1. Scorpio

You are very businesslike, gloomy and serious, like a nuclear war. As soon as you enter a room full of people, conversations, and music subside, and there is tension in the air. Even when you try to be funny, your face does not express any feelings. Try to smile somehow, you might like it.

  1. Capricorn

Sometimes it is more fun to carry bags of cement than to communicate with you. You feel all the universal gravity on your shoulders. You have fun as if you just parted with the love of your life. You cry while watching comedies, tragedies … you basically cry a lot. Cheer up and let yourself laugh heartily.

  1. Virgo

You are shrouded in darkness and mystery because you constantly exert excessive pressure on yourself. Yes, many people depend on you, and life is often difficult, cruel, and unjust. But aw can not imagine that even more aggravated the harsh reality. Take a couple of days of vacation, take a rest, gain new strength and impressions, and smile radiantly.

  1. Taurus

Why do you need so much seriousness? You are well planning a war, not a party. Just staying close, you sober up even the drunkest person. Relax and take life easier, and you will see that people are sincerely glad to see you.

  1. Leo

You hesitate between seriousness and stupidity. You become severely serious – pay your bills, plan for the future, learn new skills, and then embark on all the burdensome, losing your job, being evicted from an apartment, to be serious about life again.

  1. Cancer

You are intelligent. You calmly treat both serious things and stupid. If a friend got into a car accident, it’s time to be serious. But, if he was not injured in an accident, the insurance covered the damage in full, and he fell in love with the girl he encountered, why don’t you have some fun with all your heart?

  1. Libra

You keep the balance between seriousness and stupidity. Sometimes you are violent and grumpy, and sometimes you are easy-going and cute. It depends on your mood and the weather outside the window. If your strict boss comes to your department, you are over-serious. The rest of the time you are very friendly, loving, cheerful, and attractive.

  1. Pisces

You are serious for a week and foolish on weekends. On weekdays, you look at the monitor screen with a smart look, and on weekends you come off to the fullest. You work hard to rest to the fullest. And you really deserve it.

  1. Aquarius

You have serious goals, but you do not let them burden you. Yes, you understand that life is not easy, but this fact does not prevent you from having fun with your friends. You are funny, optimistic, cheerful, and giving a positive to others. Nine times out of ten, you’re a ball of fun.

  1. Gemini

Two different natures are combined in you, and therefore you are sometimes sad, but most of the time you are carefree, cheerful, and playful. You can be very relaxed and walk down the street in your pajamas to argue, bring a bottle of whiskey to the disco, dance all night and leave the club in the morning with fifteen new suitors.

  1. Aries

The party begins when you arrive at it and ends when you leave. You are an icebreaker, not an ice maker. You are a lover, not a fighter. You are a clown, not a pretender. When in the company of boring, they always call you to liven up the conversation and embark on an adventure.

  1. Sagittarius

You are just a walking positive and you cannot be in a bad mood next to you. You bring rainbow and sunshine, glitter and confetti, wherever you are. You are also very spontaneous if you get wet, go to the toilet, and dry all things with a hand dryer. You cannot stay serious for a long time. Keep it up!



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