Ranking Of The Signs Most Likely To Duck You

I once read that a woman’s worst mistake is going back to a man who has already failed her once. It’s real because she breaks you and with the wounds, half-closed you trust her again, but you end up doubly disappointed. It is very hard to accept that the love you feel for someone is not enough to keep you faithful. Suddenly, anger becomes something habitual in your life and that’s when you understand that it’s not worth getting bitter about so little. This ranking of the signs most likely to cheat on you is proof that you have to get out of there, but now.

12.- Aries 

People may be surprised to see you last on this list, but the truth is that you’re not the kind of sign that likes disloyalty. On the contrary, you can be extremely adrenaline loving, but that does not mean that you will disrespect your partner. If someone else starts to shake your ground, you prefer to face the pain of the breakup than having to break the heart of someone you once loved with all your soul. With you, those betrayals don’t go.

11. Leo  

The penultimate of this list, you are the one with a crazy, impulsive, and clinging heart. When someone owns your feelings, you don’t let anyone else in. You are a sign that does not play games and does not tolerate lies. You feel betrayed when they treat you like you’re naive. You know your feelings and what you want to build next to that person, that’s why you are not going to allow him to be unfaithful to you, nor will you be.

10.- Taurus  

Your sense of humor is not up for discussion, it may seem that you are always in your world, but when someone gives you the confidence to be, you simply become one of the most pleasant companies. Without a doubt, you enjoy the relationships, the conquest, the compliments, and others. You definitely love formality and you hate it when someone looks at your face and then has the cynicism to say they love you. It’s something you would never do.

9.- Aquarius 

Perhaps, Aquarius, you are not liked by many and the truth is that you are fine with that, because that means that the people who walk by your side are genuine and do not get carried away by what people say. Only those who have the courage to really know you know that you live love at a level of intensity that few can understand. That’s why even if you end the relationship, you have a hard time finding someone else quickly. You know that there are no kisses that can replace true love. 

8.- Sagittarius 

Fortunately, life has rewarded you with the gift of intuition, you have the ability to detect when someone is cheating on you and you walk away before ending up with a broken heart. The truth is that you do not get along at all with infidelities, because you have already been there and you would not like to be the one who causes so much pain. The ties do not scare you, what really makes your knees shake is falling in love with someone who claims to love you and at the same time takes refuge in other lips.

7.- Capricorn 

You like to take steps cautiously, Capri, you are one of those who observe and do not miss a single detail. More than your inner voice, it is your intelligence that helps you determine when something is wrong. You don’t get carried away by rosy stories, you are clear that in life the person who accepts the thorns triumphs. However, you will not be the one to disrespect the person you kiss every morning. That doesn’t fit with your personality or your values.

6.- Virgo 

Let’s see, we are already entering the soft ground. Let’s say that there are signs of the zodiac that can be tempted to end up kissing other people’s lips, but… in your case, it’s about something deeper. From the first moment, you know if you will have a long relationship with that person. In that case, it is possible that your unfaithful side is present because you are not afraid of being discovered. For you, it is a passing love and that can take away the seriousness and commitment to the situation. However, you are not one of those who end up having two relationships at the same time. Sooner or later, you choose only one.

5.- Gemini 

You know that your head does not understand limits, when it comes to enjoying the moment, that’s what you do, period. Perhaps your relaxed personality doesn’t help much, because you tend to associate with extremist people, the risk is something that moves you from head to toe and you love it. Undoubtedly, all the time you are exposed to a new adventure and there are looks that catch you so much that you are not willing to let them go. 

4.- Scorpio

You are the sign that has two such contrasting sides to its personality, that even that becomes a point in your favor. The rest of the signs are captivated by your way of loving, always passionate, but with that touch of tenderness that helps you win the souls of many. You can be faithful to the bone, as long as the other person pays you back in kind. But… if they look for you they will find you, when it comes to teaching a lesson, infidelity is one of your favorite tactics. 

3.- Libra 

Just look, who would say that Libra would be in the first place of the most unfaithful signs. Let’s see, this does not mean that you do not have the ability to respect a relationship. In fact, most of the time it is because you are very indecisive and do not know what to do with your emotions. You wish you had love to give to everyone, but you know it’s not like that. The problem is that it is very difficult for you to close cycles and that is when you can fall into temptation from the past.

2.- Cancer 

Your love is so uncountable that you don’t always have the power over your emotions, Cancer. Your heart is quite changeable and there are times when you just let yourself go, but once you analyze the situation you walk away. That is one of the reasons why you can end up being unfaithful because you start to feel comfortable with someone else and what started as a simple friendship can end in kisses and caresses. Then you regret it, but there is no way to erase the fact.

1.- Pisces

And well, the number one site for the most unfaithful zodiac signs is for you, Pisces. People often have the idea that your peaceful side is the one that governs your steps, but they do not know that when it comes to the heart, you have a rebellious and very disturbing part. It is clear that you would be incapable of intentionally hurting someone, especially if you are in a relationship. However, your instincts are often snatched away and that’s when you sadly give in to temptation. 


Ranking Of The Signs Most Likely To Duck You

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