Ranking Of The Signs That Are More Proud Than Their Feelings

Ranking Of The Signs That Are More Proud Than Their Feelings

There are souls like this, they can love you with all their strength, think of you night and day, miss you, but… they don’t bend, they won’t call you, they weren’t born to beg. They are the signs of the zodiac that show that their pride is stronger than their feelings. Because they were already on the other side, they already lowered their guard and dared to harm them twice as much. Now they are not willing to give in, even if they have to say goodbye to the love of their lives. They were not born cold, disappointments shaped their character along the way. This is the ranking of the signs that are prouder than their feelings:

1.- Leo 

Leo is the king of pride, it is the sign that needs to be sure that the other person will not tear him to pieces, to really surrender, but… if they hurt him, he simply says goodbye. Leos don’t sit idly by, if your wound tore them to pieces it’s time to forget about them. Maybe they take the time to listen to you because they are analyzing how far you can lie, but after that, they will disappear. Leo can hold back the tears and pretend nothing is wrong, then cry in his room for months. But let it be clear to you, even if he feels that he can no longer take it anymore and wants to know about you, he will not look for you, nor will he answer your calls because his ego will not allow him to get involved again with someone who is worth so little…

2.- Scorpio  

Life can be sweet, it can be passionate next to a Scorpio. It can simply get you out of the routine and teach you that there is another way to love, the one that makes you vibrate and reminds you of the value of every second. But… be very careful about breaking the illusions of a Scorpio, because, with the same intensity that they give themselves, they disappear from your days. It is inevitable that he does not realize it because he has a sixth sense and when they hurt him, all he wants is to get you out of his days. Scorpio is like that, impulsive, it rips you off without warning and suddenly you’re nobody, It doesn’t matter what happens to you. Of course, he will not leave without first putting the cards on the table. He will probably remind you how bad a person you are and say hurtful words to you that you will remember until the day you take your last breath.

3.- Aries 

Aries is capable of fighting the war for someone he loves. It is a sign that he does not understand scarce love, he wants something that shakes him in every way and reminds him that it is beautiful to give oneself from the roots. At times, he can seem like he will do anything to stay with the person he loves. Maybe yes, but what he would never do is lose his dignity, that’s when they awaken his pride when the reckless part of him takes control and all he wants is to give you the lesson of your life. Aries does not want crumbs from anyone, he hates them and if he is going to be with a person who does not know how to reciprocate in the same way he gives himself, he prefers a thousand times to be alone. It doesn’t matter if you regret it the next day, he won’t call you even if he dies in pain.

4.- Capricorn 

Capricorn’s pride is the one that dives into ice, the one that doesn’t have time to bicker. You do it to Capricorn once and he says goodbye, no matter how many arguments you have to defend yourself. He has such a hard time putting his trust in someone that when he does he expects reciprocity, but if he doesn’t get it he walks away. It is not a contest for you to strive and prove that you deserve a place in his life. It’s a sign that he firmly believes that intentions show from the start and that it’s hard to tell when someone doesn’t care about you, but he’s not going to get hooked either. He wants a beautiful, loyal and constant love, he is not for love for a while and he is not going to drag himself for such a little thing. Luckily, his pride is on his side.

5.- Sagittarius 

Who would have thought that Sagittarius would be in the first place? A sign that seems so optimistic that you wouldn’t imagine that pride is part of his personality, but it’s true, he strives to make sure everything is fine, but inside he doesn’t want to see you in painting anymore. Sagittarius does not intend to invest his laughter, his travels, his madness, his adventures, in someone who barely has time to fake love. His pride is optimistic, but he exists, he is not one of those who invest energy in courage or resentment. So that? Better turn the page. And yes, maybe he will cry at first, but later he will understand that it is the best thing to do and that staying by the side of someone like that, the only thing he will do is subtract days from his life. Because those loves make you bitter.

6.- Cancer 

Cancer and pride, sometimes they hold hands so strongly that they can scare more than one because in those moments they don’t even recognize their family. It is a very intense, emotional, and changeable sign, really do not put to the test the way in which it can take you out of your life in the blink of an eye. She tries so hard to protect her own, that when one of them ends up hurting her, things get terrible. It is important that you give him his space, do not try to see his face after you lied to him in the worst way. Cancer can be as patient as it is passionate and at the least expected moment, it puts you in your place. He doesn’t have time for people who don’t know how to love and don’t even think he forgets. So don’t try to greet him afterward as if nothing happened.

7.- Libra 

Libra is like that, the wild sign, the cosmic one, the one that is capable of losing itself in how fierce love can be. When she gives herself up she does it in such a genuine way that she forgets the betrayal. Suddenly, she is sure that the other person is on the same channel, that they will not hurt her, and that is when she breaks down the most because her hopes are dashed. However, he is calm, he does not seek revenge, but if you hurt him do not have the nerve to seek reconciliation. The problem is that as much as he loves you, it’s not enough, because not all the love in the world will be able to help him regain his confidence. Libra’s pride prefers to say goodbye because he knows that if he stays in his mind it will make his life an ordeal.

8.- Aquarius 

The pride of Aquarius is the one who does not understand reasons, the one who forgets everything and all he wants is to get away as soon as possible. Sometimes he doesn’t say anything, but if he walks away it’s because he’s already decided to put an end to it. He shows when he doesn’t want to hear from you anymore when he forgets about the engagement and starts to get snappy. The silence of him is screaming desperately that he is leaving. It may be that at the moment he remains calm because inside the frustration does not let him move forward. However, his bad mood says it all, in the way he makes it clear to you that you no longer mean anything in his life. You just don’t have a chance anymore, it’s best that you don’t waste your time asking for forgiveness, even if he is from the heart, he won’t forgive you.

9.- Virgo 

If we talk about pride, Virgo paints itself. It’s the sign that he doesn’t waste much time bragging, when he gives himself up he does it and when he doesn’t, too. Without a doubt, the moments in which they try to make him change his mind are when he shows the most that no one can manipulate him at will. It is a sign that puts logic ahead, no matter how much you try to sell him a lot of hearts in the air, he will look beyond, what you have tried to hide for so long. Although it seems that Virgo is too dry, he is able to forgive you, but he will not return to you. Once you let him down he doesn’t have time to swallow his pride, because you know, he gets fat. So he clings to him to say goodbye without looking back.

10.- Taurus 

Don’t get carried away by his calm personality, deep down Taurus has a defiant being, and when he discovers that someone has been making fun of him, the worst of demons can come out. Don’t be surprised if the obsessive part of him shows up and suddenly wants to know everything. Taurus needs to know the facts in detail, to know why he feels so underappreciated, and thus find a solution. Perhaps at the moment, you see him in pieces, with a look full of love and disappointment, but that does not mean that he does not have the strength to say goodbye forever. Taurus doesn’t need to say that he no longer wants you in his life, what’s more, he doesn’t say anything, but he disappears and doesn’t give you a ticket again even if you beg him with tears.

11.- Pisces 

Pisces pride is the one that goes slowly, it really takes a lot of work to use that barrier in your life. For him to be so decisive in that aspect, he needs to live something very hard. It’s not that Pisces goes around forgiving everyone who hurts him, but he prefers not to get hooked or hold a grudge. There comes a point where he just wants to get away and that’s it, he forgives but he doesn’t forget. Do not try to pretend that nothing is happening, because he is going to treat you with the whip of indifference. Pisces has no need to put up with nonsense in his life. Although he hurts her, he leaves and will do what is in his hands to not make the same mistake again. He may take time to make the decision, but when he does, it is already final.

12.- Gemini 

Let’s say that Gemini is the most relaxed in the ranking, but that does not mean that he sits idly by when someone hurts him. There is a part inside of him that is dominated by his pride, the one that feeds on a little grudge. The one who is determined and doesn’t let anyone make fun of his emotions. The good news is that it is a sign that lets everything flow, he always has an infinity of things to do, and if he doesn’t look for them. That’s why he can overcome these kinds of awkward situations. However, if you made Gemini feel like someone who was worth nothing, it is better that you say goodbye to his friendship or his love because he is not willing to live in the midst of toxicity. Gemini will remember every word like it was yesterday, so it’s best to finish.

Ranking Of The Signs That Are More Proud Than Their Feelings

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