As a rule, Aries is a nervous person, full of life, eager to do things, to try. The same goes for the gymnasium that leaves it, the same grabs a plane or grabs another. Come on, it costs next to nothing. He is wild, adventurous and very spontaneous, but when he gets angry, there are two options: either he locks himself up for a few days and you don’t see his hair, or he rides a chicken to the first one that crosses his path. Moreover, you will have no regrets. He understands that he is within his rights and his time, somewhere he has to let go of this anger.


Taurus is gentle, a very considerate person with everyone and always tries to be nice. He has a lot of patience not to get angry easily, in fact, he’s quite a long fuse. It takes time to get angry, but when anger hits, be careful. El Toro changes characters in a minute. Imagine someone out of their mind, blunt, outspoken and capable of blowing up anything that crosses their path. Well, that’s an angry Taurus. This sympathy suddenly disappears, he will not let you talk, in fact, it is better to leave him alone, let him drop everything and gradually return to his being.


As a general rule, Gemini is a rather friendly person, very open-minded, adaptable and always in search of happiness. Truly. For some it may be easier or more difficult to carry, but the truth is that it always tries to make things easier. That yes, if you behave badly, the Gemini bastard will come out and believe me that there, all that happiness will go to hell. If Gemini wants to be evil, he can become the devil himself. Manipulative to the max, he will try to give you back the same thing you did to him. Of course, if this process is going to take a long time, the same thing in three days is something else.


Cancer is generally a very generous person, who is always there for his people, for his friends, for his family. He is attentive, familiar and likes to give love. Moreover, he has an incredible sense of humor, and knows how to laugh at himself. This makes him a special person and somehow someone who is liked by almost everyone. The thing is, Cancer gets angry too, and when they do, it can be one of the worst signs in the entire zodiac. Precisely because he does not assimilate, he acts on impulse and “shoots” everyone. And you have to be very careful because you don’t see the danger or the impact that these actions will have in the long term. So better not to provoke.


The Leo is a super talented person, kind and very kind to everyone. But the truth is that he also has his dark side, and while he might not be as dark as other signs, it’s true that as long as his fury lasts, anything can happen. Leo will explode and attack the jugular of anyone who hurts him, without hesitation. And for his purpose there will be only the idea of ​​defending himself, of winning. Angry Leos can be dangerous, but it’s true that, as a fire sign, that danger only lasts when they get angry.


Virgo is a very organized, very productive person, and the truth is that anyone who trusts them ends up being very grateful. He will always try to improve himself, to do things in the best possible way and to leave a mark. But when he gets angry, things can get really messy. He has this dark side, half obsessive even, which he generally has trouble getting rid of. Sometimes you know it’s better to ignore something, to forget it and move on. But it is also difficult for him not to act as “Karma” and give back to the person what he knows he deserves. Maybe I will when some time passes. And watch from afar. Without giving Without telling anyone who is the architect of such an elaborate plan.


As a general rule, Libra will be an empathetic, fair and also very attractive person. Usually he’s not someone who likes to cause trouble, he has no intention of looking for bad vibes and prefers to stay away from dodgy people but be careful, if you look for him, you will find him. And when you meet him, the Libra will be a person who will go to extremes (in his natural state it would be unthinkable) and you will regret seeing him in this state, in this situation. Afterwards, he will also ignore, but in a way that hurts a lot. It’s better not to get there.


Scorpio is passionate, determined, super hardworking and focused on what they want. And although he has a black spot, he is also a reliable, honest and empathetic person, so the bad reputation he has may not be so bad… But beware, this bad reputation the honors when he gets angry, when they hurt him, when they hesitate. He can be a super Machiavellian, harmful, toxic person who will also do anything to achieve his goal. Therefore, the best thing is that nobody loves him. Once someone starts the game, the game will end when Scorpion says so.


Ok, Sagittarius is not the most mature sign in the world but believe me that in its natural state, it strives to be. He can even become someone super responsible (with his childish edge of course) and very organized. Also, one of his qualities is undoubtedly the honesty and energy he shows. In the end, you will always find time to do things, to subscribe to any plan. But be careful when you get angry, because Sagittarius has a short fuse and his anger of the moment can make him make decisions that he may regret later.


Capricorn has many qualities, he is intelligent, hardworking and strong, very strong in everything. He has an incredible ability to jump to conclusions and is also able to mediate and make good decisions in a short time. But watch out when he gets mad. It is important to know the dark side of Capri, he will continue to be meticulous and very careful with everything, but this time with a goal: to love the one who loved him to death. And believe me, in those moments, you’ll believe he has no scruples… And that’s scary.


Aquarius is one of those people who has a gift, and it seems like you know it as soon as you meet them. Whether it is by its ease in giving, or by its creativity, its simplicity or its originality, it is a sign that permeates others. But like everyone else, if he gets angry, he can also be quite mean. Probably not as much as the water signs (you can’t see them coming and they do everything from behind), but straight. And it will hurt. Because also, when Aquarius gets angry, all that light suddenly disappears, you know? and get away from you, from everything. And that often tends to be more than anything else because, in addition, you feel that now there is nothing to do. And if you don’t feel it, Aquarius will let you know.


Pisces is a friendly and fun person, who almost always smiles and who also likes to be in an environment of peace and tranquility. When things go wrong, he can get overly aggressive and act out of anger and rage. Being a water sign, it would not be uncommon for him to have the patience necessary to prepare a good revenge, one that is served cold. What can irritate Pisces the most is undoubtedly betrayal. For the rest, he is able to forgive everything.


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