She does not want to give you up, but you have proven that you are not worth your time. She is giving you more and more pieces, but you did not give her anything back. You have given her no reason to trust you, to believe in you. You only gave her reasons to run away.

She does not want to give you up, but you do not appreciate anything she did. When she first textes, you ignore her. When she invites you, you say no. If she gives you attention and affection, you are abusing her. Instead of being grateful for how well she treats you, you pretend to bother her with her kindness.

She does not want to give you up, but you’re starting to get more trouble than you’re worth. You bring more pain than joy. You make her doubt that she is beautiful enough, intelligent enough, good enough for you. You make her feel that she is doing something wrong, even though she’s been trying so hard to make you happy. Even if she can not do anything anymore.

She does not want to give you up, but you have no chance anymore. She made you mistake for mistakes without even thinking of leaving you. She has given you countless opportunities to put things in order with her, but you take her goodness for granted.

She has been more than fair to date, but she can not always give opportunities to someone who refuses to learn and grow.

She does not want to give you up, but let’s face it, you’re acting like an asshole. Sometimes you behave as if it were invisible. On other days you start meaningless drama. You do not live up to your expectations. You disappoint her again and again. She feels like the story keeps repeating and she just lets it happen. But she can not tolerate that anymore. She knows that now.

She does not want to give you up, but she feels she has no choice. One-sided love is not real love. She can not be the only person who makes an effort because the relationship will never continue. If you are not ready to invest energy in your relationship with her, then she will be better off without you. She is better off alone.

She does not want to give you up, but she has high standards. She knows she deserves better than the half-hearted love you gave her. She deserves someone who will actually try to see her, plan appointments, make her happy. Someone who does sweet things in his own way. Someone who appreciates everything she does for him.

She is attracted to you. She enjoys spending time with you. She does not want to give you up. But she feels like you’ve already given her up.


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