bread from his mouth, in order to help the one he loves. Pisces is perhaps the sweetest and most complicated soul that life will present to you, because it keeps many things and there are times when it reaches the wrong conclusions for the same reason. No, it is not that they attack for no reason, if this sign shows its wild side it is because it can no longer take it anymore because it gets tired of being used only to throw out all its emotional garbage and then they leave like nothing. His heart is made of gold, because it is soft, it is full of tenderness and a lot of creativity. However, he has to be wild so as not to show weak, so that people will give him their place and understand that his empathy is not synonymous with the fact that they can treat him in the worst way. If Pisces wants you out of their days there is no human power to make them think otherwise. Please have a little dignity and don’t dare to question his intelligence, because he will not allow you to see his face.

2.- Cancer 

Only Cancer knows all the times that he has swallowed anger, a pile of tears, or the despair of not being understood. It is such a resilient sign that it ties its heart and continues to move forward, even though inside it can’t take any more. His heart is full of love, he does not really demand you, he respects you and he does not judge you. They say their attitude is wild because they don’t understand the way their emotions work, arguing that they change overnight. Yes, Cancer may find it difficult to understand his character, but that does not mean that he is disloyal, if he promises you, love, it will be. The point is when they do not see reciprocity when they have to accept that the other is only by their side for convenience. That’s when his cold and spiteful part kicks in. Do not say that a Cancer is wild just because, better ask yourself everything you have done to him. The fact that his patience prevents him from falling into absurd discussions does not mean that sooner or later, he will not charge you for what you have done to him. Cancer can protect you, but it can also let go of your hand at any time.

3.- Aries 

The impulsive, the crazy, the one who gets angry and is capable of destroying everything in his path. Does anyone have something else to describe Aries? When it comes to highlighting the negative in your person, the line is long, but … who says something about all the times that you have become the pillar of others? Aries is not bad, he tends to worry about the people he loves and even those who have paid him badly, but that does not mean that he will allow them to continue to humiliate him. His heart is pure, it is intense, he is the one that gives himself without thinking about anything and all he seeks is to be with those he loves. However, he knows that there are times when there is nothing left but to bring out his wild side, the one that leaves you quiet without even lifting a finger. Do not put you for you, with an angry Aries, because it will give you in your weakest points and do not think that he will feel sad when he sees you kneeling. His bravery keeps him adrift and if he has to remove people who only remain to him out of his life, he is going to uproot them, to make sure they never come back.

4.- Virgo 

They say that Virgo does not have a heart, that they care more about what they will say, that their thoughts govern their walk and that anxiety is what ends up speaking for them. The truth is that they are not looking for perfect people, they are themselves with whom they compete, others only become a coat, the hands that drive him when he needs it most. But Virgo knows that behind a lot of sweet faces cruel souls also hide, that the only thing they seek is to hurt. That is why now he prefers to be analytical, he wants to pay attention to any red flag and the moment he detects a threat, even if it hurts, he prefers to say goodbye. It is not that they think they are superior, nor that everything in their life has to do with the intellect all the time. Behind that meticulous personality hides a heart of gold, someone who has had to repress his feelings to find control and calm. Someone who at other times has given himself carelessly and ended up with a broken heart. Now, do not be surprised if his wild side shows up from time to time, it is necessary to put several in his place.

5.- Capricorn 

Work, work and more work. It is very easy to pigeonhole Capricorn with that, because they judge him before meeting him and because his meticulous personality puts him in the mouths of many all the time. In reality, those who have the courage to search for what is behind that enormous shield, find one of the most genuine, noble and loyal souls. That is Capricorn, the being that does not have the need to pretend anything and that if he decides to fill you with flattery or affection, it is because he really is born. Yes, he may not be the most loving being in the world, but at least he doesn’t promise you sandcastles that eventually collapse. His heart is made of gold because tenderness lives there because there are many things that terrify him, but still, he gets up every day to continue fighting. Don’t expect Capricorn to show their vulnerable side quickly, because they need a lot more than that. You don’t want to hurt yourself, or anyone, and that is valued far more than a bunch of nice words that never turn into facts. If that sounds wild to you, go ahead and think about what you want.

6.- Leo 

They say that Leo thinks he is better than the rest, that his brightness makes him rise up to the sky and see us like little ants. They also say that his outbursts can get him in trouble and that he doesn’t mince words when it comes to asking for what he wants. Yes, the people around you can’t get enough of criticizing, but the truth is, it’s a sign that you’ve learned to deal with everyone’s bad vibes. In the end, he is the only one who knows what is really in his heart and does not have to waste time explaining, because the people who really love him do not need them. Leo is a sweet, compassionate sign, but especially he is someone who does not leave you in the worst moments. If he promises you that he will be through thick and thin, he will, because his word is not a game. Only those who truly know him know that he is capable of giving his life to those he loves. Many times he has taken risks to help others and nobody talks about it. Leo has a wild side because he is not willing to get on his knees for anyone. If people can’t deal with it, it’s their problem.

7.- Sagittarius  

They say that he is impatient, that he has no idea what commitment is, that the moment he gets a crazy idea in his head, he just jumps off the cliff without looking to see if he hurts someone around him. That is Sagittarius, the sign that has had to fight against its own desires because its need to go beyond knows no limits. The question here is, why do you have to change to please others? Loving is not waiting for the other to do what we want, that is not love, that is manipulation and it has cost Sagittarius nights of insomnia and tears, to understand that he is not here to comply with the absurd demands of anyone. Now you know that the person who really values ​​you, will do it in a pure way, without asking you to save your smiles just to please her. Your heart is so precious that you do not intend to give so much gold to someone who does not deserve it. It is a sign full of energy, optimistic, romantic, enthusiastic. There is no reason for you to end up begging for attention, you are not here to receive leftovers. Sagittarius wants something their size and will not give up until they find it.


Signs That Have A Wild Attitude But A Heart Of Gold

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