Signs That Are Difficult To Love And Few Illuminate Them In Their Dark Moments

There are people who go around being an open book, who are not afraid to show their emotions, they like to give themselves to their partners on a deep level and they are the sweetest thing you could meet on Earth. However, there is the other part, a contrast that is not for everyone. I’m talking about the signs that are difficult to love and few illuminate them in their dark moments. 

It does not mean that these signs are negative, it is just that they are complicated, a challenge for people who are used to conquering at first. Astrology says that they go through life putting on a shell, they don’t show affection unless they really feel safe with that person, but the scariest thing about them is that they don’t cling anymore.

Signs that are difficult to love and few illuminate them in their dark moments

After so many disappointments, these signs have learned that trust is the most important thing, but also that they cannot avoid infidelity or mistreatment. So they have worked hard in detachment, they are not one of those who pray because they learned that they have already achieved it before. Let’s see more in detail:

6.- Gemini 

If there is a difficult sign to love, without a doubt, we are talking about the charm and rudeness of Gemini. There are few who have the privilege of knowing the sweet side of him, they have a hard time trusting, they prefer reality before building castles of happiness. In addition, they may begin to feel suffocated in the relationship, they need their space and if you pressure them they run away. Gemini knows what he wants, he hates routine and trying to control him, he likes having a partner, as long as it does not interfere with his independence. 

5.- Sagittarius 

A sign that was born to be free, at the first moment he realizes that his partner tries to control his lifestyle, he prefers to put an end to it. Long-term plans can alter his mental stability, he does not feel comfortable thinking about the future, and he is a lover of living today without thinking about tomorrow. They may be impatient with their partners, but few keep up with them because they never stop.

4.- Taurus  

If you have no idea what it’s like to live with someone who is the God of stubbornness, then it’s time for you to get involved with a Taurus, they are not used to losing and much less taking orders. They are one of those who do not remain silent regardless of the consequences and, in addition, they have a hard time committing fully to a relationship. If your partner does not adapt to your way of seeing things, you take it as something temporary.

3.- Aquarius 

They say that it is the most complicated of all, the one that can get lost in a bunch of thoughts and emotions that only happen in your imagination. Aquarius was born to enjoy and dream, which becomes a challenge for anyone, he does not like to feel that he stays in something forever, so long-term relationships cause conflict. His sensitivity is a charm, they are always willing to listen to you, and if they don’t feel the same about their partner they move away.

2.- Scorpio 

The most beautiful contrast is the sign that few illuminate in their dark moments. Scorpio is a lot of emotional walking. Sometimes, even they themselves lose control of everything, the same they give themselves passionately one day, that the next they move away. They are affectionate but also distant, which can make their partner feel a little valued, but it is worth every moment of happiness by their side.

1.- Pisces 

It’s funny, maybe you might think that is considered the most romantic sign of the zodiac, it is one of the easiest to love, but no. Pisces is proof that not everyone is ready to receive genuine, reciprocal, and sweet love. It is possible that being so sensitive puts you at a disadvantage, it affects everything that happens around you, and that causes mood swings that many couples do not tolerate.


Signs That Are Difficult To Love And Few Illuminate Them In Their Dark Moments

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