She Does Not Need You Anymore Because You Taught Her To Be Alone

You are no longer his priority. Screw with. It’s your fault, anyway. 

You are not the person she can count on when she needs support. You are not the man she can call in the middle of the night if she can not sleep or is anxious.

You had ignored her and she was last on your list, which was devastating. Your behavior, your cold and indifferent side drove her away.

You taught him to never rely on you. You have made sure that she goes through every moment of her life, happy or unhappy, all alone. 

But you did not know that you were doing him a favor. You did not know that one day she will become so independent that she will wonder what she is doing with you.

Every phase of your relationship, every bump you’ve encountered on the road, she went through alone. 

The only people she could talk to were her friends. Do not be surprised if her friends count more than you.

You taught him that you will never be there. She was not even bothered by the fact that she could not come to see you or rely on your help or support. 

It has become so commonplace. At first, it hurt, but as and when to live the same thing again and again, she did not care. 

She knew that the only person she could count on was herself. 

You taught him that his voice was silent, like a nightmare. She could scream, but nothing came out. You never heard anything.

You did not want to hear anything. It was so much easier to ignore her and let her fend for herself.

You taught her that you did not care about her. With each imprudent gesture and indifferent look, you showed him how selfish you were. 

It is normal to love oneself. But usually, loving yourself allows you to love others more. But not in your case. You were too selfish. 

She will move on without you. It’s just a matter of time. You taught him to do projects alone.

You taught him to look ahead without you. You taught her to be independent, but you had no idea that she would end up excluding you from her life.

One day she will be sick of you. She will not hesitate to leave you. And you know what will happen? You’ll be left alone and unhappy, and she’ll know she’s missing you, but she will not care. It was you who learned it.

Do not be surprised if she does not try to contact you. Do not pretend you have not ignored it for as long as you were together. 

Do not be surprised if she does not want anything with you. You taught her to be selfish and think only of herself. That’s what you did every day. 

She always kept quiet and did everything you wanted. She always had to be careful not to get upset. She wanted you to be happy, and you did not care what she felt.

Do not be surprised if it changes. You taught him that you only have to take care of yourself. She knows now that it’s good to act like that. 

Do not be surprised if she turns to herself and becomes the person she was before meeting you. Just to warn you, you will not like it. 

She will open her eyes and see that you treat her less well than she deserves. She will gradually realize that all she has always been for you is a rescue plan. Slowly, she will realize that she was completely invisible in your relationship. 

Prepare to be hurt. Prepare for her to treat you the way you treated her.

She will look you in the eyes, and she will feel nothing. You will be like a stranger and no longer the person she was in love with. 

Do not be surprised when she leaves. Do not be surprised that she does not need you anymore because you have never tried to keep her.

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