Signs That Attract Virgo By Its Vibration And Emotions

Virgo is like that, he doesn’t like anyone, he doesn’t like anyone and he doesn’t care about anyone. For some arrogant, for others selective. But the truth is that the opinion of the rest is not something that keeps you up at night. It is a sign that puts independence, ambition, and perfection ahead. Does it sound cold? No, he simply recognizes his worth and is not going to settle for less. Already in the past, he tried and ended up with a broken soul. These signs are the ones that attract you because of his vibration and emotions:

1.- Taurus

Without a doubt, the cosmic energy that exists between Taurus and Virgo is more than evident, when these two Earth signs meet, it is synonymous with security, dedication, and commitment. They are on the same line, without the need to show masks. That’s when Virgo is not afraid to show the vulnerable side of him, on the contrary, he feels very comfortable. The union between these two signs honors affection, that unconditional part in which they are always there to admire everything the other does. It is not only a mental attraction but also physical and emotional, they could have a relationship with those that end with a happily ever after. Virgo doesn’t have to deal with drama, which is the main reason he runs away from relationships. They simply put their cards on the table and commit loyally.

2.- Gemini

What happens when an air sign and an earth sign decide to unite their lives? Well, although they seem to like water and oil, the first thing that Gemini and Virgo have in common is that they are both governed by Mercury, this means that the part of power and communication is given to them naturally, and they know very well what they want and not afraid to say. Virgo can fall under the spell of Gemini, a brilliant and emotional mind that has a gift for putting themselves in their shoes. Let’s say that they complement each other, Virgo can balance the changeable side of Gemini and the latter melts him with his wit, reminding him that there is much more to living besides work. What begins with an intellectual attraction can end in a wedding in which love will not be lacking.

3.- Pisces

The spark that awakens between Pisces and Virgo is inexplicable to most. Because it is the union between a dreamer and someone who does not take his feet off the Earth. However, Virgo is attracted to Pisces, due to his peculiar way of seeing life, his stealthy steps, and the sensitivity that he exudes in every pore. At first, it may seem like a contradictory link, but once their souls connect, it is when they understand that theirs comes from past lives. It is genuine love, in which they give everything for each other, a pure and honest bond, they feel confident to share their deepest emotions. Pisces and Virgo are synonymous with commitment, with a long-term relationship that needs no explanation. Just surrender.


Signs That Attract Virgo By Its Vibration And Emotions

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