You can hurt her, but it will be temporary. She knows how to love, but she also knows how to love herself. And when you cross that line were to choose, you have to understand that you are losing. “ -JM Storm

She’s been playing this game with you for way too long and what you don’t realize is … she will be gone before you know and you will only blame yourself for it. One day you’re going to wake up thinking it’s a normal day before you realize … “Oh man, she’s gone”.

Sooner or later she will understand that her feelings and desires are important or maybe she already has.

You gave her nothing but breadcrumbs, dragged her along, even though she wasn’t ready to do anything. Keeping them on hold, never as a priority, simply as a backup plan or a second choice. She sees the good in you, deep in your bones.

In your soul Yet you keep pushing it away, confident that it won’t go away. But how do you feel when it really goes?

It doesn’t stay because it has to, it stays because it is interested in you. She is ready to fight for you and accepts the fact that there will be times when it gets tough. She continues to choose you even though she is only an option for you.

You know it’s easy to find someone to love. It’s not that easy to find someone who loves you. Everything about you.

She’s not looking for a romance novel, she just wants to be yours. She’s not looking for perfection because her eyes already see something damn similar. She doesn’t want anyone else, but waiting forever is not an option.

Take your time for them. Fight for them. Don’t exclude them. You should know by now that you won’t scare them off. Don’t ignore them. She wants to be yours and if you slip it through your fingers it will go away without looking back.

Make her yours or go away because it’s not fair to keep her waiting when you already know it will never happen.

One day she will break out of this stalemate and today could be that day.


She won't wait forever eventually she will go

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