Signs That Are Tired Of One Night’s Loves

There are loves that stay in a corner, in what you keep quiet, in what makes your tears run secretly. Loves that made you caress the stars and then released you in mid-sigh. They are the ones who enveloped you in one night, the ones who gave you adrenaline with their lips, the ones you loved but didn’t love you. So, you get tired of one-night stands, you decide to put on a huge shell because you are not willing to allow them to hurt you again. They want something long-term … These are the signs that they are tired of one-night stands:

1.- Capricorn 

You find it hard to believe how someone has the cynicism to come into your life and become a beautiful engine and then say goodbye. You are sick of giving and giving without receiving the same in return. You are the one who still believes in genuine love, Capricorn, in that in which loyalty comes first, in which compromising is your only option. You no longer want love for a while, you want someone who has the pants to break their fears and jump into the void of love. You want someone who will not let go of you, who will become your ally, that person who causes you joy just by saying good morning. You got tired of just shaking the sheets and now you are looking for someone to enjoy a delicious coffee every morning.

2.- Aries 

You are also one of the signs that are tired of one-night stands. Yes, you are impulsive, Aries, you love madly, you are one of those crazy souls who want to immerse themselves in the world of the other. Your goals are clear and you work hard so that tomorrow you can enjoy your dreams, but not everything is as easy as it seems. There are times when you feel that the right person will not arrive because you are exhausted from those loves that only go in passing. You want someone who is not scared of your adventures, Whoever hugs you until the anxiety passes, whoever wants to kiss you on the forehead as well as lose himself in a passionate kiss. Something more I want, something more than two magnets enjoying so much energy. You got tired of quick goodbyes and now you don’t plan to settle for less.

3.- Libra 

Libra you are love, you know it, it’s just that your indecision constantly puts you between a rock and a hard place. It is your insecure side that makes you close the door of love over and over again as if you do not deserve all that love. You are annoyed that everything is reduced to what happens under the sheets, you no longer want to throw the clothes on the floor and find another body. Now you are looking for that connection, that is capable of shaking every space of your soul, the one that makes you cry as well as scream because you recognize that loving is not easy and accepting the other less. But you want it, you want to feel what it’s like to commit to that level with someone, so much so that you end up loving their hobbies.


Signs That Are Tired Of One Night's Loves

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