Selfcare according to the horoscope: what your zodiac sign should do for yourself now

Sometimes everything becomes too much. Worries, stress, problems. The body signals to us: I need a break – and quickly! For some years now, this has been described with the trendy term self-care, i.e. taking care of yourself. But what exactly is that supposed to be?

In fact, such a self-care program looks different from person to person and thus from the zodiac to the zodiac. Some cook, some watch Netflix, some treat themselves to a beauty treatment. The horoscope reveals how you can best relax and take care of yourself when everything gets too busy.

Self-care horoscope: how best to switch off your zodiac sign


You are always very busy and do not spend much time on things that you really enjoy. That is why it is important that you regularly plan time for yourself, more precisely: for your hobbies. Think about what you really enjoy and treat yourself to a little adventure in between.


For you, self-care means: relax. You just want to really let your mind wander and not think. You prefer to pamper yourself with classic wellness treatments: a spa day, an aroma massage or a few soothing hours in the sauna. And when there is a shortage of cash, a soothing bath in candlelight will do the trick.


You are constantly worried about what others assume of you. You should keep saying to yourself that not everyone can like you and that this fact is perfectly fine. If you nevertheless times overcome the doubts you powerst you best at the sport from. After that, you feel better and you are more with yourself again.


You care for others self-sacrificingly, but how you talk to yourself is often characterized by negative comments that pull you down. If you showed yourself as much understanding as you do with others, you would be much more relaxed and balanced. A date with yourself on which you cook a delicious dinner is a small thank you to you.


Hardly any zodiac sign has a busy schedule like you do. You love your social network and always try to have time for everyone. Saying no is a hurdle for you, but it is incredibly good for you. Only if you treat yourself to a quiet evening with Netflix and popcorn can you recharge your batteries to give your all at the next party?


Solving problems is your hobby, but sometimes you invest too much energy in other people’s crises. If you’re still on the phone with your girlfriend at three in the morning and brooding over her worries, it’s no wonder you’re exhausted the next day. The solution to this problem: sleep. Just switch off your cell phone at the weekend, pull the curtains and sleep well.


You are so concerned with what others expect from you and how you should behave, that you sometimes forget your own values ​​and desires. To find access to yourself again, it is best to lie down in the sun or in bed, put headphones on your ears and listen to your favorite music. This calms you down and brings you closer to yourself.


You actually know that you are the most important person in your life. So that you really internalize it, you can celebrate yourself. Best in the form of a shopping trip: Just buy something you don’t need but find nice and in which you feel comfortable. The effect lasts even longer if you wear the parts regularly.


When there is a lot going on in your life, you sometimes lose focus on yourself. What is good for you is listening to yourself and getting to know yourself better. The best way to do this is to write a diary regularly. In this way, you deal much more with the thoughts and feelings that do not necessarily come to light in stressful everyday life.


You live for your work and put all your energy into the job. So the only way to get down is the opposite: vacation. Best far away! This is the only way to force your head to switch off and not to think about strategies and meetings, but simply to enjoy. After that, you also have a lot more strength to tackle new tasks.


Your heart for other people and living beings is big. You like to help, you deal a lot with social problems and injustices and you often volunteer. You also carry an enormous burden, because you alone will not be able to save the entire world. In order to escape reality in between, you should sink into a good book, into fictional stories that take you to beautiful places.


You are not at the top of your priority list. Instead, you place family, friends and your partner above yourself and submit to yourself. But you are worth as much as the people you love! You should show yourself that too. Best with a detailed beauty program: masks, nail polish, hair treatment not only give you time for yourself but help you to internalize that you deserve the effort.


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