Whether it is practiced alone or with others, whether it requires concentration or endurance, the sport allows everyone who practices it to feel good. But because we are all different, we do not all have the same vision of sport. Some see sport as a way to decompress, others to exist, or to have fun. Be that as it may, some people are more adept than others. Discover our ranking astrological signs from more to fewer sports!

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1. The Aries: the most athletic

Action sign par excellence, Aries is reputed to be the sportiest of the Zodiac. With him, you need movement, adrenaline, and a competitive spirit. It’s simple, he is attracted by all sports, as long as it moves!

2. The Leo:

The true force of nature, the sign of Leo excels in sports activities. But what stimulates him the most in the sport is the challenge. He wants to be the best and win all the competitions. In short, he is a sportsman who hates to lose!

3. Sagittarius:

His reputation is not to be redone, Sagittarius is the adventurer of the Zodiac. Of course, sport is an integral part of his life. Because he does not keep up, he practices a lot of physical activities, whether solo or in a team!

4. The Scorpion:

Due to his physical condition, his reckless temperament, and his steel mind, Scorpion is an excellent sportsman. Through his activities, he seeks above all to surpass himself. And when he has to face an opponent, he is ready to do anything to defeat him sometimes leaves to go beyond its limits!

5. The Virgo:

Although she is not addicted to the sport, the Virgin still does some physical activities to keep fit. It is rather attracted by precision sports that require concentration and control such as golf, fencing, or archery!

6. The Gemini:

Although he prefers to stimulate his intellect rather than his physique, Gemini enjoys playing sports to clear his head. Speed ​​sports may suit him even if Gemini tends to get tired quickly and change activities frequently.

7. Cancer:

Of a dreamy nature, Cancer appreciates sport when he practices it alone. He does not do much because he prefers to stay at home in his cocoon. But in a good sign of water, the Cancer explodes in the nautical activities such as swimming, surfing or even scuba diving!

8. Taurus:

Taurus aspires to tranquillity. Naturally, he prefers moments of relaxation to intense activities. Result? He does very little sport and tends to stay at home to tinker or garden. On the other hand, he is the first to want to walk in the countryside on weekends!

9. The Pisces:

Of a dreamy and solitary nature, the Fish does not see the sport as a passion or a necessity. He prefers artistic fields like music or art. On the other hand, when he practices a sports activity, it is one of the few astrological signs that easily accept defeat.

10. Aquarius:

Aquarius sees sport as fun and not a physical activity. In any case, he has better things to do. But this does not prevent him from wanting to try original practices such as circus, pole dance, or skydiving! Anyway, he does not have sportsmanship!

11. Libra:

Unless shopping is considered a sport, Libra is one of the least sporty astrological signs. Sweat and get excited? Very little for this refined sign! The only reason that a native of Libra could push to play sports would be to take care of his body!

12. Capricorn: the least sporty

The golden palm of the least sporting astrological sign goes to Capricorn! However, this is not a lazy astrological sign (quite the contrary). In reality, Capricorn sees sport as a waste of time. He prefers to work on his neurons than to inflate his muscles! His favorite activities? Reading or sports that require rigor and concentration like chess!



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