Signs That Always Walk On The Moon And Forget Everything

Signs That Always Walk On The Moon And Forget Everything

We all know someone who lives up to Dory from the Nemo movie. They are the signs that always walk on the Moon and forget everything, let’s say that their memory is a bit scattered and when you least think they have already withdrawn information to store another. They forget everything, they have to go through the same list over and over again to make sure they are not missing the most important thing. Does it sound familiar to you? Maybe you are on the list:

1.- Aries 

The main reason Aries forgets everything is because they are always against the clock. It is a sign that is not still, every moment it tests its skills, they call it multitasking. It is true, they are very intelligent and have ingenuity on their side, but there comes a point where their mind needs a pause because they cannot remember everything, especially when they constantly force themselves to do so. Aries can lose control when things do not go the way he wants, it is his impulsive side that he gets angry and blames himself for not achieving it as he dreamed.

2.- Pisces 

Pisces is the sign to which his sensitivity betrays him, the empathy he feels for the other is so great that there comes a point where his mind is saturated, he looks for a way to help and that becomes exhausting. So much so that simple thing like car keys, leaving the water tap open or a light on, become an everyday problem. If we add to that that his imaginative side loses control, things get worse. Pisces concentrates so much on his dreams that he loses himself from reality, he is not irresponsible, he is so passionate that he forgets the basics.

3.- Aquarius 

Among so much creativity and emotional detachment, a mind that forgets everything can be hidden. Aquarius is a sign that always wants more, it is innovative, it looks for a way to improve but does not always share it, it moves away and that is when it forgets about the day-to-day. He lives in his world, so don’t take personally the fact that he doesn’t remember important dates or events. It may even erase some names from your memory. Aquarius may be doing household chores and just leaving everything in half because he forgets if he comes across any new ideas.

4.- Libra 

A minute of silence for all the things that Libra has forgotten and boy are there many. The problem is that sometimes they are very sure that they have everything under control even if they are not. That’s when their memory tells them otherwise, they get so focused on one activity that they forget they had other plans. Seriously, if Libra has left you hanging on a date, he did not do it with bad intentions, things are not given so much in advance. And it is that Libra is very emotional, when he feels frustrated it is as if everything in his life suffers a pause, he simply cannot work.

5.- Gemini 

Geminis forget everything because they are changeable, they are so faithful to their convictions that when something does not vibrate at will, they go another way. That’s when you forget everything, you are so worried about liking something that you do not pay attention to the moment when you realize it is usually too late. Gemini is the person who can forget very important things and then feel guilty. Especially when you’re stressed out about something, it’s like your mind goes blank. It’s the kind of sign that doesn’t remember your address and even your name when you’re feeling too overwhelmed.


Signs That Always Walk On The Moon And Forget Everything

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