There are people who are just hard to love. Be it because they can hardly show feelings or because they are simply complicated. The personality and the character play a big role and they are often dependent on the zodiac sign .

This is why these 5 zodiac signs are particularly difficult to love:


Capricorns find it extremely difficult to open up and trust others. With this zodiac, everything always has to go perfectly according to plan and everyday life is characterized by clear structures. That shows up in a relationship too. Capricorns find it extremely difficult to break out of their strict patterns. Trust and spontaneity are not necessarily one of his strengths; this can often unsettle a partner and lead to problems in the relationship.


Sagittarius is a free spirit. This zodiac sign does not want to commit itself and is guaranteed not to give up its independence. Anyone who wants to enter into a relationship with a Sagittarius will find it difficult to come up against their free spirit. His freedom is pretty important to him.


Virgo gets along pretty well on her own. She makes it particularly difficult for potential partners to become part of their lives. Virgos have a precise idea of ​​their everyday life, it is difficult for someone else to find a place. It is not always easy to win this zodiac sign for yourself. However, those who show stamina and really love Virgo have a good chance.


Aquarius, like Sagittarius, loves his freedom – and it is celebrated properly. Letting others get close to you is something that Aquarius absolutely does not suit. He likes to keep his surroundings at a distance and gives the impression that he is arrogant or that others are not good enough for him.


Scorpio is also one of the zodiac signs that are not necessarily easy to love. They hide their insides very well from others and are difficult to assess. The Scorpio is often rather distant, which means that others quickly get the feeling that they have no chance with him. It takes time to get to know this zodiac sign better. The Scorpio has to be able to trust you properly to reveal his feelings to you.