Signs That Are Not Jealous But Care For What Is Theirs

Signs That Are Not Jealous But Care For What Is Theirs

You never know for sure what is behind a: ‘What’s wrong with you?’ and a ‘Nothing’. There may be the feeling that your partner no longer loves you, that he is replacing you or that he simply likes someone else. Jealousy is not normal, much less is it synonymous with love. Being in love is more than externalizing our complexes. However, there are signs that are not jealous but take care of what is theirs. 

It is one thing to fall into intensity, to lose control due to our insecurities and quite another to set limits. It is okay to want to make it clear that your relationship is not a game and that you are looking for something more than formality, a long-term bond in which commitment is one of the main ingredients. These signs are not afraid of losing their partner, but they hate to become the mockery of the rest.


Aries is the one who has dominance in their eyes, they like things with their partner to be clear, they do not have time to see if the other person wants the commitment or not, they want them to dare from the first moment and if they do not follow their path. In addition, it is an impulsive sign, when it comes to expressing their feelings they do not know the filters and if they love someone they can seem possessive, but in reality they just want honesty to be ahead of everything. Aries respects you and expects the same, does not tolerate infidelityand leaves at the first signs.


Taurus is another sign that is not jealous, but takes care of what is his. A sign that can be extremely territorial, he likes his partner to be loyal, because from the first moment he shows himself as is. His soul is very restless, but always with fidelity as the main ingredient. Taurus enjoys plans, stability and therefore loves to put the cards on the table. Your personality may be soft, but if you find out that someone is watching your face, you will know your dark side. Taurus doesn’t get his hands dirty over unworthy people, but he gets you out of his life.


Geminis do not go around wasting jealousy with their partners, in fact it is a very safe sign and one of the most resilient when it comes to ending a relationship. However, when it comes to trust they take it very seriously. If you are going to be with someone it is because they feel safe and calm,if not,they prefer to continue being single, they have learned to love their solitude and prefer to wait until the right person arrives. He hates when a third person is part of the relationship and do not dream that he is going to be silent, he does not keep things, Gemini prefers the truth even if it hurts, than living a story that does not exist.


Of course, Scorpio could not be missing from the list, a sign that honors passion, they like their relationships to exude intensity until the last moment. When they give their heart they do it without fear, with dreams and with the desire that everything turn out as they dreamed it. They can’t stand infidelity, much less hypocrisy , if you feel someone’s bad vibes against your relationship, you are simply not welcome. Scorpio fights for what he loves, he likes that his partner is well and be sure that he will not end up in other arms. If the latter happens, forget that he forgives you, it can become extremely spiteful, it is to sign the farewell, he will not love you more in his life.


Signs That Are Not Jealous But Care For What Is Theirs

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