Fervent, determined and with a soul full of joy. When Aries gives the heart it does so to build something healthy, strong and lasting. Aries have that nuance that surrounds anyone, the one that makes you want to hug them for a lifetime. However, they are complicated, few manage to conquer your heart, although there are some signs in particular that can make you not want to be with someone else.

Aries is the person who teaches you what the true art of seduction is, the one who manages to see beyond the physical, the one who finds a mental and emotional connection, which does not let go. When Aries falls in love, they go out of their way to make it work. It is Mars who gives him that touch of aggression and power in his character, he is not one of those who stays with his arms crossed, he fights for what he wants.

Signs most compatible with Aries

Aries has Fire in each of its steps, that passionate and rapturous side that leads you to live the wildest experiences under the covers. He is noble and tough at heart, because no matter how much he loves, he does not allow anyone to humiliate him, much less tolerate betrayal. Aries does not hold a grudge, but once he decides to remove you from his life there is no going back and these 3 zodiac signs know it very well, because they are the ones who have everything to conquer his heart:

3.- Gemini

A bond that can make the question of love, passion, companionship explode. When Gemini and Aries decide to share their lives, they give infatuation a chance. Their meeting is magical, they call her love at first sight. I would say that it is a mental connection, something that goes beyond self-control. They are two adventurous and dynamic souls ready to become the best life companions.

Aries is intrigued by the mystery behind Gemini, by their reserved way of relating, even by their bad face. Aries is a competitive sign, he likes to know that loving is also about breaking obstacles. Aries falls in love with the intellectual side of Gemini, the way he involves you in every conversation and how he is able to lose you in a deep conversation.

2.- Leo

A relationship in which power, courage and ego come together. The truth is that seeing a Leo and an Aries together is synonymous with energy, it is impossible not to steal the glances in its path. Two zodiac signs that were born to shine. Leo loves attention, he is demanding to the bone and Aries was born to be a leader, their personalities are walking fire.

Both are full of good vibes, warmth of home and eager to savor everything life has to offer. Yes, it is possible that their similar personalities have strong friction, but when the bond is healthy there is no power that separates them. They are a couple who do not cut their wings, they support each other, they inspire and admire each other. Although Leo can be very controlling at times and Aries does not like being told what to do.

1.- Sagittarius

A coin in the air, this is how we could define the relationship between Sagittarius and Aries. And we are talking about pure adrenaline, of those couples who honor spontaneity, when they feel chemistry there is no one to separate them. They are both very intense when it comes to showing their best in home. They like novelty, breaking routine and adding experiences to their days.

However, they are very stable, capable of balancing adventure and reality. Aries is very romantic and emotional, also Sagittarius but he likes to get away more to come back with more desire. The two are pure magnetism, so when each one gives themselves their space they can become the dream couple.


Signs That Can Make Aries Not Want To Be With Someone Else

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