Signs Of The Zodiac That Will Always Cride With Each Other

Cride With Each Other

Signs Of The Zodiac That Will Always Cride With Each Other

Surely you have bumped into someone from the beginning and when you discovered their sign you were surprised to remember that it is not the first time you have had bad experiences with that specific sign. There are people you fit in with from the beginning, they catch your attention and when you communicate everything seems to flow. But with others you never get to feel comfortable, you don’t trust or you feel that every word they say is stupid. This can be explained with astrology since there are signs with such opposite energies that it is very difficult to get them to feel comfortable from the beginning. It’s a matter of clashing egos and if there’s no willingness to get along, you’ll probably end up in big arguments. Although if you manage to see the other person from a more human perspective and observe their qualities, these barriers can always be overcome. the zodiac signs that will always clash with each other.

Aries – Pisces

Aries is a passionate sign, of fire, which is opening paths and sins of being a bit childish. He lacks the empathy to understand a sign like Pisces, who has his emotions on the surface and although he adapts to everything, with Aries he can feel dominated. The constant emotional problems of Pisces become annoying for a sign like Aries who will feel that they waste a lot of time trying to help Pisces. Aries can feel this other sign as a real brake on the way to his goals and the other hand, and the abruptness of Aries can make Pisces feel very hurt. There may be an exception with Pisces born after March 17, who combine better with the energy of Aries.

Taurus – Aquarius

Although Aquarius is an open-minded sign, his ideas are fixed, weird, and strange, but it is very difficult for him to change. By getting together with Taurus, also of strong convictions, sparks can fly. With Taurus we are facing a sign for which individual well-being is very important, while Aquarius thinks a lot about the collective. Taurus is an Earth sign and may find the ideas of Aquarius, who is an Air sign with a lot of mental energy, a bit fanciful. They are signs that will probably collide with each other and neither will give up. Taurus will throw their hands up when listening to Aquarius’s futuristic ideas because he will think that they are not anchored to reality. Aquarius for his part will see Taurus as an old-fashioned person with little chance of understanding his mind.

Gemini – Scorpio

These two signs are destined to collide. Gemini is a very outgoing sign, who loves meeting new people, changing, and knowing a little about everything, while Scorpio has fixed ideas, it is difficult for them to trust and open up to new people. Gemini is a sign that tends to spread out, while Scorpio likes to delve into things. Especially in the field of feelings, Gemini will analyze them but will try not to feel them, while Scorpio will fully immerse himself in emotions, even transforming with them. This way of approaching what they feel is what will create the most conflicts. Geminis will try to flee from situations of emotional vulnerability while Scorpio will promote them. 

Cancer – Sagittarius 

Cancer is a sign that identifies a lot with emotional security, home and care. He will inevitably clash with Sagittarius, a much more impulsive sign, given to adventure and who does not usually take into account the feelings of others. The excessive and sometimes unnecessary sincerity of Sagittarius will hurt the feelings of Cancer. Cancer’s strong mood swings are inexplicable and difficult for Sagittarius to bear, who tries to get as far away from people like Cancer as possible. They are two incompatible behaviors from the first moment. It is very uncomfortable for Sagittarius to have to pay attention to emotions and Cancer has hundreds of different emotions a day. Like Sagittarius, he is always optimistic and sees the bright side of things, but Cancer cannot always be in that mood .casual.

Virgo – Libra

Although at first glance it may seem like they hit it off, make no mistake, two perfectionists each with their own idea of ​​what is well done. In addition, the constant changes of opinion and the doubt of Libra get on the nerves of a sign like Virgo, who knows how to focus and go to the bottom of each matter. On the other hand, Libra knows perfectly how to relate in a harmonious way, something that Virgo has not yet mastered, it could be said that they can make a good team but in the end, the behavior of one will bring the other upside down. Virgo is also a very hard-working sign, while Libra goes by seasons, they can still work like crazy or spend days lying in bed “recovering energy”, this gets on the nerves of the constant Virgo.

Leo – Capricorn

For Capricorn, there is no more annoying behavior than typical Leo. From the first moment, they will collide. Leo will not stand the energy of Capricorn either. On the one hand, Capricorn can’t stand people who brag or try to get attention, and on the other, Leo doesn’t understand people who spend their days seriously and analyze their every step. Leo is much more carefree and less pessimistic than Capricorn, on the other hand, Capricorn values ​​discretion and fine elegance, and they are destined to look down on each other. Leo is a sign of fixed ideas and is very passionate about what he thinks, while Capricorn is prepared to open different paths, does not get stuck in anything, and is much colder when making decisions.

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