Ranking Of The Signs That Even If You Want You, Will, Not Be Able To Remove From Your Heart

They say that ending a relationship is not synonymous with failure, it is having the courage not to live something unhealthy. However, there are loves that do not leave, it is not that you cannot continue moving forward without them, but they remain in a corner of your thoughts.  No matter how many years or loves go by, you will inevitably think about them and end up smiling. This is the ranking of the signs that even if you want to, you will not be able to get out of your heart:

1.- Capricorn 

Of the sweetest contradictions that can appear in your life. Capricorn has a strange way of catching your heart, it is that type of partner who does not demand your attention, focuses on their own, and at the same time inspires you. He does not have the need to beg anyone, he is very independent, however, when he loves he does it in a very deep way, he shows you that he will be with you through thick and thin. Over the years you realize that he always supported you, that he wanted to see you shine and that his love was full of honesty, hardly someone can take his place. Someone like that will accompany you for the rest of your life.

2.- Libra 

As much as you try, it is better to let your emotions flow. The fact that Libra is no longer part of your life, does not mean they’ll forget their authenticity overnight. Most likely it will appear in the secrets of your memory when you least think about it. It is a sign that is loved because it is delivered from empathy and sincerity, it really enjoys sharing with your partner. In addition, it is a very accommodating sign, it will do everything in its power to steal a smile from that special being. Libra, hardly says goodbye with a grudge, leaves from love. In the end, he wants the best for you, even if you broke his heart. The bad thing is that when you realize it, it is already late because it is not one of those who return, it does not recycle loves.

3.- Scorpio 

Perhaps for most, it is a strange sign, which is lost in so much mystery and which finds it difficult to surrender from love. That is what those who have not had the opportunity to end up in the arms of a Scorpio think. It is so easy to fall in love with someone so passionate, with those couples who are not afraid to say things the way they feel. Scorpio is deep, emotional, loves like there is no tomorrow, and enjoys sharing his interests. It really is very difficult for someone like this to disappear from your mind, you will remember it when you listen to that song, eat that dessert, go to that place. That’s when the accumulation of memories will come to you and will surely steal a sigh. That’s how unforgettable a Scorpio is.

4.- Gemini 

The moment you tie your insides and have the courage to let go of a Gemini, you understand that you are very strong. It is not easy to say goodbye to such an exceptional being, it is a sign that pierces the depths of your mind, conquers your way of thinking and walking. The type of couple who breaks with the conventional, the one who wants to live in the moment and makes them have a lot of crazy moments. Gemini is not only your lover, it is your companion of mischief, sadness, and fear. He is the one who invites you to fight for your illusions. Do not insist on removing it from your heart, because it will be more complicated. The best thing is that you accept that it is unrepeatable and that although you will not find it in new loves, you are grateful to have known it.

5.- Taurus 

A Taurus will cost quite open the doors of their vulnerability, is a sign fairly quiet, and does not want to become the guinea pig for anyone. However, once he lets you in, the trip becomes unique. Really as a couple, it shows the most beautiful of its personality. He is the one who marks the distance and at the same time is with you through thick and thin. His company makes you feel so good, that when you least think you are already telling your whole life. You have nothing to worry about because he is very loyal, even if they end, he will not share your secrets with anyone. However, you will miss him, when you have a lump in your throat and you do not feel comfortable with anyone to tell him.

6.- Aries 

Don’t believe everything that says on the labels, Aries, it is proof that the rules are broken. It is the sign that has earned the fame of recklessness, the one with a strong character that prefers to hide its heart so that it does not break. Sure, he’s hard to fall in love with, but when you do manage to touch his weaknesses, in a good way, he just melts in your arms. Aries, in love, is capable of giving the most beautiful details, paying attention to everything you like and what you don’t. They are the type of couple that knows no limits, they just want to fill you with beautiful experiences and that are missed even if you don’t want to. Remembering the way someone gave everything for you no matter what they say, simply marks you for life.

7.- Virgo 

The perfect love, what did you expect? Virgo is a sign that when it loves, it does it well, so much so that it leaves you a before and after in your days. It is precisely the person who awakens things in you that you did not know, because he wants you to be better, but he does not seek to solve your life. On the contrary, he wants you to be the one to take the bull by the horns, to show you that he will be by your side no matter what happens. They are the type of partner who teaches you that loving honestly is the best thing to do, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. And it is that he tells you things upfront and without making up anything. It is difficult for you to erase something like that, do not cling to ignoring their memories. Just because they visit you from time to time doesn’t mean you want to go back. You just let it all flow.

8.- Leo 

An open secret, that is Leo, because deep down everyone recognizes that his essence is unmatched. The truth is that few people have that I don’t know what, that catches you, it becomes somewhat addictive to be by their side. The good thing is that there are many who have the opportunity to enjoy their love. It is the type of partner who makes you feel admiration for yourself, who inspires you and reminds you that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. In addition, he does not let you go, Leo shows you with deeds and not words, that you are part of his priority list. Not to mention that you are very good at winning over your loved ones, they will remind you how good they looked together. It may be difficult, but it is time for you to accept that Leo left an indelible mark on your heart. It is not because of ego, it is reality.

9.- Aquarius 

What is not available to anyone becomes one of the most attractive things to the heart. Aquarius, is the type of person who resists, does not fall easily into this conquest, and although you may feel flattered, the truth is that he is very selective when it comes to falling in love. Once it becomes part of your life, it teaches you another way of loving. It returns you to your roots, to that which connects with what you do not tell anyone. That is Aquarius, touch your most hidden emotions and respect them. If they finish, you can be sure that what you told him one day will be safe. Aquarius, thanks each of his loves, stays with the lessons, and then let’s go. However, it is nice to know that no one takes their place in your heart.

10.- Cancer 

It’s nice when you feel a caress on your face and then they smile at you. That feeling of calm, of knowing that the other person cares about you and that you awaken a certain tenderness in their heart. Cancer, it’s just like that, like an unexpected kiss on the forehead. He has such a valuable soul and a heart that exudes sensitivity, that it becomes a refuge. It is inevitable that it will not come back to your mind because it gave you everything. Cancer is not afraid of you seeing their good and bad moments, they want you to fall in love with the real person and that is simply incomparable. It’s funny because its intensity gives you peace of mind at the same time. Saying goodbye is only on a physical level because in your spirit it keeps walking and from time to time it makes you smile.

11.- Sagittarius 

Without a doubt, trusting is an act of love, precisely the one that Sagittarius shows when it is given to a partner. Although it seems that it is very fickle and that it does not stay where stability rules, it really is one of the most loyal signs. It is the type of couple that teaches you to love by decision, you do not feel any ties, you are there because you want it. Independence and adventure always accompany him and that is appreciated. Their partners hardly erase it because they understood that as long as they love themselves they don’t need anyone else. That is the biggest lesson a Sagittarius gives you, do you want one more reason to always remember it?

12.- Pisces 

People think that seeing a Pisces so sweet, empathetic and with a romantic touch, it is very simple to win their heart, but the truth is that it hardly falls the first time. Unless you get carried away by passion. It is a sign that you like courtship, knowing that the other person shows interest makes you feel valuable. He is not there to put his feelings in the hands of just anyone, because he knows that it is hard to enter the game of love. It is the type of partner that takes you back to your childhood, to look in your dreams, to wondering if you really are in the place you want. Your life is no longer the same after so many emotional colors and that is thanks to the fact that one day you fell in love with a Pisces.


Ranking Of The Signs That Even If You Want You Will Not Be Able To Remove From Your Heart

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