Ranking Of The Signs That Fall In Love With Their First Messages

Ranking Of The Signs That Fall In Love With Their First Messages

Do you know what the most dangerous love is? The one who enters cautiously does not need the physical to show you that he is genuine. He is the one who traps you with feelings and when you least expect it, you already lost yourself in his ideals, his tastes, his values, ​​and his unexpected smiles. They are the ones who fall in love with the first messages, just when you least expect it and there are signs of the zodiac that cannot resist, they connect with the soul and that is when they decide to stay by your side, ready to immerse themselves in your fears and manias. They call them exaggerated, I say they are brave enough not to run from their emotions. This is the ranking of the signs that fall in love with the first messages:

12.- Capricorn 

Without a doubt, Capricorn is not given to falling in love at first, much less by messages. He is the one who needs something more, to be sure that this person meets all his expectations because otherwise, he sees it as a failed investment. In addition, he has a bit of a stubborn streak, he doesn’t take his finger off the line and prefers to stay alone until the right person knocks on his door. Capricorn needs more than just a fairy tale. He wants someone who is willing to jump off the cliff if necessary, he’s had enough of those who fear commitment and only interfere with his success. For Capricorn that is not love.

11.- Aquarius 

In the penultimate place, we have Aquarius. Honestly, it is very unlikely that he will fall into your arms just because of a bunch of cute texts. There is a part of Aquarius that doubts everything and everyone, so if he is not sure that it is something genuine, he does not intend to invest his time in it. They say that he is slow to give his heart and the truth is that he cannot deny it, but why do people take this love thing so lightly? Aquarius has fears, fights with his insecurities, and does not intend to put his well-being at risk for something that happens on the screen. For him to fall in love, he needs to see you face to face, your true self, which he cannot fake through messages. Only then does he decide to deliver his heart.

10.- Virgo 

By message? I’m sorry, but Virgo expects much more from someone who intends to capture his heart. He is not the type of person who has conversations with anyone, nobody beats him when it comes to being picky and making it clear that he is not to settle for love for a while. Also, his mind never stops, the fact that they talk only by text makes him imagine a lot of things. Why spend his time on something so unreal? What if he is more interested than the other person? There are many things that make him remain skeptical and he will not hesitate to make it clear that if you want a space in his life, you need to start the conquest physically.

9. Leo 

Impossible for Leo to fall for a couple of messages. It is the most demanding sign of the zodiac, he wants facts, he wants you to show him that you will be in good times and bad. He is not one of those who stay calm just by receiving a message in which they tell him that they love him. He is too warm and loving a person to settle for a couple of lines. Deep down he has a desperate desire to be reciprocated, to find a love that he is willing to risk if necessary. For the same reason, there are many times when he ends up putting up one barrier after another. He is terrified of ending up giving everything to someone who doesn’t even deserve one of his efforts. Leo needs much more than that and if you want him to be part of the list of your heart, you are going to have to try much more.

8.- Gemini 

Honestly, for Gemini to end up entangled in a texting relationship, it’s going to be very complicated. Because it’s the sign that he has restlessness in his veins when he feels stuck he desperately seeks to add a fun twist to his life. The way he loves is so passionate that he needs much more than messages. Although he is very intelligent and he may give you attention from him at first, it won’t be for long. And then what comes? Gemini wants a busy life, where the social part of him takes over, where he can have a partner to hold his hand tight and walk every space around him. It’s like that, he can’t fall in love so fast and much less if he hasn’t seen you face to face.

7.- Scorpio 

I once read that making people feel peaceful is the best way to show love. Without a doubt, Scorpio is very aware of it and that is the reason why it will be difficult for him to give himself up to a relationship only through messages. That more than giving him peace, he keeps him overwhelmed, mistrusting, and with that feeling that he is wasting his time. Scorpio needs passion, physical contact, and getting lost in the other person’s gaze. In addition, he is very reserved at first, the messages do not work, because he would not be showing himself completely. To get carried away with romance, he needs signs that he is doing the right thing. Even starting courtship face to face is difficult for him. So don’t expect too much from him when he sends you messages.

6.- Pisces 

Well, we have already entered the field of those who are not scared of falling in love through messages. When Pisces starts a relationship, she likes to put aside her fears, she wants to focus completely on enjoying the moment and looking for happiness. So he embraces compassion and tenderness with all his might. That is the reason why he can end up giving it his all. Somehow, he enjoys the emotion, of the new, of receiving those unexpected lines that shake his heart. Pisces is placing his trust in the other, he really wants to give him the opportunity to show that he is willing to do anything and that they are capable of overcoming physical distance because his mind and his soul are the ones that connect.

5.- Libra 

At a thousand miles an hour, that’s how Libra’s emotions travel all the time. It is curious because in person he has a hard time initiating courtship, but when it comes to messages he relaxes a bit. Perhaps because he feels safer, less judged, and without any kind of ties. To conquer Libra you don’t have to be intense at first, but you don’t have to be disinterested either, they like to find the middle ground in everything. At first, he is shy, but as the conversations progress, he enjoys receiving that special message. If he is interested, he will make an effort to find out everything about you and when he no longer wants anything, he will begin to be sharp, until the least expected day he sends you the last message. Do not insist, because he will no longer want you in his life.

4.- Sagittarius 

Did someone say fear? Because Sagittarius is not one bit afraid of taking the risk of falling in love with the first message. It’s like that, irreverent, he honors what the song says and he doesn’t care what happens tomorrow. At the moment he honors love, he wants to share his happiness, the brilliance he exudes, and the knowledge he melts. Sagittarius is wise, he doesn’t blindly get involved, but he isn’t afraid to say what he feels either. He has learned that this love thing is practically tossing a coin in the air and that just as he wins, many times he has to lose and he is fine with that. He is not interested in putting a brake on his instincts, if it is too fast for some it is his problem, because if Sagittarius feels that he is the right person he does not hesitate to let himself go.

3.- Aries 

Aries ranks number three in the ranking, he is the person who invites you to fall in love with his demons and when you least think about it, the only thing you want is to stay in his hell. His heart is the one that embraces adventure strongly, the one that enjoys the unusual, the new, and the fun. He loves to enjoy exciting experiences and does not hesitate to add a touch of passion to messages. Perhaps for some, it is too fast, but for Aries, there are no coincidences and if things happen it is because they had to be that way. That does not mean that at first, you think about marriage, one thing is to get carried away and quite another to lose your limits.

2.- Cancer 

It’s simple, Cancer is enough and has plenty of good reasons to take risks. He likes to put that unpredictable touch to love, knowing that he is starting something increases his illusion and when he begins to find affinities everything gets worse. It is a sign that he does not need physical contact at first, because what he wants is someone who gives balance to his days. A person with whom he can share emotions, and experiences and who is able to cheer him up in bad times. The distance can prevent them from holding hands, but not from giving themselves in a profound way. Cancer likes to let his words flow and inevitably he ends up smiling on the other side of the screen. Yes, maybe it’s crazy, but in this life, everything is.

1.- Taurus 

It may seem like a surprise to you that Taurus is in the number one position in the ranking because his determination makes him look like a very demanding person, but when the heart is involved, things change. It is a sign that you do not have much time for dating and therefore messages can be a good option. Taurus doesn’t get complicated, he decides to love the soul before the body, but not just anyone steals his dream. He needs to be someone who is smart, funny and has well-established goals. It’s easy for Taurus to stay in the messaging game, the hard part is catching him from the start. The person may be far from his sight, but deep within his thoughts, and that is when he discovers another form of love. In which the only thing that matters is to rejoice the heart.

Ranking Of The Signs That Fall In Love With Their First Messages

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