Sign of a healthy relationship is that there are no signs of it on Facebook

The following article asks you not to be swayed by the PDAs you see on your social media home page. Facebook and relationships don’t actually go hand in hand.

As far as I can tell, Facebook is a website you can visit to be afraid and disgusted by your parents’ political views.

It’s like a quarantine zone. All of humanity’s pollutants are contained there to protect real life from the worst of humans. But we all have to log in. Otherwise we would never hear from our family again. If everyone left Facebook today, we would all find that each of us only has about four real friends.

I’m pretty sure the only thing you can do on Facebook is hide Candy Crush requests with a gun in your mouth. So dumping your relationship in this toxic internet dump isn’t the most worthwhile of endeavors.

Why Facebook and Relationships Don’t Go Together?

The biggest sign that a relationship is healthy is a lack of social media presence.

There are basically two ways relationships appear on Facebook, and both are bad. First, the couples washing their dirty laundry.

This is simply saying that you don’t care about your partner’s feelings, their privacy, or your relationship.

You’re not a team if you’re arguing in front of other people like an audience; you are literally combatants. And that’s not even counting the passive-aggressive posts. “That feeling when someone forgot to pick up Arby’s on the way home for your birthday — a quixotic feeling.”

Yes, I know “roast beef” means true love, but maybe you bring that up with your partner? It just says you’re looking for validation for your feelings. Do you know what a real couple does when something goes wrong? They talk about it and figure out how not to hurt their partner’s feelings in the future.

The second way couples show up on Facebook is in the form of “envy of our perfect life” couples who share too much. Do not be jealous; her Facebook wall is literally just a facade.

It’s as if they’re trying to convince themselves through repetition. Shouldn’t a great relationship speak for itself? Or maybe it’s an unhealthy obsession with her image rather than the relationship itself.

NFL legend Walter Payton once said, “If you’re good at something, you tell everyone. If you’re great at something, they tell you.

People can tell when you’re in an amazing relationship. This is reflected in your life in so many ways. We all want to shout it from the mountain tops every now and then, but how scary would it be to call all your friends and family members every day and remind them that you still love your significant other?

This is what happens when you post to Facebook non-stop.

In short, great relationships are the opposite of the above couples.

They solve problems without bystanders getting caught in the crossfire. The person they most want to share the joy of their relationship with is their partner, not 400 strangers.

They know that secret little moments that no one else knows about are precious. They know showing your love through a third party is less sincere because when you have an audience it all feels like a performance.

They don’t spend their time on Facebook, but with their partners.

Opt for real connections over Facebook relationships

Now that you know that Facebook and relationships don’t go well together, you should still keep your private moments private and work on building a solid married life that doesn’t need outside validation.

frequently asked Questions

Is Facebook Bad For My Relationship?

Couples who use Facebook excessively tend to get involved in Facebook-related arguments that ultimately lead to negative outcomes like cheating or a breakup.

How can social media be toxic to romantic relationships?

Overuse of social media can cause couples to lose attention and the quality of time they spend together.

What are the negative effects of Facebook?

Loss of sleep, lack of attention, depression and relationship conflicts are some of the negative effects of Facebook.

Sign of a healthy relationship is that there are no signs of it on Facebook

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