Signs That Destroy Your Happiness Because You Think Too Much

Signs That Destroy Your Happiness Because You Think Too Much

I wish everything was so easy, I wish we could honor what they say ‘Live and whatever has to happen. But no, the mind is very treacherous, it shakes us from head to toe, makes us feel sad, angry, overwhelmed and many times it is not reality. We suffer for what will happen and for what does not happen. For what we assume, for what scares us. There are people who have to work a little more … These are the signs that destroy their happiness because they think too much:

1.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is like that, he has a vision that breaks with the conventional. He’s the one who’s always coming up with, his mind never stops. It is an air sign, so it has an impulsive side and you may feel that sometimes you can no longer be in the middle of the storm. It is very difficult for him to concentrate on a single thing because the same travels to the past while you have it in front of you. In addition, he is obsessed with the future, always anxious about what is going to happen. He forgets about the present, it is not that he does not care about the people he loves, he is something stronger than him and that is when he isolates himself when he breaks his own happiness.

2.- Virgo 

Virgo is one of the most anxious signs of the zodiac, although it is an Earth sign, there are times when it loses its mind. It is for his planet, Mercury, who honors the intellectual and makes him settle for nothing, he always wants more. In addition, he is a very perfectionist, he has to give a thousand turns to the matter so that things go as he wants, he is meticulous and that becomes exhausting because when he has the slightest error, it is the worst. Virgo ignores his intuition for wanting to be in control, he falls asleep thinking about tomorrow’s activities and so he always goes, one step ahead.

3.- Gemini 

Gemini is also an air sign and it is also one of the signs that destroy your happiness because you think too much. El wit is what keeps it from side to side. It is a sign that does not conform, eager to enjoy all kinds of information. It is also governed by Mercury, there is his demanding side and that makes him reject the simple, he wants the complicated, which tests his way of thinking. However, there comes a point where he becomes so overwhelmed that he does not advance, when Gemini feels stagnant he becomes another, his light goes out and his mind betrays him. He wants to be calm but cannot, his mind always goes faster.

4.- Libra 

Another air sign, it is impossible for Libra to focus on one thing. His mind is like a huge closet, you never know what you can find there. It is such a sensitive and empathetic sign that many times it loses its balance to help others. Sometimes, he has so many things in his head that he simply has those mental trips, he is physically but inside he does not stop flying. Fight for harmony, for justice, believe in power with everything, but this is not always the case. Libra is synonymous with indecision, the pros and cons are something that should be tattooed. Sometimes, he feels so overwhelmed that he goes to the extreme and ends up running away from everything and everyone.


Signs That Destroy Your Happiness Because You Think Too Much

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