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Love and Dating

You risk experiencing a sentimental disappointment equal to the hopes you had in this relationship. Indeed, Mercury leaves home IV and darkens your astral climate, thus promoting the emergence of conflicts. It is not impossible that you learn a news that you liken to betrayal on the part of your partner. Try to take a step back so you do not let yourself be swayed by a deep sense of resentment that you may feel about it and regret it quickly.

Health and Fitness

Since your childhood, you can not stand the eyes of others on you. As a result, you have developed an allergy to group activities, especially if they are physical in nature. Yet your organization would need to strengthen a little, especially in terms of your humanitarian defenses. For starters, invest in home bodybuilding equipment. Little by little, a lot of tensions will be resolved and you will feel ready to share your exploits with other people.

Work and Money

The influence of Mars on your sign indicates that you have decided to embark on a crazy adventure. You finally apply for the job of your dreams by bashing and demonstrate your motivation. In the office, it’s the war to get the important file of the moment. You do not let go and fight against your colleagues to get this mission. You know how important your success is to your future in your company. Left to appear aggressive in the eyes of others, your determination remains flawless.

Family and Friends

If you are a parent, your children will be fine. They will bring you all the love and smiles you need for a pleasant day. If they report good results and their efforts are noticed by the teachers, congratulate them greatly. If you do not have children, you can not forever postpone the meeting with your friends. A cancellation may be misinterpreted. If the crowd does not tell you anything, invite them to your home. You will have fun do not doubt it.

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