You are Scorpio and you want to know everything about astrological predictions of 2019. Our astrologer, Chris Semet, unveils what you have in 2019 in love, work, health. Discover your free horoscope 2019!
What will the stars ask you in 2019
You will have to go to others. Expand your friendly and relational horizons. Say yes to invitations and outings. Show yourself more sociable and outgoing. Be active and dynamic.

General climate
There is little chance that you will get bored in 2019. Your social or friendly life will be extremely rich and you will, in fact, be very much in demand. It will also be the perfect time to undertake, solicit, train and shake some of your habits.

Your key months
January will be conducive to exchanges. In March, move, travel or go on vacation. In June and July, broaden your horizons. In October, do yourself “violence”. Take action.

2019 will find you more lively and more enterprising. It will be a good time to improve your relations with your employees, professional meetings, discussions, negotiations and even meetings. For some, you will do some training. Others will have to move regularly.

From one end to the other of 2019, you will strive to manage your budget to the best of your ability. Some, cautious, will do their accounts with more regularity. Nothing will be left to chance.

Friendship & Love
You will have to meet new people. Your social or friendly life will expand over the months and it will enchant you. You will be filled with the gestures of friendship that you will be shown.

As a couple, you have to bet on fantasy. So, to spice up your life and shake up your habits, you’ll have to be creative and resourceful. Some will feel the need to give their relationship a more social dimension, which will encourage them to multiply outings and accept many invitations.

Single, this is not the year that great love will enter your life. Nevertheless, take advantage of 2019 to expand your relationship circle. Go to others. Meet new people Link new friendships, this will set the stage for a future love story.

You will enjoy beautiful energy that will accompany you all year. Some will even have the opportunity to gain in optimism, determination and resistance.

Closer to the stars
1st: you apprehend situations with more perspective and philosophy. You will be more Zen in the face of certain events. You will be more attentive to the needs of your organization.

2nd: A great year to move, to undertake, to improve your relationships with others, to multiply activities or hobbies, even to spice up your daily life.

3rd: 2019 will be an excellent time to negotiate and sign contracts, to free yourself from a situation or to gain independence. For some, you cover a beautiful dynamism.

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