Ranking Of The Most Patient Signs


Everyone already knows that there are signs that are many more patients than others. For example, it is known that the earth signs are the ones that have the most patience in their body and also that the fire signs are the ones that have the least. There are signs that are able to explode in just a couple of seconds and others that nevertheless prefer to keep everything and explode at the most appropriate time for it. This is the ranking of the signs with more patience to the most impatient:


  1. Virgo

Virgo is the most tolerant and most patient sign of the entire Zodiac. Besides, he’s so smart that he hates those unnecessary dramas and argues for nonsense. When someone bothers him or knows what is causing him, Virgo does what he does is swallow all that shit and bite his tongue. He does it so strongly that he can sometimes hurt himself, but he prefers that rather than arguing or rather than bringing out his darker side.

Virgo can express or bring to light all his anger, but it will never be in front of anyone. He can be very patient, but Virgo is not stupid. And it will make it clear what is going through your mind through sarcastic comments. Virgo has enviable patience and endurance, as well as an education and a rest that are also worthy of admiration.

  1. Capricorn

The goat is almost at the same level as Virgo. There are many things that can make Capricorn angry, but he knows how to put up with it and swallow it. Capricorn is one of those who swallows and swallows in order not to form a show in public. Because it is also true that dignity and education have a long time. Capricorn is lazy to have to argue for something that he knows will not lead anywhere and that is why he prefers to be patient and have some more reason to start the discussion. And yet, when he feels he needs to explode, what he does instead of punching the wall is hiding in his room.

He will look for ways to get rid of all that accumulated anger in a way that does not harm anyone, much less himself. You may rarely lose patience, but it will not take long to get it back. He may lose the papers, but he will soon meet again.

  1. Libra

Libra may not be the sign with the most patience of the Zodiac, but he knows how to hide the anger. Things annoy Libra, like everyone else. But instead of exploding at the moment and starting to remove dirty rags immediately, what it does is swallow it. All because he hates having to argue, he hates voices and also hates that they see his darkest and most vulnerable side.

Libra is able to endure a lot … Inside you may have a great desire to send everything to hell, but on the outside, you dress with the best of your smile and convince yourself that it is better not to open that mouth. But there are times when the limits disappear, times when as much as you want, you can’t take it anymore. Believe it or not, Libra has a very impatient side inside and that is when he wants something, he wants it NOW. And he is able to do anything to get it in that damn instant.

  1. Scorpio

It is not that Scorpio is patient by nature, Scorpio has learned to be patient over the years. Because he knows and knows for his sake that it must be if he doesn’t want to destroy the world with just a snap of his fingers. Scorpio knows that he has to be patient if he does not want everyone to know the beast inside. Over time, Scorpio has learned to control himself and close that mouth when he must not open it. But you have to be very careful and it is best not to play with your patience.

Scorpio always tries to stay calm, tries to be as patient as possible, because he knows that only if he is patient will he get what he really wants. But there are other times that it is impossible to self-control and that is when he brings all his anger to light. Scorpio’s patience is a quite dangerous double-edged sword …


  1. Taurus

Taurus patience there are times that are signs to admire. That way of being, that temperance, that presence so calm that most of the time it presents. In addition, it has the necessary intelligence to know how to handle any type of situation and leave it safe and sound. But this is not always the case, and although he seems like a very calm person, his patience has an end.

The bull is an animal with a lot of temperament and can attack at any time. And there are certain situations in which Taurus is not able to be patient, especially when people do not meet their expectations or when people treat him in a totally unfair way. In the face of injustices and bad education, Taurus does not know how to be patient. As much as you try to swallow it and hide it, you can’t do anything as nothing happens. In moments like this, it is when Taurus brings to light his anger and becomes a bull about to attack his enemy.

  1. Gemini

Gemini’s patience also has two faces. It is possible that Gemini has moments when he is the most patient person in the world, but there may also be times when he is not able to endure a single second. And there are also times when Gemini can seem calm and patient and at 5 minutes he can be doing a drama for any nonsense.

With Gemini you never know, it depends on the day, on your mood, on how you got up. One day he may endure the universal flood on top of him, but the next day he will assemble that of God simply because a drop has fallen on his head. That’s the way it is with Gemini, always unpredictable, never predictable.

  1. Cancer

Cancer is a bit on the same level as Gemini, both are very unpredictable signs. The mood of Cancer can change in seconds and when it seems that everything is calm, in two minutes you can change your mind. But unlike Gemini, Cancer knows how to be patient when it comes to caring for their own or stopping to listen to people who care.

For everything else, Cancer is usually a very impatient person. Although there are times when you try to control yourself, the crab takes very little time to lose patience. And when you lose it, it is better to get caught in a quiet and protected place. Because yes, Cancer may seem like a person with a lot of heart, but it also has its dark side. And the darkness of Cancer can become very, very dangerous.

  1. Aquarius

Aquarius is one of those signs that are in the middle. There may be times when you know how to be patient and when you understand that it is best to wait, but usually, you are quite impatient. If Aquarius wants something, he wants it NOW. In that aspect, impatience takes hold of him. But instead, when it comes to having to endure, Aquarius is very swallowing absolutely everything and doing as if nothing had happened.

Aquarius knows that being patient means playing with an advantage. He knows that if he is patient and accumulates all the shit, he can bring it to light later when everyone is totally off guard. That Aquarius can go innocent for life, but he knows very well how he has to act in every moment. And he knows perfectly when he has to be patient and when not … He doesn’t have a hair as a fool.


  1. Sagittarius

Of the signs of fire, one could say that Sagittarius is one of the most ‘patients’, but still, patience is not that it is its greatest virtue. Everything else, Sagittarius is one of those that takes very little time to explore, of which nothing is silent and of those who release everything at the moment in which it is happening. When something bad happens to Sagittarius, it explodes and gets angry at that moment. It is true that Sagi’s anger does not last forever, it is more, they last rather short, and that is also due to his impatience.

Sagittarius does not support being angry for a long time, he is one of those who do not want to waste his time with nonsense. He has better things to do than waste time being angry at X person. He prefers to release everything and explode at the moment, rather than being patient and keeping things for the most appropriate moment.

  1. Pisces

You may think that Pisces is a relaxed person, very calm and, above all, a patient person. But do not be fooled by their appearances … Pisces may seem to know how to keep calm, in fact, there are times that he struggles to try to be patient, but they are rarely the ones who emerge victorious from that fight. The impulsive side of the fish is quite impatient and is very difficult to control.

Pisces most of the time he lets himself be carried away by his emotions, by his feelings, he basically moves by impulses and that is where his impatience is born. The problem of Pisces impatience is that it makes it explode at any time, and when Pisces explodes it is not in an aggressive way, it does so in its own way. It explodes in a sea of ​​tears where you have to bring to light all your feelings and all your emotions.

  1. Aries

Aries’ impulsiveness and patience can never get along. Aries came to life to make the most of every minute and not to sit and wait to see them arrive. Aries needs action at every moment of his life and he has neither time nor desire to be patient. He doesn’t want to wait for anything or anyone. If you understand it well and if not too.

His impatience can become quite dangerous, especially when he is angry. Aries is one of those people who explode at any time, does not even look for others, does not even care about whether it will hurt someone or not. Thanks to his impatience he is who he is and where he is, but it also brings him a lot of dangerous things that could be saved if he knew how to be a little more patient.

  1. Leo

Leo is the king of the impatient. The same happens with Leo as with Aries, but we must add that pride and ego so characteristic of the lion. Leo is impatient because it is a sign of fire and because of his impulses rule, but besides that, he is impatient because his pride does not allow him to have to be waiting for anyone. Leo came to be the first and has no time for nonsense.

Making a Leo wait is more dangerous than playing with fire. For the lion his time is money and he does not want to waste it having to wait for anyone. Leo’s body is 100% impatient, there is no situation in which he knows how to be patient. There’s no more. Things are like that, whether you like it or not, you will have to live with your impatience.

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