Signs So Transparent That They Cannot Prevent Sincerity Attacks

Those who say what they feel know that it is a relief not to get a lump in their throat just for fear of what they will say. Many times we are silent because the reaction of the other terrifies us, we do not want to be the bad guy in the story and we prefer to sink into discomfort, trying to get the idea that it is our fault. It is not fair to be silent, it is important to feel confident that what comes out of our mouth will be heard. These zodiac signs know what I’m talking about because through life’s experiences they have learned to put a stop to and not allow themselves to be made less. They are signs that are so transparent that they cannot avoid having attacks of sincerity. 

1.- Gemini 

If there is anyone on this list who speaks volumes, without a doubt, it is Gemini. Really, it is enough that you feel slight confidence to say things as you think them. This can be a very dangerous game because most of the time you are not careful and you can hurt people you love very much, even those you just met. It should be noted that his intention is not to harm anyone, but he is not going to pretend to behave like someone he is not. It is a very intelligent sign and therefore it is not difficult for him to relate to all kinds of people. Talking to Gemini is synonymous with learning, they have lived so long that their advice becomes invaluable when making important decisions. You can’t help it, it’s transparent, no-nonsense things are always better.

2.- Aries 

Yes, Aries, it is that person who many times ends up looking in front of the mirror and wonders why the hell he said a certain thing. His tongue is as impulsive as his steps, he doesn’t really stop when he is passionate about something, but it can be a bit hurtful. The point is, Aries has a stubborn side and likes to use it, especially when they don’t get the attention it deserves. He hates when he feels that he is surrounded by double-sided people, he does not tolerate the idea that it is the same people who claim to love him when they have no idea what that means. At that moment the cruel side of Aries is activated, the one that wants to shout your truths in your face and is not going to stop until it feels liberated. There are few who can deal with someone like that. However, Aries prefers a thousand times to be alone than in bad company.

3.- Aquarius 

Sometimes, you don’t have to trust too much and Aquarius knows this very well. For this reason, he is so meticulous with his words, there are many things he does not say, he prefers to keep them to himself, he loves to argue with his own thoughts and draw conclusions that he does not tell anyone. However, when he knows that it is time to be honest he does not stop, he will do whatever it takes to make sure his opinion is valued. It is very special during its attacks of sincerity because it does not miss any detail, its objective is to show you the panorama of opportunities, that you do not get stuck with the usual and open your mind more. In the end, Aquarius knows very well that the people who get upset when hearing him tell the truth are the same people who prefer to live in a lie and do not let anyone else interfere with his perfect story, although inside they are full of bitterness.

4.- Leo 

Only those mature minds understand that it is wise to be grateful for the truth, no matter how they tell you or how much it hurts, in the end you know very well that they are doing you a favor. Leo has it clear and has long put aside his fear, what he wants is to make the most of every moment and if it has to be hard, then he does. Nor is he an ogre looking to hurt people. However, when his impulses take over he forgets everything and is an open book. You just end up reciting each line exactly as it is written. It is interesting because even in the worst moments he does not lose his sense of humor and that helps to calm the other a little, but not completely. There are times when it is easier to judge Leo as pushy than to accept the truth.

5.- Pisces 

In the case of Pisces, it does enter a duality. That is, there is your compassionate side, the one that needs to know how the other feels and help if you can. But he is also eager, to tell the truth. It is not a lying sign and much less an accomplice of someone who is. However, he is going slowly, he wants to analyze the pros and cons of what he has to say and at the least expected moment he blurts it out. Pisces is very deep, do not expect him to say things superficially because that is not his style. He has an incredible ability to interpret situations thanks to his sensitivity, which when he says something invites you to reflect deeply. He does not want to argue, his intention is not to increase the drama at all, but he does not intend to pretend that nothing is wrong, when he knows that talking can change things.

6.- Sagittarius

The perfect mix between tranquility and joy, that is Sagittarius, is a sign that often goes unnoticed because it does not like to get involved in problems and its relationship with drama is practically nil. However, when it comes to telling the truth, he prefers not to dwell on the matter and the faster the words come out of his mouth the better. Sagittarius is extremely intelligent but does not have much tact when it comes to wanting to share something very personal. He is too transparent, he is used to dealing with his loneliness, so he is not going to waste time in which the other does not pout him. Criticisms slip away from him and as long as he knows he is doing the right thing there is nothing to make him give up. Intrigue is not his thing, the clearer the matter the better, and if it is synonymous with running out of friends, then he faces it. That’s how strong Sagittarius is.


Signs So Transparent That They Cannot Prevent Sincerity Attacks

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