Less is usually more. We’re not won’t do that in star interpretation, but consistent with astrologer Juliana McCarthy, two words are enough to urge to the purpose. She explains this in her book “The Stars Within You: a contemporary Guide to Horoscope”.

Your book is meant to be a contemporary guide to astrology. it’s designed to supply readers a replacement perspective on the fundamentals of astrology and on reading their own natal charts. It starts with a straightforward explanation: How does my zodiac actually tick? the solution thereto is in only two words.

Capricorn: “I use”
You are very pragmatic. you would like structures and order in your life.

Aquarius: “I know”
That doesn’t mean that you simply know everything, but that you simply always have the proper intuition.

Pisces: “I believe”
They just don’t stop believing within the good in people. you usually make decisions supported by your gut.

Aries: “I am”
You are the born leader because a bit like the symbol of your zodiac sign, you wish to steer a pack.

Taurus: “I have”
You like to have things and collect them too. you’re also characterized by your steadfastness.

Gemini: “I think”
The twin is the most intellectual sign. you are doing nothing, but really nothing in the least, rashly.

Cancer: “I feel”
Cancer may be a very emotional sign of the zodiac. they’re very empathetic and caring.

Leo: “I want”
They are passionate, spirited, and sometimes selfish.

Virgo: “I analyze”
You are accurate and a spotlight to detail, which is perhaps why you’re a really good and valued listener.

Libra: “I balance (out)”
You find it difficult to form decisions, but this might be because you usually weigh everything carefully. One reason you’re always very righteous.

Scorpio: “I create”
You are an ingenious person. although the Scorpio is usually related to destruction. But where something is carnage, something new also arises.

Sagittarius: “I know”
Her motto is: The journey is the goal. you usually have your eyes open for something new.


Sign of the zodiac: It can be perfectly described with just 2 words

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