Although this does not seem to be the case at first glance, the truth is that this girl is quite simple and easygoing.

She is simply aware of what she needs, wants, and expects, and she will not lie to you or to herself about it.

Of course, an immature man will find her too demanding. A bastard will find her too needy.

A manipulative jester will confuse his independence with egocentrism. A player will confuse his desire for commitment with despair.

Yes, a boy will find it too difficult . He will think that she is asking too much and that no man will ever be able to satisfy all his needs.

He will think that it has too high standards and that it breaks too easily.

That she plays hard to have just because she needs the attention of everyone and that she wants us to run after her.

However, none of this is true, and only a real man will have the ability to see it.

A true mature man will see this girl as a strong woman and aware of her worth; like a woman who knows what she wants and who refuses to be satisfied with less than she deserves.

He will see that deep inside her, behind all this hard outside, hides a vulnerable little girl.

That behind all this strength lies a girl who is afraid to expose her weaknesses. That behind this cold appearance hides a good and caring heart.

The truth is that this girl wants to be loved more than anything in the world. And more importantly, she wants to be certain of this love.

She does not need you to give her luxurious dinners, or to impress her with great romantic gestures.

She does not expect you to completely neglect your life simply because she is a part of it now or you forget who you were before meeting her.

She does not want you to change the essence of your personality just to match her standards or to become someone you are not just for her to love you more.

She does not need you to go against your principles or follow her blindly.

That said, another thing she does not need is doubting your intentions and questioning your emotions.

Instead, she wants someone who has entered her life with the intention of staying – a man who will give her a love she can count on, whatever happens.

You see, this girl does not intend to rack her brains to find out if you care about her and try to decode your conflicting signals.

She does not intend to waste her energy in a relationship without a future and for a man who does not take it seriously.

I know it may sound cliché, but the truth is that the only way to impress this girl is by small gestures.

You can do it by sending nice text messages for good morning and goodnight, remembering important dates, noticing when she did something with her hair.

Holding her hand and showing her that you are there when she needs you most. Wiping her tears and doing your best to make her smile.

You can do this by surprising her from time to time without special occasion, asking her questions about how her day went, taking care of her when she is sick, and just being there.

Yes, it’s as simple as that. I know you suppose that you have to move mountains to win the heart of this girl, but the truth is that she does not need big gestures.

What she needs is someone who will give as much as she does.

What she needs is a shoulder to lean on when she needs support, a pair of hands to grab her when she is about to fall, and arms to hold her. when she needs comfort.

What she needs is a heart that will love her, and a man who will not be afraid to show it.

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