Relationship Rituals: 6 Ideas That Will Bring You Closer To Each Other

One of the best ways to cultivate romance and promote togetherness in your relationship is by following some relationship rituals. Regularly practising relationship rituals can bring the two of you closer together and keep the spark alive.

Being happy is one of the ultimate goals in life and in a relationship too. We are all united on this journey to a happy life and every person has their own formula, their own rituals to achieve happiness, filled with joie de vivre.

How can you enjoy all the wonders of being while sharing the path with your partner? Well, for starters, having a healthy relationship means having your needs met while you also meet your partner’s. Exchanging love and care is what maintains tenderness and unity between a couple, two things that are essential in any relationship or marriage.

We achieve this by showing our partner every day how special they are and how important they are in our life. By living a life filled with joy, by giving and receiving unconditional love, and by being intentional.

Be intentional in your relationships

Devotion is the key to most things in life. For example, one must meditate every day, not skipping a day, to get the full and wonderful benefit from it. Love is no different, it has to be cultivated every day. If meditation means making your soul a priority, then having love rituals means making your relationship a priority.

Studies show that rituals before performing certain tasks lead teams to work better together and like each other more. It can be something as simple as a series of rhythmic footsteps and clapping or sending love letters monthly even though you live together. It’s important to find something that resonates with both of you.

It can be a special day that you celebrate each month with simple love memories or by preparing their favourite breakfast. Or even something that you plan ahead and have great expectations for. It doesn’t matter how it is demonstrated, how big or small. What matters is the intentions involved and the desire to do something special for the one you love.

The importance of routines in the relationship

Our daily lives can be overwhelming at times and lead us away from the present, which makes it easy not to be mindful of our lives and our partners. That is why a ritual is so important. By creating the habit of doing something, in this case rituals of love, it becomes part of your daily “to-do” list and it is no longer a weird thing that requires extreme planning or massive amounts of energy.

It can be something as simple as bringing your partner a cup of coffee with a good morning note, or making the bed with messages on the pillow if you won’t see each other during the day. This strengthens the bond and creates special little moments that only you and your partner share. You then create personal involvement, which is critical to realizing the benefits of rituals.

Some ideas for rituals

1. Morning meditation.

Meditation has great benefits for the body and mind. When you do them with your partner, you get all of these benefits plus the endorphins of love, which makes it a great combination. If you have no practice in meditation, you can try guided meditations on apps like Lojong or Calm.

Make this your morning ritual for a great start to the day. Another way to spend time together is to do some moving meditation, such as a walk or a bike ride at the beginning or end of the day.

2. Plan surprise dates.

Forget the usual movie nights or dinners, it’s time to get creative! You can alternately schedule weekly or monthly dates. If you don’t have time or need help, sign up for the Date of the Month Club, where you will receive 2 new date ideas every month.

Leave all the research and planning to the experts. This is a great way to ensure that you and your partner have a unique experience every month.

3. Read together.

Is there a book you both like? You may read a passage from it every day. When I was separated from my boyfriend, he read me the book of Awakening by Mark Nepo in the morning. It’s a great way to find topics that appeal to both of you and a great conversation piece too.

4. Cook together.

Do you want to try a new recipe? Create a monthly or weekly activity to cook new dishes with your partner. By sharing the tasks, you can prepare a delicious meal together and have your own gastronomic ritual.

5. Monthly relationship check-in.

How can you know how your relationship is going if you don’t ask? It is highly recommended that you do a monthly relationship check-in. You can create your own questions or use the ones we created here.

6. Undivided attention.

So much is fighting for our attention these days. There are distractions everywhere. Turning off your phone and all electronic devices for at least 15 minutes a day can be a great way to connect and connect with each other. Some of our customers have complained about their partner being on the phone all the time, causing them to lose their sense of connection.

Putting the phone to bed an hour before bed is another great way to connect with your partner. You may also want to leave your phone at home or in the car when you go to dinner so that you are not tempted to pick it up. That one ritual will make an amazing difference in your relationship.

Bonus date idea

Speaking of undivided attention, what if you could spend a whole day without electronics? No social media, news, internet, or cell phones for 24 hours. The thought of it might be terrifying or even unthinkable to some, but the results are so rewarding.

This could be a ritual that you do once a month. It may be challenging at first, but you can think about what you can do without these things in advance. Maybe you put down a jar of ideas for things you can do without electricity. You know … old fashioned fun with no tech!

Find something that resonates with both of you

For us, the ritual of celebrating the anniversary of the day we met on April 14th began right from the start. We celebrate this special day not just once a year, but monthly as a reminder of the importance of our meeting. Sometimes we just say “Happy Anniversary” while exchanging cards and sometimes small gifts.

When one of us travels, we leave a kind of love letter for the other. A ritual can be something as simple as bringing your partner a cup of coffee in the morning or making the bed because you know they care.

There are many ways to create relationship rituals and we hope that you will try some of the ones mentioned here to help you build an even closer bond and relationship with your partner.

These relationship rituals can help you both a lot in keeping the spark in your relationship alive and in building a closer bond with one another. By following and practising these rituals, you can build stronger and better relationships in the long run.


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