Ranking Of Those Who Prefer To Be The Woman They Miss Than The Woman They Cheat

The Woman They Cheat

Ranking Of Those Who Prefer To Be The Woman They Miss Than The Woman They Cheat

They no longer want promises, fake tears, or to hear that they are supposedly lovedThere are women of the zodiac who have gotten tired, they will not allow them to break their hearts again with infidelity. They didn’t turn bad, now they are aware of their value and they won’t be anyone’s second choice. No matter how hard they try to disguise it. This is the ranking of those who prefer to be the woman they miss than to be the one they cheat on:

1.- Gemini 

Don’t get carried away by what you see on the outside. Gemini is pretty, cuddly, and friendly, but that doesn’t mean she’s waiting with open arms for you to come along and rock her world like she doesn’t have a heart. She knows when something is not going to work, she is much more intelligent than intuitive, please don’t try to see her face. She is valuable and funny, she has no reason to stay next to such cruel people. She doesn’t care if you miss her, what she doesn’t want is for you to hurt her. 

2.- Sagittarius 

It’s hard to imagine that Sagittarius is going to allow someone unfaithful to stay by their side because what they hate most is being second on the list. The problem is not with the third person, he is not going to lose class for fighting for love. She has her goals very clear and knows what he doesn’t want in his life. She is impatient, don’t test her because at any moment she disappears. Sagittarius is no longer there to deal with people who live by promising the Moon and the stars when she doesn’t even have the emotional intelligence to respect a commitment. 

3.- Pisces 

Pisces is probably the kindest woman you will meet in your life. She likes to be cautious in everything because, unlike the rest of the people, she does take into account the feelings of others. She is a very dreamy and loyal woman, when she is with someone she gives herself in a very passionate way because she naively trusts that she will be reciprocated. The bad thing is when she realizes that she’s not like that, that’s when she has to turn the page because she doesn’t think of staying next to someone who sees her crying and she doesn’t even give him cloth to get cleaned up Those bad loves are no longer welcome. 

4.- Aries 

Never underestimate an Aries woman after infidelity, because it is not because she is hurt, it is just that she realizes that it is not fair that she spends her time imploring the love of someone who is worth so little. She is very determined, it doesn’t matter if when she decides to leave tears flood her eyes, she clings to whatever and gets up again in the midst of pain. Aries does not give up, she is not going to allow such an unrealistic love to be the reason for her misfortune. Fortunately, she has her pants on right and when it comes to persevering, no one beats her. The unfaithful can rest easy because Aries will erase every last trace she left. 

5.- Libra 

Make no mistake, my heart, the fact that Libra is indecisive by nature is not synonymous with the fact that you will be able to come into her life and hurt her as many times as you want. She is not willing to become the refuge of someone who does not know how to love. She won’t be the woman who doubles down just to see you cry or promise you’ll change. She has lived this story in the past and she has learned that staying with a partner like this will only damage her mental, emotional, and physical stability. Libra, knows that her soul is so beautiful that she deserves someone to truly comfort her. A love of those who embrace and do not judge. She is for big loves, not leftovers. 

6. Virgo 

Virgo’s patience is one of the most valuable lessons you can learn by being by their side. The moment she decides to say goodbye to love, nothing makes her regret it anymore. It may not be from one day to the next, but the plan is already there and when she sets her mind to something, she complies without fear. She is very strict with her relationships and she doesn’t intend to continue dirtying her emotions with people who only steal her energy. She is the woman who is not there to compete with anyone, if you want to leave, go. Virgo knows her worth and also recognizes her resilient side of her. Worse tests of her have been put by her life and she has moved on. Undoubtedly, infidelity will not be the exception. 

7.- Cancer

Yes, Cancer, she is the woman who, when she falls in love, has no eyes for anyone else. The one who keeps many things so as not to hurt. She is understanding, the one that she can’t help but see you with all the goodness that is in her heart. She is a whirlwind of emotions, which when they are positive gives you back the air you need to feel alive. Her love is brave and intense, she hates loving halfway and that is the reason why she is not going to forgive you for infidelity. She likes exclusivity and love that cannot fulfill a simple commitment, the only thing that causes her is laziness. You have no idea how handy she is at removing toxicity from her life. Bye bye! 

8.- Aquarius  

Few people manage to awaken the stubborn side of an Aquarius woman, because she is generally very neutral. She is a very reserved woman. If she tells you that she loves you, do not hesitate because it is the most genuine thing that comes out of her mouth. However, don’t you dare make fun of her emotions by going to look for another love, because there you will also know how cold she can be? Aquarius, loves her loneliness, if she decides to be with someone it’s because that person really makes her heart race, but it’s not like she forgives infidelity. With sorrow, but go your way, in hers, there is no more space. 

9.- Leo

You don’t have the slightest idea what it means for a Leo woman to give you her heart. She is extremely selective, if she is with you it’s because she really wants to build something for the future, she focuses on the relationship and she doesn’t think about wasting time on nonsense. She is very faithful, perhaps the unfaithful noticed it from the beginning and thought that because of her intensity when it came to giving herself up, she would forgive him and they would be happy forever. Not at all, that’s not the story Leo dreamed of, she doesn’t intend to get entangled with so little. She is here to be loved, respected, and heard. Her goal is not to cry every night or go through her partner’s things because she suspects she is with someone else. I’m sorry, but things don’t work like that with Leo. 

10.- Scorpio 

Blessed be all that intensity that runs through your skin from head to toe because you don’t sit idly by when infidelity becomes part of your love life. But, make no mistake, it does not mean that Scorpio is going to lose his dignity for going to defend a love that did not have the courage to respect their relationship. He’s just going to take you out of his life in the blink of an eye. Yes, he may writhe in pain, and crying become his companion for a couple of days, but he’s going to uproot you. He no longer wants to see your photos, your letters, your messages, he wants you to disappear and it will be forever. Don’t try to beg, you’ll just waste your time. 

11.- Taurus 

Do you know what you did? You messed with the woman who trusts her abilities, the one who knows she doesn’t need anyone to see her dreams come true. She is hardworking, meticulous, and intelligent. When she realizes they are seeing her face, she comes to a quick stop. She already doesn’t care about all the explanations you have planned, she’s not willing to listen to any of them. Taurus is compassionate, but with people she deserves it. An infidel does not deserve even half of her respect, on the contrary, she wants him to leave her life as soon as possible and not ask her for anything again. Not even the apologies, that she keeps them for him, with her own love for her is more than enough. 

12.- Capricorn 

What surprises you? It is absurd that you expect Capricorn to look down and then smile as if nothing had happened after you ended up in other arms. From the beginning of a relationship, she is very clear, she is not satisfied with anything halfway, much less with the idea of ​​being part of something so low. Honestly, she doesn’t care if you miss her or not, what she doesn’t want is to become your guinea pig. Rest assured that this is over and that even if he has to fight with the foolish part of his heart, he will not give in to any request. Once Capricorn puts an end to it, it’s not a game, his emotions are sacred. 

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