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Love and Dating

The natives of the third decanate will be in a playful mood with their companion thanks to the influence of the Sun. You dream of a romantic and sensual evening. The other natives of the sign, however, have nothing to fear about love. Everything will happen in joy and good mood within the home. If you have been a couple for many years, however, try to arrange a dinner for one to one at least once a week or a romantic outing to solder your links and remind you why you love each other.

Health and Fitness

After a big drop in power, Mercury supports the natives of the third decanate, who go up the slope. Your shape is coming back little by little and that is clearly distinguishable. Your dynamism reappears, like the desire to go out and the motivation to move. You feel revived to the greatest relief of your loved ones. Continue on this upward slope with as much rigor and your physique will improve day by day. Soon, your slack will be a distant memory.

Work and Money

Unfortunately, this day is not coming under the best auspices and you will have to suffer the bad influx of Pluto who is about to enter the IV house. This position is not favorable to you and could have unintended consequences on your financial sphere. In order to limit this harmful influence, think carefully twice if you have expenses to perform and do not start headlong into a new project that may prove less profitable than expected.

Family and Friends

Your children are growing up, your friends are giving up your advice, you are suffering in some way from the empty nest syndrome. You need to take care of someone, need to justify your presence on earth. Uranus will be good advice to help you make sense of your life. Volunteer experience can help you feel good to others. The adoption of a pet would also bring you great joy, you who are intrinsically close to nature.

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