Signs That Always Are For Others But Do Not Receive The Same

There are those who don’t think so, those who have empathy in their soul. They are the people who do not let you go, no matter what moment you are going through. They like to help, knowing that they have the power to make a difference in your days. They are the signs that are always for others but do not receive the same. And there are others who only come for convenience, they don’t care if you’re sad, or angry, it’s enough for them to solve their lives, period. However, those on this list are blessed to owe no one, what they give is from the heart:

1.- Cancer 

Well yes, Cancer is one of the signs that are always there for others, but they do not receive the same. You are like this Cancer, you have nobility in every crack, in bad experiences, life has not always treated you with sweetness, but you keep going. You are proof that no matter how broken you are when you are a good person and want to help the other, you turn everything into love. People value you because you become the unconditional bond, the one that heals you, the one that calms you down. You mean a lot to your loved ones and although you can count loyal people on the fingers of one hand, it is enough for you to know that in the end, every grain of sand you put in is always worth it. You know that the other cannot give love if he has no idea what it is. 

2.- Pisces 

A hug to the heart, you are like that caress of the grandmother after a heavy day. Sometimes, you don’t need to say much, it’s enough that you accompany with your silence and it is that your way of love is reserved, but you like to be there, at the foot of the canyon. You are empathetic, tender and always try to understand before judging. You know that life is not perfect and much less the people around you, you are not naive, you realize when their intentions are negative, but sometimes you see so much emotional poverty that you give in. You are like that, you can’t see the pain and pretend that nothing happens. The bad thing is that you have to be careful because there are problems that do not correspond to you and you are wearing yourself out.

3.- Scorpio 

Yes, you may seem fearsome to many, because there are few who have the invitation to know your deepest side, the vulnerable one, the one that can collapse even if it hides behind four walls. Scorpio, life has hurt you so many times that now you prefer to go on the defensive, you know that not everyone is to blame but being distrustful has helped you to distance yourself from those who are not worth it. Scorpio, you are one of the signs that are always there for others, but they do not receive the same, because you are too loyal, and committed, you have so much love to give that not everyone deserves a seat in your life. Sometimes, you need to analyze if that person is really worth your time, your effort, your mental, emotional and physical health. Not everyone deserves it.

4.- Virgo 

It’s sad to realize that people assume that everything in your life is fine. And it is that you have made it clear that you love perfection and they do not give you permission to collapse from time to time. They minimize when your world falls apart, it seems that only you are the one who should be alert when someone needs you. That’s when you realize that there are those who are not worth your days, there are people who only approach you to use you over and over again. Sometimes, there is nothing left but to be selfish, you are a priority, it is ridiculous that you invest so much energy in another when you are falling apart. You have to start believing in yourself, to set limits and you will see how malicious people disappear by themselves.

5.- Capricorn 

People flock to you because you are the most stable outlet in this world. Capricorn, your organized and disciplined way of seeing life becomes a temptation for anyone. However, there are times when they take advantage, they don’t want help, they want you to leave yours and demand to be a priority. That’s when the red lights come on, a desperate cry of alert, you don’t have to lower your head for anyone. You are not here to save anyone. Your only responsibility is yourself, your mental, physical and emotional health deserves to be heard and not overshadowed by negative people, who do not have the slightest intention of lifting a finger to solve their life.

6.- Libra 

A deep breath, something that takes all the weight off you that you have been carrying for years. It’s funny, because the moment you start setting limits when you don’t allow anyone else to disrespect you, that’s when they start calling you troublesome. Libra, people are used to seeing you give and give, but… when you stop doing it they will pull out their nails, it is not in their interest that you start loving yourself so much and that you decide to make yourself a priority. Not everyone deserves to be listened to, your advice, your support. Sometimes, there is nothing left but to be more selective, because if you keep quiet you will end up suffering from problems that are not even yours and are making your days bitter. It is obvious that Libra was going to be one of the signs that are always there for others, but they do not receive the same.


Signs That Always Are For Others But Do Not Receive The Same

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