You don’t see a Taurus face even as a joke, although it seems like they are always in their world, they pay attention to every detail and are able to remember the exact date you put them on. have hurt. He does not let disappointments pass easily and is one of those who give a thousand times over for the same thing. His memory is stupid, but very smart, if he tells you that he already knows the truth, don’t try to disguise anything, because the result will be worse. If someone cheats on him, he doesn’t want him in his life, he shouldn’t deal with people who don’t have enough emotional maturity to maintain an emotional relationship. Resentful? I would say that he is not satisfied with trifles.


What you would like is to put a break in your memory, even once in a while, because when he takes the initiative nothing stops him. You remember every moment as if you recorded it with a camera and it often hurts. Part of you is working on letting go, but at the same time you are worrying about the past, present and future. Things get worse when someone hurts you, because you don’t tolerate being criticized for no reason, let alone filling your reputation with lies. Decidedly, you are not going to remain silent and you will be as direct as possible, if it hurts others it is their problem. You’re not going to change just because they’re not used to dealing with the truth.


Of course, you had to be in the first places, you shouldn’t beat around the bush and say when you don’t tolerate something from the other. You have the gift of defending yourself with your memory as if it were the best revenge. A way to inflict damage without having to lift a finger. It is almost impossible for someone to cheat on you, there may be times when you remain silent, but inside you know everything. You are proud of your intelligence, really this person who intends to play with your feelings is going to pay handsomely. You are not one of those people who have been hooked for a long time seeking harm, just a lesson they will remember for a lifetime. You better not be tested.


What you have in your favor is your observant side, Scorpio, you are very clever at connecting the dots and you are rarely wrong. If someone wants to deceive you, he will have to take his objective very seriously and be thorough, because you will not miss any of them. Your memory does honor to perfection and if we add to that your emotional side, it is clear that resentment visits you very often. You are one of the few people who can relive pain, not for fun, because you want to remember and find the real lesson. When you speak, you do so from the heart, but also your cruel part takes center stage, depending on how the person behaves with you so that they know the best or the worst of you. That letting go and pretending nothing happened doesn’t match your thoughts. You’re also not going to wear yourself out hurting each other, but what you’ve clearly understood is that you don’t want them to continue in your life.


As much as you set yourself the goal of not falling into emotional instability, it is impossible for you to turn around. You don’t delete overnight, let alone if you were hurt intentionally. What you hate the most is when the person has the nerve to justify themselves instead of facing the consequences of their actions. Everything is recorded, the good, the bad, the terrible. Your illusions are shattered and suddenly you have a lot of memories that look like photographs and don’t leave you alone. It’s not that you’re exaggerating, it’s that you feel double, especially because you’re very dedicated. I wouldn’t call it resentment, it’s your approach and it’s not worth not respecting it. If something hurts you, you have every reason to chase it away.


Usually, people feel entitled to judge your steps, because it’s much easier than trying to put you in your shoes at least once in your life. It’s clear that pure fire lives within you and when it comes to holding grudges, you’re not one to hide anything. If you don’t want something in your life, you say so, Aries, no matter if it means everything they’ve built crumbles in a second. You do not forgive lies or betrayals, even less when they pretend to love you. Maybe negativity troubles you for a moment, but you don’t get addicted, you let go easily. In the moment, courage shows your worst face and you realize that you are too worth to lower yourself to the level of someone so unfaithful.


Let’s see, it is true that your memory is enviable, you are the type of sign that tends to retain too much information and you know perfectly well when to use it in your favor. You certainly don’t like wasting time on things that only make your soul sick. Life has taught you that the worst thing you can do is let the past become your companion. If someone hurts you, tell them without fear of losing their company. Your head is a world of thoughts, you already have enough worries to keep investing in something that isn’t worth it. You don’t like walking through life in earrings, you say what needs to be said and then you say goodbye. There is nothing left.


Luckily your mind has the ability to store beautiful things, it likes to focus on what brought you back to life, but there are times when sadness comes without warning and that’s when memories give you jerks that hurt. It’s not resentment, it’s disappointment, realizing you were there for someone through thick and thin, but it wasn’t enough for them to appreciate you. Not only did they give up a good heart, but they also broke it. And yes, it takes a lot of courage and bravery to look up and shout to the world that nothing happened here. They may have shattered you into a thousand pieces, but you’re not going to become one of them. You keep the moments that made you laugh and let go of the ones that brought you down. It’s worth nothing else.


Do you find it strange to see it on this site? Don’t believe everything they say about a Gemini, because only people who have truly managed to get into their hearts know that they are one of the most beautiful in existence and capable of breaking down to give the other what he needs. He is very intelligent, possibly the number one in the zodiac, which is why he wastes no time on grudges. Words are blown away and facts are shaken. Fortunately, his changeable and energetic personality always works in his favor. It’s too stressful to remove the thorn again and again. If something isn’t working, you know you have to let it go, no matter if it means going through very painful times. Gemini, you know you’re not perfect,


Yes, it’s true, you’re not one of the quick forgetters, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to invest time in making life bitter for someone who didn’t touch their heart to smear the your. You’re not the type to talk about other people all the time, because the pile of plans you have to make is much more interesting than all that. Honestly, you like to live in peace and that’s why resentment is not welcome for you. Your carefree and free personality helps you to let go, what seemed insurmountable suddenly takes shape and makes you realize that you deserve much more. Sometimes it’s hard to stay with someone’s positive, but at least try to be neutral, so your memory doesn’t hold on to what made you cry.


It is clear that it is very difficult to ignore what hurts you, especially when you have such a noble soul as Pisces. However, he has done very well, after so many downfalls, and he has met some people along the way who don’t value his essence at all. Pisces is a creative, dreamy and somewhat impulsive sign, which has helped him to let go and not be stressed by the attitude of others. It is obvious that from time to time cruel memories come to mind, but he prefers to keep the good and understand why they did such a thing. Pisces, you’re so sweet that it’s impossible for you to hold a grudge, but when it comes to saying goodbye, you do so without looking back. That they don’t underestimate your resilience,


How lucky you are to have this site on the list. You are the sign to which everything they say or do slips. Your memory is so distracted and unconventional that it has no place to house the people who hurt you all the time. It cost you dearly to move forward in many aspects, like throwing in the towel for some people’s betrayals. It’s obvious that you trust karma, even though there are times when it takes time, it always puts every piece in its place. There are details that are best left in the past, because with the minimum of attention you give them, they can become a test, and you are well aware of this. Of course, you are not one of those who are silent, before leaving you say everything, it is already the responsibility of the other for what he will do with your truth,


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