Did you know that you are my first love? Did you know how much I wanted to surprise you on your birthday? Did you know how much I cried every night because you always ignore me? Did you know that I would give you everything?

Are you aware of that?

Do you know that I always talk to God about you before you sleep? I’m talking about you as if you were mine and I yours. Do you know that I always check your Facebook, Instagram … at bedtime to know how you feel today? Do you know that I’m waiting for you before I go to sleep?

Do you know that I love every detail about you?

Seeing your pictures makes me smile, but then I fall even more. Did you ever notice me? Have you ever seen that I have the potential to be your friend and not just “a friend”?

You ignored the girl who wanted to give you the world.

I’ve just realized that loving you is something out of the ordinary, something else.

It is really possible to love someone and to treat him at the same time, although he has nothing to give himself.

I hope you remember all the times when you pushed me away. I hope you remember a girl who really loved you. I hope you remember a girl who was addicted to your smile.

But thanks. Thank you for ignoring me.

Thank you for showing me that you have nothing to offer. Thank you for rejecting me. Thank you for helping me to see my value as a woman. Thank you for letting me find a man who loves me more than you.

Thank you, my former love.


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