There are relationships that heal you, they leave you with fears and sadness that are very difficult to heal. Of those couples that at first painted themselves perfectly, but with the passage of time they became absent, hurtful and did what you will not allow anyone else. However, it is not easy to let go. These are the hardest signs to get out of a toxic relationship. 

Yes, it is easy to judge from afar, when you did not get used to sharing the day, your dreams, your life, with that person. It is terrifying to accept that you were wrong, that everything was in your imagination and if we add to that that they are very sweet, supportive signs and they like to put themselves in the place of the other, everything gets complicated.

Signs that have a harder time getting out of a toxic relationship

It’s not that these signs are blind, it’s that no one taught us to let go, even when it comes to something toxic. These couples often make you feel like the most loved person one day and treat you like trash the next. Those behaviors make your heart go up and down, which can end up awful. Let’s see who they are:

5.- Pisces 

Without a doubt, Pisces cannot help it, it is a sign that wastes love in every place it steps, its personality is full of nobility, beauty and a lot of empathy. When they fall in love they give themselves deeply, they like to blow their thoughts, they don’t keep quiet about anything and they can become too condescending, so they do n’t even realize when they are already justifying their partners. They have the gift of making up their imperfections, although later they regret it, because life proves that they were in a mistake, that they gave a lot to a person who was worth nothing and did not even value it.

4.- Capricorn 

Although Capricorn is a very determined and perfectionist sign, when someone catches their heart they lose control of their emotions and their actions. That is the reason why they end up in toxic relationships, because they fall before people who disguise themselves as victims, when all they do is hurt others. Capricorn can be innocent, they do not act in bad faith and this type of person takes advantage of it to manipulate them at will. The bad thing about Capricorn is that he believes in second chances, something tells him that it is possible for people to change, but there are those who, whatever happens, will continue to be a parasite.

3.- Libra 

Libra is the perfect target for toxic relationships, we are talking about manipulative and narcissistic people, who know very well to hit their weakest points. Libra is love, it is given in a romantic way and that may keep her blind, it takes a while to realize the bad intentions. Also, Libra hates confrontation, they may stay in a relationship just so they don’t have to close the loop, because they have a hard time saying goodbye. Deep down Libra knows thatsooner or later he is going to leave the person, he is just preparing. 

2.- Cancer 

The cancer also tend to tangle with toxic arms, because their instinct is to help, they can not avoid. They like to see people shine and sometimes play the role of saviors, believing that they can change a person’s negative attitudes. However, when they start noticing toxic behaviors they think it is their fault and they start to change without seeing any difference. Cancer likes to mark territory and may be mistaken for someone possessive, thinking that the person loves them when they are not.

1.- Sagittarius 

The zodiac sign that honors optimism, Sagittarius stands out from the rest because it is the person who is always there to support you, who does not let you go and tries to make you see your best version. That is the reason why you end up in toxic relationships that the only thing they do is take away energy, because no matter how much love you give, it is not enough for someone who does not love yourself. The bad thing is that when he realizes the person clings more and it is difficult for him to say goodbye because he has a heart that overflows with nobility.


Signs That Cost More Work To Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship

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