Sometimes you get tired of the same old Crab, you get tired of promises that are not kept, you get tired of the stupidity of others, you get tired of people not being able to risk as you do, that they tell you something and then do otherwise. Sometimes love tires you, and not because I do not know the most important thing for you but because other people make you underestimate it again … Cancer, you are a sign that needs to protect and be protected, you are a sign that needs a lot of love and affection, always have a shoulder where to vent, where to speak, where to tell your sorrows and your joys … A support. And the truth is that it is very difficult to find someone who fits that profile even though there are many who boast of having it.

Water signs like you are the most consistent. You have a special sensitivity and you feel an attraction towards them too strong. Scorpio is the one who can play the most with your feelings and emotions, he knows that you will always be there and he uses that. Until the day you disappear completely. And that day is when he regrets everything. With Pisces everything is different, you have incredible support with this sign despite the fact that sometimes you are both too emotional and you can drown in a glass of water. Pisces is an incredible sign and if the two of you walk towards the same goals you can make an envious and exemplary partner.

In more passionate topics, there would undoubtedly be Aries and your love / hate Scorpio. But of course, only for a few moments. You have an incredible attraction to these signs and it is not uncommon for more than one to have come across in your life. The problem is that it is too explosive a combination, too strong.

Taurus and Libra can give you a lot of security. They are signs that love to take care of others, they want to have their love nest like you, and fidelity and loyalty always go above all else. They won’t mind staying on the couch for an entire afternoon with you, talking about crazy topics or watching a movie. They enjoy routine, they enjoy being with the person they love 24 hours a day.

In general, with Gemini and Aquarius it will cost you too much, they do not have the patience to endure your crises and it seems to you that they are a bit selfish. They may be attracted to them but you see a slightly dark side to them that you don’t like at all.

With the rest of the earth signs you can establish super deep conversations about everything but you think that they do not have the same empathy as you and that they will never be able to put themselves in your place. With Sagittarius and Leo you have a good time but that, for a while. Too much energy, too much instability. When you get together there can be a lot of passion but it will not end up being the best possible combination …

You are not that complicated Cancer, in fact you ask very little but, at least, that they give it to you.


Signs More Compatible With Cancer

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