Libra, you show the social from head to toe, you really don’t need to prove anything to anyone, because your creative side speaks for you. A born artist lives in your soul and it makes you leave beautiful footprints wherever you walk. You are a being full of energy, you like to smile at life, even when it becomes too heavy. You know it’s about ups and downs, so you’re not going to get addicted to anything or anyone. Age is not something you worry about, as long as you are healthy it is more than enough. You are thanking your body for not letting go and allowing you to keep dancing and having fun. Health!


Undoubtedly, you have no problem modifying your dance moves, if you need to practice for softer music, you will. Or maybe not, because you like to defy convention and don’t mind becoming the grandpa or grandma who decides to dye their hair a color or put on their favorite youthful shirt. You are Sagittarius, you were born to live in the moment and you have a lot to say to your grandchildren. You want to feel alive and a little adrenaline won’t hurt anyone. The nursing home does not scare you at all, let them be scared because you will have plenty of free time to do crazy things.


Did someone say party? Gemini doesn’t care if he knows the guests or not, luckily he is one of the smartest signs and his topics of conversation are endless. Also, you like to experience new rhythms, maybe your feet aren’t the most obedient, but with a few more drinks you let yourself go. Your jokes are timely because you don’t need to judge anyone to have fun. You are the kind of person who would become the star of the asylum with minimal effort because you win people’s affection quickly and without having to be fake, just show your smile and help when you are born from the heart . It’s the partying Gemini you fall in love with.


Enjoying this life is one! Scorpio, you are not going to be pitied simply because your body is no longer the same and the lines of expression are already beginning to invade it. On the contrary, be grateful for the opportunity to continue to enjoy it and it will be so until the last breath. His personality is lighthearted, at first he may have a mean face, but once he relaxes, he becomes the person who will steal the laughs after the others. The truth is that honesty and directness will never be suppressed. Scorpio wants to live as if the risks don’t exist and has no intention of wanting anything, no matter how crazy the idea that crosses their mind is.


Don’t get carried away by what people say, because Virgo has a very charming side, but don’t think they will show their best side to anyone. It’s very special, people even say rude, but that’s the way it is. Only those who manage to conquer their sense of humor can enjoy being the most sarcastic being in the world. He has an anecdote for every situation and the way he tells you the events is fascinating. Virgo is not afraid to show their essence and if someone is bothered by their brightness, then use the best lenses you can find, because they have no intention of changing for anyone. Not even to follow the asylum rules.


Your sense of humor is very simple, you don’t think about it much and that’s what relaxed you every time you enjoyed something. Time disappears, you enjoy your impulses and nothing else. Yes, you have regretted countless things, but you prefer that to wondering what would have happened. You can tell when something excites you in your every move. If you laugh, you laugh out loud and if you cry too. You allow yourself to feel above it all and that is priceless. Nothing of the material dazzles you, because you are left with only what makes the soul vibrate and this will be the case until old age.


A toast to all those crazy things Leo has been through, but he decides to shut up. For the times his heart was racing and the adrenaline made his skin crawl. They are a sign that have fun without asking anyone’s permission, they like to mark the line, because they are used to being the one who takes the reins of everything. Sometimes it might seem too far-fetched, but you don’t care about people’s opinions. As long as you trust its brightness, it’s more than enough to enjoy the moment. Their stories are unique, they break expectations because the outcome isn’t always well received, but it keeps them on their toes and Leo enjoys having the audience’s attention.


Pisces cannot be absent from the party. It is he who adds this tender touch to the material. It is always a great relief to have your opinion, because there is no prejudice in this and what you are looking for is to find harmony in everything. It’s good for listening, but also for telling stories, it’s entertaining to immerse yourself in everything he says. It’s a sign that gets carried away, doesn’t pay attention to superficialities and inspires confidence, even when you don’t know people well. You don’t even realize when you start laughing out loud. It’s always good to have a Pisces by your side, and of course, in the asylum he will be a centerpiece.


A very particular sense of humour… It’s clear that Taurus doesn’t waste time with people who don’t meet their expectations. The moment you get carried away is because you really like the site and the company. It’s simple, if you were to meet the serious version of a Taurus, it’s because you really don’t know them, they’re just trying to be polite to you for some reason. It’s a sign that takes time, you have to be patient so that he can give you what he has in his heart. This corner is where they live out their urge to party until dawn. He may not be the best at telling jokes, but he has fun listening to them. Your serenity is essential to the asylum.


Come on, it’s not that you’re boring, far from it. It’s just that your capacity for self-criticism surpasses everything. You’re a very relaxed sign when you think about it, but you don’t neglect your responsibilities either. Maybe for some your attitude is very cutting, but you prefer to laugh with a few, those friends that you know to be genuine and that you don’t have to explain anything to them, because they know you well. You like things straight, and if someone isn’t ready to face the truth, they better not even party with you. It is part of your essence and it will be until your last day in the asylum.


Capricorn is the sign that proves the lion is not as they paint it. Behind his disciplined, dedicated, and passionate personality is a fun-loving person who all he wants is to have a good time and forget his sorrows with a few drinks. He is the one who likes good music, singing is what he likes the most, but already confident he shows his best steps. Although he doesn’t spend his life smiling with everyone. In fact, you need to feel safe to let your imagination run wild and do things that fill your soul. It’s not boring, just that you don’t lose your sanity and enjoy it unhurriedly. You don’t have to be out every weekend to show you appreciate the moment.


Finally, we have the sign that will be the smartest in the whole asylum. The one who might not stay all night at the party, but who wouldn’t mind having a nice glass of their favorite drink while sharing some of their worries and hopes. Aquarius is not someone who goes through life like an open book, on the contrary, to share some of its pages he needs to know you in depth and even if he does, he is very selective with what he says and what he does not say. His personality is the one who breaks with everything, he is not there to follow the pack, he is the leader and this helps him to always have news that dazzles the rest. He’s a master, but he doesn’t need to brag, just having a conversation is enough for you to notice.


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