There are more authoritarian, there are more sensitive, there are more serious and there are funnier, but after all, the figure of the father has been, is and will be essential for many of us. And over time is when we understand that it is also super complicated to do all things well or as we wanted. Being a good father is not easy …



Daddy Aries is sweet, funny but also serious and authoritative when he should be. It is that father who will seat you on his knees, no matter how old you are and will tell you that you can with everything, that you never give up and that if you really want something, you should go for it. He is a passionate father who gives a lot of love to his children. He plays a lot with them, and in the end, he almost behaved like another child. So all the children want to go with him. He has incredible details with his children, and also, the least expected day. Suddenly it can give you a gift you wanted for a long time or throw a surprise party. So, without further ado.


Dad Taurus loves his children like no one but sometimes, he has a hard time understanding them completely. It may be serious, but it’s only because of his fear that they may make the same mistakes as him. He is super protective and, although he will always let you walk and fly, he will be watching you very closely in case he has to get up. With dad Taurus, there is always guaranteed laughter. He will try to stimulate you whenever he can but sometimes, it is true that he projects his goals in his children and, if you are good at something, he will focus a lot on it, without perhaps asking if it is what makes him happiest. He doesn’t do it on purpose. Being a parent is not always easy.


Daddy Gemini is a super sociable and fun-loving man. You probably keep collections of anything from identical tie suits to vintage music vinyls that hold gold on cloth. He is very popular with his friends and boasts of his children as the most. Wherever he goes, he takes them, restaurants, cinemas, with friends … He is a father who lets his children fly, sometimes scared, but he knows that he has to, he knows that only in this way will people become full and upright. It is not easy for him to get irritated by something and despite the fact that in his life in general he does not have much patience, with his children he does, that is, when they cross the line he gets angry. And an angry Gemini dad scares.


Dad Cancer helps his children with homework and ends up doing anything for them. She has a terrible fear that her little ones will grow up and that is why she always portrays special moments with photos or videos (even if they are already 20 years old). She fights for her children, for her family in general and is always there for them. He puts himself in his children’s place all his life. It will take them to any activity in which they feel happy, piano, gymnastics, theater … It doesn’t matter, he just wants to see them happy. Dad Cancer is perhaps not always very expressive with words but he will give them a love that they will feel to the bone.


Dad Leo is extremely protective. He loves that his children have him as a reference and he will fight all his life for that reason. He will always do things first to protect them but also so that his son will see a hero figure all his life. It is something conceited and when he has a problem he forgets about the others. He often loses patience and seems a little selfish but when he reacts, he quickly realizes his mistake and tries to reward it quickly. If something were to happen to his children, he would jump into anyone’s jugular like a lion. And sometimes because of this, he also loses his papers, but … and who doesn’t?


Dad Virgo is a perfectionist, he wants the best for his son and sometimes, he does not let him take off completely for fear that something will influence him for the worse. He is an excellent teacher and will teach you everything very well. He is dedicated, a lot, but sometimes he needs to be a little more sensitive, more empathetic. There is no room for failure in his head, and that is sometimes projected onto his children, who are almost not allowed to fail. Dad Virgo is serious but he will learn over time that in life you have to rehearse a lot, and try, and above all, let others make mistakes.


Daddy Libra is very laid back and has an enthusiasm and natural energy that children love. He loves to play with children and almost be one more. He is not ashamed of anything and also, he will be in almost all the trends that his children share with him. He is not an outdated father and, also, because he likes learning so much, he is always the order of the day. He does not care about fashion and you will always see him with 5 or 6 different looks, but no more. Enjoy snacks and sports and make sure it is part of your life and that of your children.


Scorpio dad is serious and sometimes a little solemn. He is attractive and has a subtle humor that not everyone understands but that any intelligent person will enjoy. Although he is quite conservative, he is open to those he trusts and is friendly and nice to everyone. Scorpio dad will look at his children out of the corner of his eye all the time. He likes to watch and see how his children behave. When he has to be loving, he is and he values ​​his children very important, life lessons that they will never forget, even if those children are 50 years old. He is the typical father who, instead of killing a bug, picks it up while his children are screeching in a corner and deposits it in the garden. He does things like that, all the time.


Dad Sagittarius is resourceful and agile. She loves playing guessing or card games with her children. He has a great time playing with them and being just another child. In fact, sometimes it happens and even the children look like “enough dad” (especially when preadolescence arrives). Father Sagi is brutally sincere and often also has some response that can hurt his children. He does it unintentionally and the good thing is that over time, his children already know him well and even laugh. It is true that sometimes he loses his patience very easily and explodes for nonsense but the good thing is that it does not last long.


Father Capricorn has super strong political views and is very passionate about expressing himself. You can see him yelling at the TV for something he doesn’t agree with or a soccer game. Basically, it is in the moment because later it does not give it too much importance and it passes. He is the dad who offers to help his children with their homework all the time but gets mad at them when he sees that they show no interest in their obligations. He is authoritative but very friendly. It may not be as loving as their children sometimes demand but it is always there for them. And that your children will know all their lives. She will always try to express her love for her children even if she does it a little awkwardly sometimes.


Dad Aquarius is always asking his children about everything, how they are, what they feel, what amuses them … He is a father who always tries to understand his little ones in some way. Sometimes you can push too hard, but you need to feel that your children are really fine, and not just apparently. He is the typical father who will drag you out of bed at night to take you to see the stars, or make a camping trip with you in the garden while he takes out the food he has prepared all day. His emotions thrill him and he knows that, in the end, that is what we will take with us. Therefore, enjoy as the most with small details.


Dad Pisces will tell you stories before bedtime and sing to you when you are sad, and will cheer you up when he sees you wrong and will realize that you are hiding something if you are not well. Father Pisces has a childish touch to his personality and that appeals to young children very much. It will always give you a different point of view, it is not authoritarian nor is it serious. On the contrary, she is a person who will make you dream and will always try to make the best of her children. He will try to be serious when he should be, but it will cost him because it is not his nature. Sometimes, he can transmit his fears to his children, because dad Pisces is scared if, above all, that something could happen to them.