Shocking Confessions Of The Signs Of The Zodiac

Shocking Confessions

Shocking Confessions Of The Signs Of The Zodiac

We all have things we think and don’t say. They are those kinds of things that we don’t feel like confessing because not everyone knows how to listen. Everyone has quite revealing secrets or thoughts, there are some signs that they can express them easily, but there are other signs that are not so much. In general, everyone hides things for X reasons and then, we leave you with the most shocking confessions of the zodiac signs : 


“I don’t always know what I want, but I know how to hide it very well so that no one notices. I am afraid of taking risks and failing, I don’t like wasting time or disappointing people who have believed in me. Actually, criticism from my people affects me much more than criticism from strangers, because I want to live up to it and I don’t want to disappoint anyone”. 


“Out of pride, I have been able to not do many things that I really wanted to do. Out of pride, I have hurt myself more than others because I don’t like being told what to do. Pride has taken a lot of things from me, but I don’t like to admit it, because I don’t like to admit that pride kills me on some occasions”. 


“Lately, it is difficult for me to apologize, because, in reality, I have a lot of accumulated resentment. I know I have to be honest with my feelings, but I don’t want others to see me weak or to see me falter. I don’t want anyone to know what I feel or think, because that way I protect myself better. And if I don’t apologize, it’s because no one has asked me…”


“It bothers me a lot that people say that I am very fragile. Let’s see, does a fragile person go as far as I have? Well no. I’m not fragile, I’m sensitive and very emotional, but I don’t want to justify myself. You’re sick of having to justify my steps all the time. I am who I am, and whoever doesn’t like it, don’t look”.


“I know I have to bite my tongue sometimes, especially to avoid hurting X people’s feelings, but if I keep quiet, I EXPLODE. I can’t keep quiet, I mustn’t keep quiet, because people who go through life as victims kick me. I love everyone, but I have discovered that it is always me who is there and that cannot continue like this… ”


“I have a reputation for being a very organized person. And yes, I am, but when I feel like it. Everyone thinks I have to live in a perfect order routine all the time, but they’re wrong. I too can live in chaos and especially when it comes to love affairs. I would love for a lot of people to know the chaos I have in my heart sometimes.”


“False or hypocritical people exhaust me, I can no longer hide it. I have seen how some friends have become great strangers in a matter of months. Everyone comes to me to vent or to tell me their problems, and when they are well, they leave and forget to say thank you. I hope those people don’t wonder why I’m cold now…”


“The lack of love and kindness worries me more than the lack of money or material things. Deep down, I give more importance to love than to power, because love is everything. It is the main engine of our lives. I’m a Scorpio and I can’t live without love. I need to show everything I feel and share everything I have. I’m not the devil everyone thinks I am…”


“I love to travel and all those things, but at home, I am like nowhere. I’m actually quite a homebody, what happens is that I’m a restless back that I can’t be without doing anything. Then I regret it many times because I forget to rest and then it takes its toll on me. I have to learn to have more moments of rest.”


“My appearance can be very firm and direct, but in reality, I am a very little impulsive person. I eat my head a lot when I’m going to do something important to me. I am afraid of making a fool of myself or failing and disappointing someone. I think my people are going to stop talking to me and the world falls on me, but I don’t like to show this fear”.


“People think I’m a free soul who doesn’t care about anything in life and they’re wrong about one thing. Yes, I’m a free soul, that’s true, but I also care about everything that happens around me. It is a lie when they say that I am as cold as ice, I have more emotions than many apparently passionate people. No more no less”. 


I hate when my friends ask me for advice. I know they don’t want my advice, what they’re really looking for is someone to vent to and that’s it. Then they don’t listen to my advice and that disappoints me a lot. With these kinds of acts, they make it clear to me that all they want is to use me as a handkerchief to drop all their problems and that’s it.”

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