There are signs that can not help saying “I love you” as soon as they see it clear, as soon as they feel those first butterflies in the stomach … But not all are equal, in fact, there are others who, even if they feel it, will not open their mouth or say those two words that they fear so much. For fear, for little desire, because nobody sees them “weak”, possibly for not showing more than they should … Here we show you the ranking of the signs that before saying “I love you”.



Who can fall madly in love before even the first date arrives? Pisces, without any doubt. Pisces can release his famous “I love you” before he has completely fallen in love and knows it. He prefers to waste time saying nice things, to waste it waiting … Wait for what? That is what Pisces thinks when he takes a risk and says those famous words … Words that many times can play against him because Pisces has stopped many feet because of the speed he shows when he wants to prove everything. He needs a couple to follow him, who is just as crazy-headed as he lets go of what he thinks without fear of anything … Pisces commits himself with such passion and intensity, that it is very impossible for him to keep those “I LOVE YOU” for later.

2. LEO

Leo loves intensely, from the beginning, since he crosses the first glance with the person who has made his heartbeat very fast…. For Leo, it is no crime to say I LOVE YOU on the first date, on the contrary, it is honesty and music to your ears. The lion belongs to that group of crib romantics who defend love. Why shut up that beautiful feeling? For fear of being rejected? Leo doesn’t care much, because what he won’t do is shut up something he feels, wants to show, wants to come true … If he has to say I LOVE YOU three days after meeting a person, he will. And if that person doesn’t like it, door. Another love will come that values ​​it …


Undoubtedly. The crab ranks third in this ranking on its own merits. Cancer said, says and will say all I LOVE YOU that he wants and many more when he deems necessary when he feels like it and as quickly as he sees fit. No more no less. Yes, it is true, Cancer has suffered a lot in love for this, for having shown his feelings and having opened his heart very quickly, but that is what it is. He loves to be free to show what he feels and to say whatever he wants. And if he has to suffer for saying I LOVE YOU too fast, he will. The crab prefers to bet everything on love, risk and not remain in doubt, to shut up a beautiful word … Love with such intensity that there are times that it even hurts …


Libra is a person who may seem very superficial first. Rarely will you hear her say many beautiful words in a very impulsive way, for that, Libra is a very reserved person … Now, don’t let Libra be heard yelling at the four winds her I LOVE YOU, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t say them, because It does, but leaves it for privacy. Obviously he will not say it on the second date and, possibly, neither will he do it on the seventh date, but he will get carried away with time … How to do it so that he says it earlier? Flirting, insisting, falling in love with its deepest part, because a Libra in love will tell you I LOVE YOU even in your dreams.


Although Scorpio is very intense love, he knows how to control those last-minute impulses to put them in the pocket and hold them there for as long as necessary … Scorpio can have many sporadic relationships, adventures, and situations without any commitment. He is very free and does not let himself be influenced, but it is true that he does not love lightly … Be careful, because he knows how to differentiate very well what is the passion of s*x to the passion of love, of feelings and of a real relationship. E Scorpio will say I LOVE YOU at the moment when you see that the other person is to death by your side. When he sees that there is no foul play, that there are no lies and that it is no farce, he will bet everything. Scorpio, surprisingly, also fears to stop, is not as crazy head as they say it is …


Sometimes yes sometimes no. Gemini is rather complicated love, but he won’t say I LOVE YOU until he feels with total certainty that he is facing the right person. That’s right, he really dislikes opening the doors of his heart to be trampled on or so that they don’t take into account any of the efforts he makes because he also has his fears … First, he prefers to clarify what he feels inside, with himself/herself and without any pressure, to get carried away by the impulsiveness of the moment, because when Gemini senses that it is not the right moment, it is for something … His witch side here warns him of when it is the right time to say I LOVE YOU and that’s it. He doesn’t want pressure, he wants everything to flow, like the air … He doesn’t want any shit to enter his heart, because he has suffered enough already …


We can think that Sagittarius also gets carried away in matters of love, as he does with almost everything in his life, but the truth is that he likes to govern his most passionate emotions … He does it so that no one puts himself in rebel mode, because Sagittarius is one of those loves that does prefer to wait to say I LOVE YOU. Although he feels something very strong for someone, in particular, Sagittarius makes enormous power and diverts his attention to another place.He prefers to entertain himself with another matter, to say I LOVE YOU in a very impulsive way because deep down he fears that those two decisive words steal part of the freedom that has been created so carefully. That Sagittarius is rebellion in person, does not mean that it has to be a crazy head for everything. In this case, he prefers to enjoy, wait and hit. Let go but on safe ground.


Although it may not seem like it, Aries has a very, very reserved part. In the end, he is a very cautious person and in matters of love and intimate confessions, he will not shit about saying something in an impulsive way … Aries wants himself too much to expose himself that way, first, because for Aries to say I LOVE YOU in a very risky way is to expose your heart. He is afraid of being used to harm him and his strength and courage would never allow that. Aries is insensitive, as well as as*xual, that is, nothing at all, so he does not accept criticism that says he has no heart. The really amazing thing is that his heart is bigger than everyone else’s. Patience with love Aries, because, although late, he ends up confessing to you I LOVE YOU in time.


To listen to a LOVE YOU sincere and REAL from the mouth of a Virgo, you have to have a lot of good patience, because the bastard of your I LOVE YOU is waiting. Virgo prefers to take his relaxing time to organize everything, to get carried away by impulsiveness that has never characterized him to say something that he can regret … And no, he does not regret the meaning, but to have said it very quickly, because For Virgo it means everything. It is something like a means of handing over the key that opens the doors of his heart and obviously, that cannot be given to anyone. Moreover, many times he prefers to wait for the other person to make the first move because that way he is not born that fear of making a fool of himself … When you realize that your love is there to death, little eye because the Virgo we know changes and becomes the most romantic Virgo in history.


Taurus is not one of those loves that tell you I LOVE you first, or second, possibly, do not do it after a few weeks of a solid relationship. It is what there is, before releasing such a free confession and ending the relationship, you prefer to enjoy those little sensations and things that are happening and that makes the relationship stronger and more secure. Taurus wants his love to be worth it and when he finally feels he is in front of the right person he will say it all, everything. I LOVE YOU from Taurus are made to beg, obviously, like Taurus when he is getting ready to go to his first date, but when they arrive, they fall in love completely.In his case, the heart will never win his reason, because he has everything together. Taurus synchronizes his brain with his heart so that unexpected and painful things do not happen …


Capricorn does not like to be the part that makes the first movement, that is obvious, but he does not like very sticky love confessions … It is complicated because Capricorn hides a lot inside his heart. Although there are many times that he is dying to say what he feels at all times, his head says STOP, STOP and think carefully … He goes back and shuts down many things he feels because he knows that opening that very intimate part of him, he leaves the door of his vulnerabilities open and in the end, he is so afraid … At the moment when he sees a lot of transparency on the other person’s part, the miracle may happen. Now, nobody imagines roses and hearts, because with Capricorn that does not go … Or does it?


For Aquarius to say I LOVE YOU, you first have to forge a very beautiful friendship with that person. Then, you will want to enjoy everything that comes without pressure and without ties. Aquarius does not want to be a love dragged and conditioned by society, so, possibly ending up doing the opposite of what is politically correct.In other words? That I will not say I LOVE YOU that you do not feel like saying because of pressure, for grief, for fear of what people may say or for popular request. No no and no. Aquarius is very, very faithful to his essence and love is not going to be the stone that makes his path twist … Aquarius wants a very strong, transparent and REAL relationship. When I leave you’re I LOVE YOU, they will leave and period, but you do not want your love story to have guidelines, endpoints, and scripts …

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