People born under the sign of Cancer are beings with huge hearts. Their purpose will never be to hurt you and if they ever do it to you it was probably not their intention. That empathy that Cancer has is not comparable to that of another sign. Cancer cannot see anyone suffer because their hearts break. For this reason, he does not harm anyone, because it is impossible for him to see how a person is suffering because of him.

He can get very angry to the point that he makes you disappear from his life, but he will never hurt you or break your heart. No matter how much you have suffered or how much you have endured, Cancer knows that it is best to maintain your composure and act with the utmost indifference. For Cancer, aggressiveness and insults are not a dish of good taste and that is why they prefer not to hurt you.


It is true that Pisces does not have a single stupid hair, but they would never allow themselves to hurt anyone. He is such an emotional person that he can only be good to others. You can see Pisces very angry because that is something that sometimes cannot be avoided, but you will never see him willing to attack anyone or acting in a way that someone could feel offended. There are no negative qualifiers to define Pisces … or if there are, there are very few.

Pisces will never leave you to do something that could harm you. But beware, Pisces can also have a dangerous early, but it is true that they lose strength through their mouths. Everything that happens in your mind stays only there … You can say a few words out of place when you are angry, but little else. He can create a Machiavellian plan in his mind to screw you, but then he feels so sorry for you that he won’t put it into practice.

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Little can be said about the most peaceful sign of the Zodiac. The last thing Libra wants is to do something that could hurt anyone. You feel so bad afterward when that happens that you may regret it until your last days. Libra is not one of those who solve problems by hurting others … Maybe sometimes he’s stupid, but he prefers to be so rather than hurting left and right.

That indecision and insecurity that makes you think things over before acting also has its good part. It is that indecision that makes you think about the pros and cons of each decision before acting. Libra makes sure you have explored all options before acting. The only way a Libra can hurt you is through their indifference. But you will only use that indifference when you have no other option left. When you realize that the best thing is to let it go and turn the page … Libra not even wanting to be able to hurt you.


We are talking about one of the signs with the most patience of the Zodiac. If he is really going to hurt you, it is because he has no other choice and because he thinks he is the best option of all. Taurus is characterized by being a person with a lot of control over situations and by being quite a perfectionist. Taurus really only wants things to work out as well as possible. He hates fighting and fighting with all his heart. When in conflict, the only thing Taurus does is move on from it. Many things can happen, but it will not happen from those situations that really hurt.

If you exhaust Taurus patience, you exhaust the opportunities to get out safely. Taurus is not stupid and knows that sometimes the best option is to act and make things clear to you. He can endure the unbearable, but his patience also runs out. And at that point, he sees the obligation to put you in your place. The Truths of Taurus is a deadly weapon that will do you more damage than you can ever imagine.

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Capri is a sign that is characterized by its elegance and subtlety. Capricorn has better things to do than stop to think about how he could hurt you. Also, it is an earth sign like Taurus, and these signs are characterized by being quite controlling and patient. You will never see a Capricorn act without having things clear. Of course, if Capricorn has to hurt you and put you in your place, he will do it without any regrets. And it will do it with such subtlety that you will hardly notice it at the time.

It may seem subtle but behind that, there is total planning and precision on the part of Capricorn. Everything he will say and do to you will be fully planned in his mind. A Capricorn never loses control … You have to know that if it hurts you it is because you really deserve it, not because Capri has lost control and wants to send you to the other part of the world …


Leo is known to be a strong, independent person with immense power. It is also true that he is a bit dramatic at times and that he likes drama more than he can come to recognize. He is quite impulsive and therefore can sometimes hurt others. Because you don’t think too much before you act and completely lose control of everything you say or everything or do.

Leo doesn’t hurt wanting, Leo hurts because it has gotten out of hand. His impulsiveness, drama, and desire for attention sometimes force him to hurt you. It is not because he really wants to hurt you, because Leo has a huge heart that wants to get along with everyone and not have problems. Honestly, if Leo hurts you, he probably did it unintentionally. And in those cases, it is best to talk things over and try to solve them. Leo can be very proud, but he can come to recognize his mistakes …


Si decíamos que Leo era impulsivo… Sagitario puede serlo aún más. Sagitario es el rey de las decisiones impulsivas y eso puede traerle muchos problemas. Él mismo reconoce que prefiere pedir perdón a pedir permiso, pero no se da cuenta de que a veces eso puede llegar a ser peligroso. Tanta libertad, tanta impulsividad y tantas ganas de vivir al límite a veces no pueden ser buenas.

Sagittarius prefers to act without thinking rather than stop to know what the consequences of their actions will be. It is not that it is a sign with evil in its veins, but it is true that it wants to put each person in their place. He doesn’t want to be the bad guy, but he has no problem being bad when necessary. If Sagittarius hurts you it is because he saw something unfair on your part, because if there is something he cannot bear, it is injustice. It can really be very dangerous when you meet one. And yes, Sagittarius can hurt you a lot, but he’s also hurting himself …


Virgo is quite an analytical, controlling, and perfectionist person. Virgo is someone very faithful to his principles and to himself. He can be very patient but it is also true that he has a character that is a bit difficult to understand. He is quite pessimistic to such a world that he is ill-thought-out and can become distrustful of others with little reason to do so. But I also tell you that if Virgo intuits it is for something … His sixth sense may not be the best in the Zodiac, but he is almost always right. And that’s why he will hurt you because something tells him that it is better to do it before they do it to him.

Virgo can also hurt you if you get where you should not, if you pressure or if you command. He is quite a maniac and can literally attack you if you touch his things without permission. But hey, the best thing about all this is that he is so smart that later he will know how to fix things. Virgo can mess it up but then he knows perfectly how to get out of there. It can hurt you a lot and even if his pride tells him not to do it, in the end, he will regret it and ask your forgiveness again.


People born under the sign of Aquarius are usually quite unpredictable people and you never know which side you are going to find. They are air people who are always coming and going and it is difficult to understand them for that very reason. And yes, he may seem like an independent person and who goes through everything, but for that very reason, he sometimes hurts without even realizing it.

Aquarius is a very sentimental person, but those feelings rarely come to light … And that’s why it can hurt you. Because you hope that at some point he will let you enter his heart and show you what he really feels, but Aquarius prefers to continue in his world and not let you enter it. It may sound a bit selfish, but that’s the way it is. Aquarius does not do it with the intention of hurting you, but that is why it can hurt so much. Because it does nothing to avoid being like that. It is not that Aquarius is doing damage left and right and that is why his indifference hurts so much.


When you think of Aries, the word temperament and character comes to mind. Good Aries is the best, but bad … Bad better not even know it. Really, if you don’t want him to hurt you, better leave him alone. He is a very impulsive person and with a very dangerous early. When something bothers him, he lets go of it and is so calm.

If Aries feels like he should hurt you, he will do it, period. Later on, regrets and headaches come, but that is another matter to deal with… It is a sign that has no patience at all and that is why this attitude can bring you more problems than you imagine. But already knowing what Aries is like, the fault is yours for provoking him when you should not, for bothering him at those most inopportune moments … Aries is not to blame for being born that way. Direct is a while and if it hurts you it is because perhaps you were not prepared to listen to all that Aries had to tell you …


We come to one of the most dangerous signs of the Zodiac … If Scorpio feels betrayed, prepare to meet the evil in a person. It does not hurt because it wants to do it, it does it because it is obliged to return what you did to it. Scorpio does not believe in karma, Scorpio IS karma in person. It is one of the signs that can hurt you the most, but it all depends on you. Scorpio neither forgives nor ever forgets about ever. It may seem like an exaggeration, but it really is. But at least by now everyone really knows what he is like and walks with lead when he has something to deal with Scorpio himself.

You have to be very careful because he is also quite suspicious and even ill-considered, and the best of all is that Scorpio is very intuitive. If Scorpio distrusts it is because you really have not given him enough reasons to trust you. Scorpio is one of the most dangerous signs, but it wears a danger sign on its forehead.

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You may not have expected Gemini to be at number 1, but it is true. Gemini is not a sign that acts mean or is going to hurt you without you even hurting them. Gemini will only hurt you when you deserve it or when you have betrayed them. But the reason that Gemini is at number one is because of their intelligence. He is such an intelligent person, that he loves to know people so well that he uses that intelligence to his advantage.

Gemini is a person who knows the strengths and weaknesses of others and when they are going to hurt you, they will know perfectly well where they have to attack you. And that’s really what hurts the most. Between that intelligence and its unpredictability, Gemini is like a box of surprises. He knows you so well that you don’t even know where or when he’s going to leave. When Gemini attack, they do it for real. He is going to hurt you where it hurts the most and he is so comfortable because you deserve it. He can get to hurt you a lot, but it was all your fault for betraying him first …


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