Do not you see how hard she tries? Do not you see that you are everything she was hoping for? Do not you see that she cares so much about you? Any reasonable man would take her without having to think twice about it. And yet you are here and let them escape.

She knows she is not perfect, but she tries to be. She tries to be good for you with every single atom of her body, with all her heart and soul. She is restless and no matter how hard she hits your walls and rebounds, she will always choose to try again. And again. And again, until she finally succeeds.

The truth is that she is more than enough. It is more than any other before. And probably even more than anyone else who’s after her. But you’re too big an idiot to realize that.

So, do not you dare to tell her or others that she’s not good enough? Do not dare to destroy your self-confidence because of your inner demons or your insecurities.

Do not let a good girl lose you because of your fear of commitment. Do not let history be something you’ll regret most when you look at your past.

She only wants someone who loves her so much and can keep up with her efforts. And that’s it. Things are so easy with her. Why can not you be that easy with yourself?

She has fallen in love with you and can not hide it anymore. She would not want it anyway. She is the sort of girl who opens her heart and is not ashamed of it. She is not ashamed to have fallen in love with you. She is not ashamed to love you. But she’ll be ashamed to give you everything if you prove unworthy.

On the one hand, if she tries to do her best to be enough for you, even though she would probably be more than enough for everyone else, you’re out there fighting for a Guinness world record by making excuses. It’s not that she’s unworthy of you, you’re not worthy of her.

I pray that you do not get it to the point that there is no going back. So much so that she does not look at you the way she did. In which she stops talking about you with admiration. Where she stops visiting your social profiles. Where her eyes do not light up when you enter the room. If she stops getting butterflies in her stomach just because she thinks of you. Because if she stops all this, you will lose her forever.

You are afraid of dropping everything. You are afraid that you will miss too much if you only engage in a specific person. You are afraid of the expectations and the effort you need to invest in a relationship.

So it’s easier, right? Do not commit yourself, do not tie yourself to a specific person, have no one who expects anything from you. Moving from one person to another without ever losing your heart to someone because you are afraid someone might break it.

But all of this leads to waking up in an icy bed, feeling lonely, even in a crowded room, feeling cold inside, even when it’s 100 degrees outside.

Although you can not see that now, that’s the truth.

If you continue to only see her mistakes, she will get tired. If you continue to see her as someone who can not do anything right, or if you continue to focus on her imperfections, she will eventually see herself as someone who is not good enough for you. And she will go.

She will not go because she does not want to be with you. She will go because you will convince her about your behaviour that she is not good enough for you. She will go because she thinks she will make a place in your life for someone worthy of your love.

Before you mess up your two lives before you break them, stop for a second and think. Think about who has always fought for you. Think about who was there for you whenever you needed it. Think about who knows you better than you know yourself. All roads lead to her. You’re just too blind to see it now.

But eventually you will open your eyes. At some point you will see how valuable she is and how unique she was. I just hope it’s not too late.

For if you let her go, if you have convinced her that she is not good enough, she will carry this cross until her death. She will go through her life thinking that something is wrong with her. In fact, it is perfect, but it is easier for you to destroy them than to get up and face your demons.

Do not transfer your uncertainties to them. Do not let it fall so you can stay on the surface. She deserves more than that.

If you are not ready, let her go. Thank her for everything and send her away. Do not keep it at a distance, because that will kill you. Let her be happy with someone who knows she is perfect the way she is and does not look like she’s good enough.

Let her find her own happiness if you are not ready to take her. Because there will be someone who appreciates their efforts.

Let her find her own happiness if you are not ready to take her. Because there will be someone who appreciates their efforts and who will be able to make them a priority. She wants you to be, but to be honest, it does not necessarily have to be you. Sometimes God gives us the greatest gifts by not accepting our prayers.


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