Ranking Of The Signs That Use Their Qualities As Power

There are souls who cannot help it, you can see the power in their eyes, they are the same ones that one day ended up crying in a corner, but they embraced their pain and promised not to fall again. There are signs that use their qualities to their advantage, they  have been the secret of their success. They are the ones who decide to take control, the ones who know that it is they who must write the story and that they do not even accept a narrator. This is the ranking of the signs that use their qualities as power:

1.- Libra 

It is no coincidence that Libra is at the beginning of the ranking of the signs that use their qualities as power , it is a sign that exudes harmony in every step. Who decides to put righteousness first. Libra has Venus in its favor, the planet that honors beauty and love. That’s why it’s a charm, why it’s pure compassion. There are those who call him the peacemaker of the kingdoms. And it is that his qualities stand out among the rest, he is the one who listens to you, supports you and does not judge you. Libra was born to be a leader, he does not want attention, he wants his own to be happy and that his heart does not get tired of fighting.

2.- Virgo 

In the ranking of the signs that use their qualities as power, Virgo occupies the second position. An Earth sign, the one that most know as a meticulous and perfectionist being. Virgo is a cluster of thoughts, never stops. It is your mind that plans, that analyzes, remember that it is Mercury who guides your steps, so it represents the experience. Virgo has the gift of paying attention to small details , which is why he is so efficient in everything he does. Let’s say you are old school, you prefer quality a thousand times over quantity. Virgo is the type of person who is serious about everything and that is why things turn out so well.

3.- Aries 

Without a doubt, Aries had to be in the first places. Fire is the one who guides them, they are so intense that they caress anger, they are not afraid of risks. And of course, if it is Mars, the god of war, who accompanies you at every step. Aries is passionate and that helps you to have determination in everything you do. He’s furious, but he’s also cautious. When an idea comes into his head, he is the god of stubbornness. Aries is the one who leads the pack, he is always ready to go for more. That is why he breaks with the conventional and shows the world what he is made of.

4.- Taurus 

They call him a fool, because when the Bull gets angry he knows no limits. Despite being so stubborn, he is ruled by Venus and that adds a sweet touch to his character, the perfect combination to achieve his dreams. Taurus is a bit proud when setting goals, he really does everything in a deep way . In addition, it is very spontaneous, it does not want to do anything and although they are serious, they like to enjoy themselves. Taurus always puts the logical part ahead, it is an Earth sign, so its cold part keeps it with its feet in reality.

5.- Cancer 

Charming, beautiful and emotional. Cancer is the one who walks at the pace of the Moon, has a soul of those that soothe, of those that remind you of your home. They are emotional, but when they propose something they do it. And it is that the intensity is also something that describes them. Cancer is unconditional, that is why it gains the admiration and trust of those around it, it has the exact medicine to heal the rest . Although it can break many times, there is such a resilient part in your heart that it helps you keep going no matter the storm. Cancer dances in the storm.

6.- Capricorn 

Capricorn is the one who longs for everything to be in its place, in every way. He is the one who does not give up, who looks for a way to be efficient, delivered and who is not afraid to work hard. The reason why its qualities become its power is because it is quite analytical. He has the gift of saying the words at the right time, which is why he often succeeds. Capricorn knows what he wants and will not let the absurd expectations of the rest get in the way. It is the goat, it can simply do what it wants, without being accountable to anyone.

7.- Leo 

Leo is in the seventh position in the ranking of the signs that use their qualities as power. Leo is like that, unstoppable, always against the clock, there is a tense part of his personality that keeps them alert. Leo is synonymous with intelligence, practicality, genius. He has a curious duality, he can be conservative in some things but at the same time he is in love with freedom . Leo is passionate, when he does something he does it from the bottom of his being, in reality he is sensitive but few notice it. They may not tolerate the way you shine and how much you like to be recognized. However, he has learned that life is not about pleasing anyone.

8.- Scorpio 

The one with the dark mind, the sign that can be a pillar outside and inside have an emotional disaster. It is ruled by Mars and it is also a water sign, so it sinks into its loneliness that explodes on a sentimental level. It is not easy for him to show you his vulnerable side . Scorpio is brave, loyal and that is the reason why he always advances, he is the type of person to whom you can trust your whole life and you will not have to worry. It is a dominant sign, it does not allow anyone to have an opinion on its way of life and that has made it a great leader.

9.- Sagittarius 

The one who takes free steps, the sign that adds a romantic and idealistic touch to everything he does. It has a wild side because it is a fiery sign and ruled by Jupiter. That is the reason why he is so optimistic, why he does not settle for just any answer and always wants more. He is realistic but also curious and knows that the sky is the limit, so he just lets go. Sagittarius is like that, independent, without ties, and although he is not very good at commitment when he wants to fulfill a goal he does not take his finger off the line. He’s smart and has an entrepreneur on the inside.

10.- Pisces 

The duality of the fish, Pisces is the water sign that cannot help but share its emotional side, it shows when it cares about the rest. He is the type of person who honors kindness, is very loyal and empathetic. Pisces can be a bit dramatic, but when his moment of reflection comes he puts the cards on the table and concentrates. Pisces puts the soul in when it comes to their dreams , they do not mind being awake, crying, getting angry, but they will not stop following their convictions. It hides an incredible force that turns into a whirlwind knocking down obstacles.

11.- Aquarius 

Aquarius is the one who is lost in his world, he is that intellectual being who is under the command of Saturn, the planet that honors the just. Aquarius is one of the people who take advantage of their qualities to achieve each of their goals. It is an air sign, so you can see the way in which they open their mind to any panorama. It is unpredictable, but it is prepared for changes. No matter how many times they fall, they are always ready to move on. If Aquarius makes a decision, there is no one who has the power to make him do otherwise.

12.- Gemini 

Gemini is the one who loves the intelligentsia, it is Mercury who fills him with wisdom. In addition, it has the twins on its side, that is the reason why it is so flexible and adapts to any circle. He has in his favor the social part, which has opened many doors for him. Gemini is kindness, but also courageous. He is the one who dares at the moment, for whom a slight impulse is enough to jump into the ring. They have the gift of the word so they succeed in everything that has to do with business. The problem is that they are very changeable, but when they set out to do so they knock down anyone.


Ranking Of The Signs That Use Their Qualities As Power

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