Sometimes it is very difficult to forgive. For some of us, this is not always easy, but it is necessary if you want to free yourself from the feeling of pain that you have held in yourself for too long.

When someone hurts you, it becomes difficult for that person to trust and even love him again. But if you want to be free, why not choose forgiveness? It’s worth a try.

Sometimes people who hurt us say or do things that seem unforgivable, but if you want to move on in life, you need to forgive. Many years ago I had good friends who ended up betraying me. They did various things that hurt and humiliated me, and it seems they did not regret it at all. And I appreciated friendship and wanted to preserve it. Naturally, this was impossible. Looking at the situation from the outside, I thought: Why are we friends? Why do we stay friends for so long? How could they do this to me? And I decided that I no longer need such a friendship.

At first I was annoyed and angry with any message from one of those friends. I quarreled, sorted out the relationship. And then it dawned on me: you just need to forgive. I’m not perfect and I make mistakes too. You need to put yourself in their place. Wouldn’t I want to be forgiven?

Forgiving your friends was a decision. And this decision is, first of all, for my sake, for the sake of my peace of mind.

The decision to forgive, no matter who hurts you, doesn’t have to renew the relationship with that person. It may not be safe to communicate with him again. In any case, you must protect your space and your boundaries. But you also have to free yourself from grievances and live freely!


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