Ranking Of The Sticky Brides Of The Zodiac

Ranking Of The Sticky Brides Of The Zodiac

In relationships, as in life in general, there are people who need to be on top of each other all the time, out of fear, because they need more love or more affection, or simply because they don’t conceive of relationships in any other way. And there are those who are more detached, more independent, more detached… And they won’t love you less for that, huh. Here we focus on them, and this is the ranking of the most clingy girlfriends according to their zodiac sign :

1. Cancer

Obviously, Cancer had to be at the top of this list, and it is not for less. When he falls in love, he gives everything, he is attentive, he is detailed and he loves to show his partner that he will always, always, be there. In addition, she is affectionate, she loves affection. Surely he holds your hand while you watch a movie, or rests his head on your shoulder. Over time she may become a little more surly but there will always be a detail, something that makes you remember why you are still in love with her.

2. Taurus

Tauruses are the kind of brides who will go to great lengths not to appear too clingy, especially at first. But deep down, they are, and a lot. They love cuddles, lying on the sofa snuggly with their partner while watching a movie, or making a million plans together. It is true that at times he can hold back and not write you a message because he is waiting for you to take the first step, but that does not mean that he is not wanting to do it. At the beginning of the relationship, it will cost her a little more but as soon as she gains confidence, she will become super loving. And also sticky. And she loves it.

3. Libra

When she has a partner and LOVES that partner, Libra loves to show all her love at any time. She will upload photos of her to her stories, of kisses, hugs, cuddles, games, laughter, travel… All in the company of her partner. And don’t think it’s posture, Libra is sticky and when she’s good, she can’t stop touching and feeling that physical contact with the person who occupies her heart. She is one of those who disappear if she leaves her singleness behind. And she only thinks of that person…

4. Pisces

Pisces is a very emotional sign, they love to do things with their partner and it is true that when they find that person it is as if they merged with them as if they trapped them in some way. Also, since she too can be a bit jealous, she prefers to mark her territory, even if only subtly. Obviously, nobody belongs to anyone but Pisces wants the whole world to know who her partner is. Just in case… When she is truly in love she loves to show it off to friends and family. She wants the world to know, that SHE’S IN LOVE!

5. Leo

When Leo falls in love she can become super absorbing. And she sees that she is independent… But in love, things are different. They are super detailed, always showering their partner with nice details such as a getaway, or a reservation at the best restaurant in the city. In the end, Leo is a person who treats others as she would like to be treated. And much more if you are her partner. Although she has her work and her life outside of you, love for Leo is her main fuel and what makes her really happy, for that reason, she will be more on top than other signs. In the end, we have to take care of what we want, right?

6. Gemini

Although everyone knows that Geminis come and go and don’t stay in one place for long, things change with people. And with love, even more. She may wake up on the wrong foot some days and be more surly than anyone, but it will not be normal, especially when she is in love with her. Moreover, even she herself will be surprised at times. She will need more hugs and pampering, more affection… And even on the days when she is a little more detached, she will miss some kind of connection, even if it is only mental. With Gemini, there will be everything, independent days and sticky days, and you will have to learn to understand how her mind works.

7. Capricorn

It is true that Capricorn can surprise, and a lot. If you already know this sign, it may seem a bit hostile at first, as too stubborn, organized, and with certain quirks. But when he falls in love, everything changes a lot, and even more so if the one who falls in love is HER.

Capri is not the clingiest in the world but maybe because she often tries to control herself. She likes details but she doesn’t always dare. She is always thinking that if she gives too much, in the end, she can lose out. And not because they give her less but because she ends up looking more vulnerable. This is Capri, surely if she behaved as if she is 100% without filters or limitations, she could give much more. But you have to be careful. She prefers it.

8. Sagittarius

Sagi is not clingy, not at all, but that does not mean that she is a person who passes from love and affection. She needs affection but she is one of those who prefer to do it alone, in her intimacy. She doesn’t need to brag or tell everyone how great she is with her partner. If Sagi chose you, even if she doesn’t brag about you as much as she would like, feel lucky, she loves you for sure. In addition, she also thinks that because she uploads more photos, she will not love you more. What matters is the connection you have with her. That intimate connection that she values ​​so much.

9. Scorpio

It’s rare for someone to accuse the Scorpio bride of being clingy. Not at all, she is more, many times she even seems a bit dry in that sense. She needs her timing, her trust, and most of all, no force. When she wants to brag about you and your relationship, she will. But everything at her time. And besides, it will be at the moment when you least expect it for sure. This is how Scorpio works, she always does what comes out of her soul but she has nothing to prove to anyone. Maybe at some point, you have to remind her that it is also good to get her feelings out and talk about what she feels. Beneath that shell, there is a lot, a lot.

10. Aquarius

Ok, Aquarius is super independent, even emotionally detached, but perhaps because those people who may think that about her have not known her thoroughly or have not had that special connection. Aquarius is very much an Aquarius, and her bonds are tremendously intense. The problem is that she feels that with very few people and that is why she is branded as selfless. The Aquarius girlfriend is true that she will not demonstrate publicly everything that she will demonstrate in private but she has fire, intensity, and passion. Of course, expect it when you least expect it. That’s the magic of it.

11. Aries

As a general rule, Aries is a super independent person, always looking for life, reaching the top by will and effort… They don’t want to feel tied down and many times they don’t give their all for fear of losing that freedom, that independence. They want to do what they want at all times and the truth is that they don’t always feel like explaining themselves to anyone. Not even your partner. Not even so I know she got home safe. And that is sometimes the problem, sometimes it happens and it can worry the people who love it. In her favor, it must be said that when she falls blindly in love, she is able to curb her crazy and unbridled lifestyle a bit.

12. Virgo

Although Virgo is a very dedicated person, perhaps he can be one of the most independent. He gives a lot, he has details, and he is always “there”. But when he disappears or is on other things, believe me, he forgets everything. He knows how to be at all times, he is very responsible and is not the typical person who is sending messages or saying everything he wants to his partner at all hours. Yes, of course, she says it, but at the right time and in the right place. And point. They will change their behavior if the other person asks them to because they need it. But only when she needs it. They are not fake. Nor can they ever be. You will have to accept her as she is if you want to be with her.


Ranking Of The Sticky Brides Of The Zodiac

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