Ranking Of The Signs That Can Stab You In The Back

Ranking Of The Signs That Can Stab You In The Back

Sometimes you give it all away, there is a deluded part of you that still believes that most people have the value of loyalty. We do not go through life looking at the other with a cruel face, we have a crazy mania for decorating, because deep down we believe in goodness and that the moment we show solidarity with someone we will receive the same in return. But no, it’s not always like that, you can give your last breath to help someone and that person can stab you in the back. It is clear that there are exceptions, but this is the ranking of the signs that can stab you in the back: 

12.- Pisces 

If that person in whom you placed all your trust is a Pisces, let me tell you that you have nothing to worry about, because of all the signs of the zodiac it is the one that is least likely to betray you. He is the person who puts kindness first, does not tolerate betrayal, and has been through so much pain, that for no reason will he be the one to cause it. He is very empathetic and able to embrace tragedy and celebrate your triumphs. In addition, his sensitivity helps him understand you in a different way. He does not judge you, he listens to you and if he is in his hands to help, he does not hesitate for a second. People often describe them as lonely, complicated, and changeable people, but Pisces are the ones who dare to delve into their emotions because once they do there is no turning back they fall in love with their soul.

11.- Virgo 

Yes, they can have some malice, like everyone. His humor is strange, with a slight touch of aggressiveness for some. However, behind that face of perfection and so much hard work, one of the most faithful signs of the entire zodiac hides. Backstabbing is not in the Virgo language. It is a sign that finds it difficult to have deep ties and needs security and tranquility, to take such an important step. However, the moment he promises you his friendship, it is forever. Even if for some reason things don’t end well, Virgo keeps quiet. He does not have the need to air anything that was told to him one day. He prefers to keep the good of the relationship and close without looking back. Sometimes, he is too critical of himself and would not allow himself to gossip, he hates back and forth. He wants things from the front and stares.

10.- Cancer 

Cancer can be the most tender person on this Earth, the one who goes out of his way to be left with nothing in order to steal a smile from the one he loves. It’s like that, he doesn’t need much to be happy, and he doesn’t care about material things. For a long time he learned to fend for himself, he knows that in the end he only has himself and strives to achieve his own goals. However, one thing he does not tolerate is betrayal. The moment you hurt a Cancer in this way, his emotional side is activated, the passionate one, the one who doesn’t understand reasons and just wants you to feel a little of his pain. That is the reason why you will not be stabbed in the back, on the contrary, Cancer understands you like no one else. He is the type of person who can cry next to you and also jump with happiness. His nature is to help, be loving and care for others. Cancer does not destroy you, do not hesitate to put your heart in its hands.

9.- Taurus 

Here no one is going to deny that Taurus can become the most intransigent person with whom you are going to live in your days. Really, his way of seeing life can be very closed because he wants things to be done at his whim. But… to be honest, if someone doesn’t know what he wants and doesn’t have the pants to set limits, the others take it as a game and believe they have the right to trample on them whenever they want. That is what Taurus has learned over the years and he no longer plans to let his guard down. If he has to be tough so he doesn’t get messed up, he will be. However, that does not mean that they will betray you, it is very unlikely that they will hurt you in that way. There is a part of Taurus that the only thing he seeks is sincerity, the peace of mind that he is with someone trustworthy and therefore works every day to give that to other people.

8. Leo 

Leo prefers a thousand times to show himself with his arrogant face, before pretending to be someone he is not. They may say that he is self-centered, that he has no heart, and that his impulsiveness can become very annoying. Okay, because he doesn’t think he’s perfect and the truth is that those comments don’t come or go. But that doesn’t mean they have a bad heart, Leo is hardly going to spend his time hurting others. That of the conspiracy behind the back seems to him of the lowest. It is such a determined sign that if something bothers him about you, he will not hesitate to say, that beating about the bush is already out of fashion and does not go at all with her personality. When Leo feels a bad vibe, mistrust, or simply does not agree with someone’s attitude, he paints the line on him and decides to continue on his way. Why would he keep investing energy in someone like that?

7.- Aquarius 

It is so, Aquarius is not one of those who notice their state of mind. They have that personality full of mystery that becomes a magnet for those who know them. Somehow, he invites you to investigate, you want me to tell you about his bad moments, but also the sweet ones. However, he needs to feel comfortable taking such a step, he prefers to go cautiously. But… if Aquarius decides to share with you and you harm him, you will surely discover his darkest side. He may not betray you from behind, but he can put you on his grudge list. It has a passive-aggressive way of hitting you right where it hurts the most. In any case, if you become so frustrated as to arouse his anger, he will face you face to face, holding nothing back, even if that means your tears are present. There, maybe it will leave a mark on you and not exactly pretty.

6.- Libra

The point here is that every day Libra is faced with the accumulation of options that navigate in his mind, he gives so many turns to the same topic that there comes a time when he gets overwhelmed and all he wants is to run away from everything and of all However when someone pays her badly, she does not seek an argument, much less use force. Libra is too sophisticated to lose himself in absurd provocations, but he takes you out of his life, you no longer mean anything and although he does not plan revenge or betray you from behind, he can say very hurtful things to you. Don’t worry, he won’t do it with just any people, what he has to talk about he will tell you looking you in the eye and then he will leave as if he had never met you. Without a doubt, indifference is his best weapon, because he doesn’t want to fight or reconcile, he doesn’t want anything anymore.

5.- Aries 

Well, we are halfway through the ranking, entering the delicate zone, in which the bad temper of some signs can leave you breathless and without the desire to give your heart to anyone again. For example, Aries has everything temperamental, but if we add to that the impulsive and aggressive part of him, things get worse. Aries always goes against the clock, his goal is to fulfill each of his crazy ideas and he will not stop for anyone. It is not that he is treacherous, it is simple if you damage him you will have to pay the consequences. You may feel it like a stab in the back because you don’t expect it, but for him to seek to hurt you in that way, it’s because you made him cry in pain first. It is not a sign that harms just to harm. So please don’t play the victim if you know what they did.

4.- Scorpio 

The thing about Scorpio is that it’s a very, very distrustful sign. There is something that prevents him from giving himself completely because he has realized that there are bad people disguised as the love of his life, his best friend, or a loved relative. They say that his mysticism is a hook to catch you and that once he has you in the palm of his hand, your mental and emotional stability is in danger. The truth is that it is exaggerated to think that he is that aggressive, he can be intolerant and somewhat resentful, but not with anything. For Scorpio to feel the need to betray you from behind, it is because he is really already annoyed, because he has not seen a way to get you out of his life. They say that he is thirsty for revenge, but no one wonders why. He doesn’t wake up overnight wanting to harm, there is always a background that few get to find out.

3.- Capricorn 

Let’s take a deep breath because we are entering the first three places in the ranking. Capricorn has the number 3 and although it is not noticeable, he is not one to sit idly by when someone hurts him. The scary thing is that he can put logic ahead, leaving feelings behind and that’s when he only focuses on putting a stop to the other person. At first, Capricorn is very condescending and that may be the main reason why they end up in cruel arms, the ones that pick up his wounds and ignore his tears. That’s just when Capricorn shows the other side of him, the dark, the ruthless, which can often hurt people who are not even involved… But it’s not personal, it’s just that he’s angry with himself, for putting his trust in someone who was worth so little.

2.- Sagittarius  

If there is something that Sagittarius does not have, it is patience. It costs him twice as much to stay in one place and let his guard down just because. Sometimes, his legs won’t stop moving, wanting to take that momentum and just carry out the crazy idea that rules his mind. The reason why they end up betraying is that they are very changeable, they really get bored, and they hate falling into a routine and walking around as if they were just another machine. That’s when your commitment leaves a lot to be desired, it’s not that you don’t love the person, it’s your essence that wants to make its way and not get hooked. People say he’s cruel because he might not keep a promise. You may not understand it, but it is a sign that is constantly evolving and if that promise no longer fits the person you are now, I am very sorry but you will not be unfaithful to his convictions. Sagittarius would rather leave others behind than stay in a place that is no longer happy.

1.- Gemini 

Without a fixed direction. Sometimes with slow steps and other times with the desperation of the hand. It is Gemini, the sign that has the personality of air, who gets carried away in a frivolous and impulsive way. He is not always willing to cling to people, places, and jobs. He just decides to let things flow and many times the best he can do is run away. The bad thing is that at the same time they make you fall in love in such a sweet and unexpected way, that it hurts a lot when they walk away. Most of the time it’s unintentional, he doesn’t want to pull out the thorns after giving you a bunch of roses, but he needs to leave, he needs to be with himself, find himself and that is when many people no longer have a place in his life. That is the betrayal that Gemini can do to you, but he is much braver because he decides not to betray himself, and few dare.

Ranking Of The Signs That Can Stab You In The Back

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