Signs That Enrich You Because They Have The Soul Of A Child

They call them crazy because they break the rules, because they laugh, jump, run and sing as if there is no tomorrow. There are signs that enrich you because they have the soul of a child, they are the ones that make you remember your childhood. Those who have the courage to live in the moment and put responsibilities aside even for a few sighs. Yes, they refuse to fill their life with gray days, they want much more than adult life. They cling to what makes them happy and they don’t care one bit what they will say:

1.- Aries 

Aries is the one who savors risk as if it were the most delicious thing in the world, when he lets himself go there is no one to stop him. Aries screams from his gut, sings with his soul, dances with his heart and loves with his temperamental part. Aries is impetuous, it is not that he is immature, it is that he knows that life is too short to always see it seriously. He trusts how fast his steps are, which is why he rarely thinks much about it. Aries enriches you because it gives you back the desire to live, to love, to think. He is the one who teaches you that there is much more than the conventional.

2.- Taurus 

Taurus is the one who reminds you of that fragile, sweet soul, it is like that child who got lost in the garden running among the flowers. Taurus has a pampered side, he likes to feel important, to have his ideas listened to and to support him in everything. He hates feeling rejected, is always looking for a way to shine, and has a hard time accepting failure. It is a sign that can take things very personal, because somehow it is always looking for approval and does not always find the difference between the real thing and the sarcasm. Taurus is the child who always did well in everything and received his little star on his forehead.

3.- Cancer

Cancer is the child who always had a hard time fitting in. Who struggled with his emotions to give him the courage he deserved. And it is that his bad humor, his temperamental part and the irrational way with which he often acts reminds us of that tantrum child that we all carry inside. Cancer does not go around with filters, when something fills him with sadness, anger or rage, it shows in each of his gestures. He is easily offended by being so sensitive and although he may feel very bad he does not waste time in revenge. Cancer is the one who cries in a corner but does not attack you.

4.- Pisces 

Pisces is also one of the signs that enrich you because they have the soul of a child. The dreamy, restless, curious child, the one who can get lost in a lot of cute or scary thoughts. Pisces immerses himself in his own world, worries about himself and those around him, but does not manage to perceive all the evil that is in the world. Pisces clings to what their imagination tells them, evades reality and that is where they find happiness. He is the one who does not need much to be happy, it is enough to have a space in which he can let himself be carried away to paint the gray days. He is naive, sweet and loving, he is the child who gives you the warmest hugs.


Signs That Enrich You Because They Have The Soul Of A Child

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