Ranking Of The Most Manipulatory Signs

We all fear manipulative people, you will never be sure if what you are going to do, or what you think, comes from your head, or they have convinced you for their own good. For some signs, getting someone else to do what they want is not that difficult. It can be harmless, like partying on a weekday, or it can be more serious things like breaking up. There are those who draw up a very concrete and meticulous plan, but others do it almost without wanting to, without realizing that in the end they always do what they say. To get an idea of ​​which signs are most likely to weave their manipulative web, below, we leave you the ranking of the most manipulative signs .

# 12 Libra

To manipulate, Libra is, quite simply, a mess. The situation is usually very funny when you try to get someone to follow your wishes and you meet a person who thinks differently: it will not take long to be convinced by the other person. So, finally, the manipulated is himself. Or maybe you will start to doubt what you really need, what you want to do, and you will enter one of your Libra crises. Total indecision. Libra is usually more manipulated than manipulative, his good heart makes him think that everyone has good intentions. And he is not able to see when someone is taking advantage of him, or when they are manipulating him.

# 11 Virgo

Virgo, being able to be one of the most manipulative, is not despite having the planet Mercury as ruler, which, like Gemini, gives it the gift of intelligence. And that wisdom would allow him to manipulate your mind if he wanted to, but Virgo does not usually allow himself to do something like that. Virgo is an earth sign, with a lot of patience, who understands that everyone is at a different moment in their life, and that time teaches. He does not need to prove anything to you, you will find out for yourself. And if it needs something from you, it can wait, or look for it in another way. He is not going to manipulate you against you by taking advantage of the fact that you would not even realize it. Virgo is very noble as to go getting into the heads of others.

# 10 Aquarius

Aquarius is not one to take the time to manipulate someone. He tries from time to time, but more than a manipulation it is usually to give his opinion in a more subtle way, so that you believe that the idea was actually born from your head. But for an Aquarius, sustaining this is not worth it, on the second attempt they give up because in reality they do not care so much about the matter or because they think that you must have your good reasons for ignoring it. Only if it is to spend more time having fun can Aquarius make use of manipulation. And they will surely use a captivating look, a promise to do something eccentric, or a few weird reasons that will really convince you.

# 9 Leo

Leo doesn’t waste a lot of time manipulating others. If someone does not do what he needs, that person misses it. If you don’t value being able to help Leo, you have a problem. It sounds funny but it is real, it is difficult to find a manipulative Leo, he may think that what he needs from you is the most important thing in the world but he will rarely manipulate you to do it against you. He may ask you what he wants a couple of times, clearly, and showing how important it is, or he may try to make you see that something is not right for you. But he will not keep making convoluted plans to manipulate you, that does not go with his bright personality. And of course he’s too proud to have to manipulate someone.

# 8 Sagittarius

Sagi manipulates more than you can imagine, and it is because of her cold honesty. It tells you things so clearly that it leaves you defenseless. If he doesn’t like something, rest assured that you will know, even if he knows that giving you his opinion can make you change yours. And of course he will tell you so many times that in the end you will have to pay attention to him, and all for not continuing to listen to him.

The worst thing is that his manipulation is sometimes much more subtle than even he understands. For example, if you don’t like your new partner, you could go tell your parents outright that this person isn’t right for you. To be with a sagi you have to have very clear ideas and tell him firmly that the decisions of your life are made by you.

# 7 Scorpio

Scorpio will manipulate you subtly, but always up to a point. If he sees that you have clear ideas, he will respect them, although at some specific moment he can make you go his way without you knowing. You could even say that it is nice to be manipulated by a Scorpio. It is not without some mystery and magic that enters your mind to lead you through its dark paths. When Scorpio manipulates, he does so by touching your most delicate part, your heart. Either use your fear, or your most hidden desires, which of course he knows even if you have never revealed them to him. You cannot escape the manipulation of a Scorpio, luckily they usually have better things to do than manipulate.

# 6 Taurus

Taurus manipulates you because of how stubborn he is. When he focuses on an idea it is difficult for him to change his mind and in the end you also have to do what he says. It is not a subtle manipulation at all. You realize that you are fulfilling his wishes, but you feel like you have no choice if you don’t want to spend the next few months putting up with his bad mood. Luckily this does not happen that often, in general, Taurus is not a very capricious sign, if he is going to manipulate you to get something it is because he is really sure that he needs it, and it will not be any nonsense, but something that he wants from what deepest of your heart.

# 5 Capricorn

Capri also knows how to manipulate, although she does not always use this ability. Understand that if you achieve something by manipulating someone, in the end it has its consequences and they are not always worth it. But of course the zodiac sign that has the clearest goals and how to achieve them, is often tempted to manipulate to achieve them. And the truth is that with his intelligence he does not do anything bad. He can perfectly reason why you should listen to him, and the worst of all will be his disappointed look if you don’t do what he wants. He can even draw up some Machiavellian plan so that you think that the idea was born from you, that he has nothing to do with your decisions. But don’t be fooled, Capri is always in control and knows what she’s doing.

# 4 Cancer

Cancer is the king of dramas, and his way of getting what he needs is often through emotional blackmail, it is a form of manipulation and it really works for him. You may not even realize how you do it anymore. But if you come across a Cancer, keep in mind that perhaps their problems are not as exaggerated as they seem. Cancer’s emotionality is very raw and there are people who, feeling very uncomfortable with people who express their emotions, prefer to give them everything before they continue saying how much a situation bothers them. Also, sometimes some of their explosions are a bit scary, and despite the fact that they are all love, you fear what they will do if you do not fulfill their wishes.

# 3 Pisces

The little fish knows well how to approach someone to get what he needs. And it is that with his good vibes mood you would never think that he is manipulating you to do what he really wants. It is enough for Pisces to look at you with his beautiful eyes and make you understand that he would do anything for you. And of course make you see how special you are, so … How are you going to deny him something? And so the fish is getting everything he wants, even giving false hope to his suitors who do not hesitate to make him a taxi driver or help him pass an exam without knowing that they have no chance with him. Pisces manipulation is hidden, but it is almost part of his way of life, to get others to do what he wants, looking innocent and harmless.

# 2 Aries

His childish and captivating character puts him in second place in the ranking, since he always manages to get others to conform to his wishes. On the one hand, he knows how to make himself known, he will put his ideas on the table before anyone else, and on the other hand, you will be afraid of not carrying out his orders, because he will be running around all day, and if he gets angry it can be quite scary … Aries wants to manipulate you, be sure that he is not thinking of “manipulating” you as such, he simply needs something and he will get it, without stopping many times to observe what the other person feels or needs. You better be clear about your ideas and how much they are worth keeping. In addition, you will have to be attentive, because Aries is a fast sign, and it will not wait for you to make up your mind, if you are not clear about it,

# 1 Gemini

At number one in the ranking, if there is a leading sign to cajole, that is undoubtedly Gemini. He is an air sign with a lot of energy, he gets you excited about any of his ideas even if he himself changes his mind soon after. It also has the ability to give you thousands of reasons to do what you need, whatever the subject. Its ruler, the planet Mercury, gives it the ability to make connections of ideas, to always win in discussions. If you have met a Gemini, you immediately realize that they are a very intelligent sign, and manipulating is very easy: they will connect their needs with any weak point you have in order to convince you to fulfill their wishes.


Ranking Of The Most Manipulatory Signs

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