There are signs that are much more empathetic than others. Empathy is something that all signs have. Anyone who proposes it can come to understand and feel the feelings of others. Some signs have more empathy than others. Empathy is the ability of a person to capture the feelings and vibes of others. Be careful, because it has its good things and its bad things. If you are very empathetic, you can feel both joy and pain and you have to be careful. These are the signs that capture feelings first. Keep reading… 

  1. Cancer

Cancer is a sign that has a reputation for being changeable and at the same time having a lot of character. Perhaps that is closely linked to that empathy. Cancer is capable of reading and picking up on the vibes around it very easily. For this reason, on many occasions, it is difficult for him to separate his emotions from those of others. Cancer captures the feelings of others very much. As soon as one of his friends or family is in trouble, Cancer feels it. Words are not necessary, Cancer knows what is happening only because of the vibe that is in the environment. It is a sign that is easier for you to absorb the energy of others.

  1. Pisces

Pisces is a sign that is always between the world of reality and the world of the spiritual. He is a very sensitive character, to such an extent that he can feel the pain of others in his body. He cares a lot for others because he knows that seeing them suffer will make him/her suffer too. Pisces empathy can be one of the most intense and real in the Zodiac. You know how to use your powers of perception and your intuition to know how others feel right now without the need for words. Pisces doesn’t need you to explain how you feel, they’ll know just by looking at you.

  1. Libra

Although Libra may seem like a very foolish person, who is always in his world, he has great empathy. You won’t talk about it very often, but Libra has too big of a heart. He is always looking for calm, peace, and harmony. Perhaps that is why he is so empathetic. Libra is a sign that knows how to capture the feelings of others very well.

He does not want there to be injustices. He never wants to hurt anyone. For this reason, Libra always takes into account the thoughts, feelings, and desires of others. To such an extent that there are times when Libra gives more importance to the feelings of others than to their own. You know how to put yourself PERFECTLY in the other person’s shoes.

  1. Taurus

Few people know this “facet” of Taurus. They believe that Taurus is too stubborn and stubborn to connect with the feelings of others. Something that is totally false. He is stubborn about his things, but that is not something that prevents him from being sensitive to others. All the time, Taurus feels the need to be connected and in tune with the feelings of the people around him.

Therefore, if you meet a Taurus, you will know that he likes to spend the time of his life worrying about others. He is one of the best allies you can have. Because he knows how to capture feelings and has the trick to calm others down.

  1. Virgo

Virgo has an eye for detail. Not only physical or aesthetic details but also for situations everything related to feelings. Virgo is always someone very insightful and therefore very empathetic. He is able to notice every time there is something strange, such as, for example, a change in expression, tone of voice, or a simple movement of the eyebrow.

One of the reasons Virgo is so cold sometimes is because he needs to protect himself so that things don’t hurt too much. It is a defense mechanism, it is a simple facade. Virgo captures the feelings of others so much that there are times when he cannot even hide it. Especially with animals. Virgo can NEVER see an animal suffering.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio is so dark and mysterious that few people expect him to be empathetic, but yes, he is. Although people know him as tough and intimidating, he can actually be very sensitive, caring, and very empathetic. Scorpio connects very easily with others. He is an expert in capturing people’s feelings. All this work is also thanks in part to your intuition.

When you feel like a friend or family member is in trouble, you will do everything you can to help them. You can become overwhelmed by all those emotions and that’s when you bring the tough Scorpio out into the open. So much intensity exhausts him and he prefers to set limits.

  1. Gemini

Gemini is quite an empathetic person, but they shy away from it because they don’t want the feelings of others to affect their mental health. If you want, Geminis can become the most empathetic person on the face of the earth, but many times they prefer that the feelings of others do not interfere in their life. Geminis often walk away because it hurts to feel the pain and anxiety of others.

If a person comes up to you for help, Gemini will never deny it. Although they may seem like someone super independent, Geminis are so changeable that they can have a very negative influence on the feelings of others.

  1. Leo

It is said that Leo is a person who needs to be the center of attention always, so people believe that he is someone very independent and that he has nothing to do with others. It is true that, on many occasions, Leo does not care what others say, think, or feel. When you want to achieve something, you don’t let it get in the way of your life. Do not forget that Leo is a sign governed by the heart and can be very empathetic when it comes to helping someone.

He may be somewhat proud on many occasions, but he knows how to take care of his people like no one else. When someone he loves is in love, Leo will give all his energy to help him. Leo captures the feelings of the people he loves.

  1. Aquarius

Throughout his life, Aquarius will fight to end injustices. Deep down, even if people say they are someone without feelings, they are someone who gets screwed by seeing others suffer. It may be a sign that has a hard time connecting with the feelings of others.

It is difficult for him to empathize a bit, especially with people he does not know or people who have very different ideas from his own. But, Aquarius empathizes a lot with people who suffer, people who are being treated unfairly. You may feel how bad they are going through it. Aquarius is very angry that his empathy is not appreciated. This can make you very angry.

  1. Capricorn

Capricorn can become sensitive, but only with people very close to him/her. Being a person very close to his family, he is capable of getting into trouble in order to defend his family. Capricorn is a person very involved in his affairs and the truth is that he does not want to waste his time with the emotional and sentimental problems of others.

Capricorn can capture the feelings of others if it is proposed but prefers to leave it to others. He is a bit regular in what has to do with managing feelings and for that reason, he prefers to get away from his empathic side.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagi is not an extremely sensitive person, so she has a hard time grasping the feelings of others. If it is joy, Sagittarius is the first to be infected, but for more sentimental matters, it costs him something more … It is not that he is a person without a heart or without feelings, he simply wants to live life without worries and that’s it.

Of course, Sagi is very close to his friends and although he does not want to get involved in sentimental dramas, in the end, many times, he ends up getting where they do not call him for defending his own. Sagittarius may have a hard time capturing the feelings of others, but for their MA-TA friends.

  1. Aries

A Aries him a little overwhelmed with everything that has to do with feelings. Aries is empathetic, but not very much. If it were more, on many occasions he would control his tongue so as not to hurt with his words. He is someone who, if he wants to say something, will say it, hardly caring about the feelings of others. You can be empathetic when you have to be, but in your day-to-day life, you seldom use that empathy. He prefers to go through life without worries. Aries is a bit overwhelmed by everything that has to do with feelings. He/she can be given luxury other things, but all this, he is not very good at what we say …


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