Ranking Of The Most Toxic Signs Of The Zodiac

Blessed are the red flags that tell us who is and who is not. Once someone toxic touches your heart, you hardly ever open the doors to someone else like nothing else. You become more attentive because you know that with the slightest blink you can end up in the palm of the hand of a being with bad intentions. This is the ranking of the most toxic signs of the zodiac. Those people seem to require problems, drama, and intensity, to feel that they live. This top starts with the least dangerous, but be careful because as you progress you may find the devil himself.

12.- Libra 

If Libra is part of your circle, you know very well that he is one of the noblest people that life can present to you. He is the one who has the last place in toxicity because he strives every day to find balance in everything, he likes to embrace justice and feel that he lives in calm. Revenge hardly ever enters his heart, on the contrary, he tries to let people go and not get hooked. If you hurt a Libra, he takes you out of his life at the snap of a finger, but without losing sophistication. His quality of person prevents him from falling into absurd bickering. He is a sympathetic, empathetic sign and knows that if he forgives, he is the one who frees himself. He does not intend to carry grudges that do not correspond to him. It hurts, but let’s go to start over.

11.- Aquarius 

Sometimes, you just have to breathe deeply, accept that you are not perfect, that you may have flaws that bring out the worst version of you. That happens to Aquarius, but there comes a point where he respects himself so much that he also respects the other. You may have a rebellious side, you are a little attracted to danger, but … toxicity is not welcome in your life. He is the one who prefers to stay on the sidelines, he focuses so much on his problems that he does not have time to comment on others. Revenge is not something you enjoy, it is considered to be synonymous with wasting time, wearing yourself out, making yourself less in many ways. It is clear that he has met people who all he knows is betrayal, but he does not judge them, he simply does not want them in his life. Aquarius does not want you to change, but if you do not fit in, it is better that you follow another path.

10.- Pisces 

A sign that is too empathetic for toxicity to be a part of its days. The least he wants is to harm others, on the contrary, when he can help. It is his generosity that speaks for itself, which is capable of defending itself without laying a single finger on you. There are many times when he decides to put himself in second place to give priority to the people he loves. If you are not grateful enough to value what he does for you, forget it, he will not beg you, the time will come when he will feel annoyed and walk away. Yes, Pisces, he leaves without grudges, he does not want to hear any explanation because, in the end, it is the actions that say everything about a person. He is emotional, but he prefers to keep some things to himself rather than end up in a vicious cycle. If you don’t want it, bye, there is no more.

9.- Sagittarius 

Toxicity and Sagittarius have nothing in common at all. We are talking about a person who has a clean aura, who does not invest energy in doing harm to others. His optimism is appreciated for miles, always with a smile full of passion and eagerness to move on. It is a box full of dreams, who believes in others, who has faith that we can all achieve it, does not compete with anyone, on the contrary, if someone falls in his way, he runs to give him a hand. It’s not that he’s perfect, it’s just that he’s very determined and doesn’t allow outbursts to decide. It is an honest sign, but very subtle, before telling the truth he tries to do it in the most assertive way, so as not to hurt sensibilities, he likes to put himself in the place of the other. That sets it apart from the rest.

8.- Taurus 

Do not be fooled by appearances and much less by people’s gossip. Because Taurus is not as they paint it, there are many who have not had the privilege of winning a seat in their life, so they prefer to criticize it, rather than accept their defeat. He has not a hair of toxic, his heart may not be the most sentimental of all, but their evil is not welcome. He likes to set limits because before he let them do many things that broke him while lowering his eyes. No longer, he is not going to allow them to hurt him that way, and yes, he has a strong character, because, in the end, it is the bull that gets angry. However, he won’t do anything to break you, he doesn’t want to become the kind of person that he one day fell for.

7.- Gemini 

Honestly, there are things that Geminis get a lot of laziness. For example, having to clarify that he is not the villain of the story, as people love to say. He is used to receiving negative looks, as long as he knows what he is worth and what he does, he does not care about the opinion of the rest. Gemini’s intelligence is so superior, he won’t waste time dealing with problems and drama. His ingenuity and imagination are for other things, not to make life miserable. He is one of those who believes that you have to live in the moment and is not going to be wasted by anyone. He does not want revenge, if you hurt him, the only thing you will receive from him is the whip of his indifference, but he will not pay you in the same coin. For his soul is too clean to get dirty with so little.

6.- Cancer 

You may come to believe that Cancer is too sentimental and rapturous. I am not saying that his emotions do not keep pace with the changes of the Moon, but from there to being toxic or vindictive, the truth is that there is a huge gap. Cancer’s intention has never been to hurt anyone, what he wants is for the people he loves to be okay and that all those who want to see him defeated gradually disappear from his life. In his soul there is a lot of love, there is no room for resentment. If you hurt him, he prefers to focus on the people who do love him, those who remind him of the value of little things, those who take advantage of any moment to hug him, pamper him, to tell him that they are proud of him. He may give space to the drama from time to time, but it passes, does not believe everything he says angrily, just gives it a moment.

5.- Virgo 

Now, be very careful because we are in the middle of the list, entering the soft ground, you may take a bad step and end up sinking. The whole world is very clear that Virgo does not beat around the bush, when he sets a goal he works hard to achieve it and make the world roll. Yes, he is very square and hard-headed, he does not care who gets hurt on the way, because he believes that everyone is responsible for their emotions and that they are not here to solve anyone’s life. The truth is that before letting yourself be carried away by what your heart dictates, listen to your logical part and that is when it is difficult for someone to see your face. The truth is that the poison of a Virgo is cruel, it touches the sore and removes it mercilessly. You don’t need to use physical force, because every word that comes out of your mouth is lethal. It may not become a shadow in your life, but it will give you the worst of lessons.

4.- Capricorn 

A round of applause for those people who do not keep silent about what they feel, who do not need to pretend something that they are not, on the contrary, they do not care if they have the approval of others or not. That is Capricorn, the sign that is lost in its silence, in its goals, in the way it controls everything. However, when someone hurts him, he also awakens his foolish side, the one that is not afraid of danger and that is capable of leaving anyone speechless. He can be quite spiteful, but the worst thing is that he does it in a stealthy way. He may be smiling at you and at the slightest oversight remove a wound. His gaze makes your skin crawl, but it also petrifies your soul, because it can contain a lot of evil. If you hurt him, ask for forgiveness in time. He may have a little pity, but if you insist on fighting him, good luck with that because he doesn’t always have patience.

3.- Aries 

You never know what Aries hides behind a smile, the desire to help, the many laughs that he lets out without asking anyone’s permission. Yes, he melts from danger, he enjoys being competitive in everything, his goal is simple, losing is not in his plans, and if someone starts to become a stone in his shoe, he will say goodbye at the least expected moment. Aries has war in his veins, is impulsive, and can be as aggressive as he pleases. If you want to describe it as toxic that is fine, but I would call it dangerous because it is not one of the people that is bothering you all the time, it only takes one piece to move to knock you down. Especially when you catch it in a bad time, there even the peddler who crosses him can pay the consequences. Fortunately, the volcano within him ceases, but he rarely regrets anything.

2.- Leo 

Second place goes to… a leader, someone who enjoys having the last word, who is confident in his abilities, and loves to feel all that glitter surrounding him from head to toe. That’s Leo, he can’t do much to go against his emotions, how good he feels when he has everything under control in the palm of his hand. His middle name is power and he doesn’t care if you call him arrogant. As a friend, partner, family member, he is the best ally you can have in life because he is extremely loyal, but … as an enemy, the only thing I can wish you is that life blesses you, because you will need him. Leo can be charming, but also your worst nightmare. He is very clever at finding your weak points. The worst thing is that he is not in a hurry for revenge, he is patient for when the least expected moment arrives.

1.- Scorpio 

Have you heard when someone is told that before it was worth it and now it gives it? Well, that’s the first thing that comes to mind for a Scorpio when someone hurts them. Seriously, because being in the number one position is not synonymous with being a bad person, it takes too much for me to decide to pay you in the same coin. It’s sweet, but you have no idea of ​​the evil that can be hidden inside. If we add to that that he is very intense and that he does not trust anyone, the result is worse. Scorpio does not save anything, if he has the perfect weapon to take you down he will do it because he enjoys the power and is capable of embracing resentment. I’m serious, if you don’t want to know his manipulative, cruel, and selfish side, stay away, because you’re going to end up crying.


Ranking Of The Most Toxic Signs Of The Zodiac

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